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Taco Cabana Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

taco cabana application

Do you want to work in a theme restaurant where every day feels like a celebration?

Then Taco Cabana is sure to be a fun place to work for employees of all levels. This Mexican theme restaurant was established in 1978 and operates in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Today, there are more than 170 Taco Cabana locations, and more are regularly being opened. Job opportunities for all types of candidates are posted throughout the year on the company’s website.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Taco Cabana Application Online: Jobs & Career Info to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

taco cabana application

Facts About Working At Taco Cabana

It is necessary to be at least sixteen years old to work at Taco Cabana. The restaurants are open around the clock virtually every day of the year. As a result, employees of all types are required to work a range of different shift patterns.

Students are often employed to take on one of the Taco Cabana entry-level positions. They are provided with flexible schedules to make sure that their studies are not interrupted. Entry-level employees who perform well are also provided with advancement opportunities after they complete their studies.

Taco Cabana Job Opportunities

Taco Cabana provides a wide range of opportunities for entry-level candidates and provides paid training. Professional roles are also open to managers and corporate workers who have the required experience. Here are some of the job opportunities at Taco Cabana that can be applied for and their associated duties.

Team Member

This entry-level position covers a wide range of roles in a single Taco Cabana location. Team members are trained in many different duties so that they can take over tasks as the need arises. This includes taking orders from customers, serving, handling payments, and keeping the premises clean and tidy.

Team members have to stand throughout their shifts and need to work quickly and efficiently. Roles can also include operating kitchen equipment and cooking different food to order. Team members usually start at minimum wage and can work full-time or part-time hours.


Team members are often promoted to the role of the cashier when they have gained experience and skill. They mainly operate a cash register and need to be old enough to serve alcohol to customers as needed. While cashiers often start at minimum wage, employees with experience can earn up to $9 per hour.


The main duty of this role is preparing fresh food to order in the kitchen. It is essential to follow Taco Cabana recipes and ensure that all ingredients are fresh and properly stored. The usual salary for this role is between minimum wage and $9 per hour, depending on experience.

Shift Leader

This low-level managerial role is designed for employees with previous experience who want to advance. Shift leaders are responsible for general operations during a single Taco Cabana shift. They ensure that all employees are fully trained and are performing to the best of their abilities.

Shift managers lead the restaurant when the assistant general manager and general manager are not available. This often involves working late at night, and shift managers are expected to be fresh and enthusiastic. They also liaise with customers when issues are around and can make up to $12 per hour.

the taco cabana application guide

Assistant General Manager

These employees work closely with general managers to ensure that the restaurant runs smoothly. They perform a wide range of administrative tasks such as stock control and ordering new products for the restaurant. The average salary for an assistant general manager is $40,000 per year, while they also receive special bonuses.

General Managers

These career professionals are charged with overseeing an entire Taco Cabana restaurant. This involves developing marketing and promotional campaigns and maximizing profits. The annual salary for a general manager is typically around $60,000 per year.

Additional Benefits of Working at Taco Cabana

All employees at Taco Cabana are provided with free uniforms and meal discounts. Full-time professionals are also provided with a comprehensive benefits package after they complete the probation period. This includes healthcare coverage, paid time off, life insurance, retirement plans, and employee stock options.

How To Apply?

The best way to secure a job at Taco Cabana is through the careers section of the company’s website. The first step is selecting the team member or corporate/manager section of the company. It is then possible to search for available positions via location or specific job title.

Before completing the Taco Cabana application online, it is necessary to pass a pre-employment screening. This consists of a series of timed questions, each of which needs to be answered within 25 seconds. While the questions are simple, it is important to answer them honestly.

Pass the screening first…

Applicants who pass the screening will then be provided with the online application form. Applicants can take as much time as they need to fill out each section in as much detail as possible. After editing the application form and uploading a resume, eligible candidates will usually be contacted by the location manager within a week.

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Final Thoughts

It is important to read about the Taco Cabana history and company culture before attending an interview. This guides candidates on how to answer standard interview questions.

Hiring managers are always searching for applicants with outgoing personalities who can work well as part of a team. The interview process for team members is usually fairly short, and candidates are likely to be hired on the spot.

People seeking a corporate or managerial role may be given two separate interviews. It is important to arrive at the interview smartly dressed and armed with a few questions for the interviewer.

All the very best with your Taco Cabana Online Application!

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