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Taco John’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

taco john's application

Are you thinking about applying for a job at Taco John’s?

This leading fast-food chain is famous for the Mexican-inspired food that it dubs ‘West-Mex.’ Taco John’s started in 1968 as a small taco stand in the Wyoming city of Cheyenne.

Today, there are more than four hundred branches of Taco John’s in 25 different states. New branches are regularly opened, and vacancies for employees of all types are advertised throughout the year.

To make sure your Taco John’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info stands out from the crowd, check out the following information.

taco john's application

Facts About Working At Taco Johns

Although the typical starting age is eighteen, it is possible to become a Taco John’s employee from the age of fifteen. The branches are open every day of the week from 6:30 am until 11:00 pm, or 12:00 am. Employees are often required to work evening and weekend shifts to fulfill staffing needs.

Taco John’s Job Opportunities

There is a wide range of positions for entry-level candidates, who are provided with paid training and a competitive salary. However, professionals with managerial experience and other key skills are also hired to fill senior roles. Here are some of the main job opportunities at Taco John’s that can be found on the company’s website.

Counter Order Taker

These entry-level employees are mainly stationed behind a restaurant counter or steam table. They take orders from customers and ensure that the orders are correct. During busy periods, counter order takers receive advance orders to help speed up the service.

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Counter Cashier

This role mainly involves handling cash transactions with customers and issuing receipts. Counter cashiers also need to be able to redeem stamps and coupons and process various other payment methods. Counter cashiers need to have basic math skills and be able to interact with customers in a friendly manner.

Dining Room Attendant

This is basically a serving role, and dining room attendants constantly move between the kitchen and the restaurant. They help to set up the dining area and remove plates, flatware, napkins, and glasses after use. This role can also include helping to keep the restaurant clean and tidy and fulfilling customer requests.

Fry/Steam Table Operator

This role involves preparing steam table products so that they are ready when customers order them. This includes different types of churros and burritos, while steam table supplies also have to be restocked. It is important to make sure that all food products are fresh and ready to serve on-demand.

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Maintenance Person

This is generally a part-time role that is available to entry-level candidates. A maintenance person is responsible for completing minor maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs and fixing faulty wires. It is also necessary to regularly check all kitchen equipment and make any necessary repairs promptly.

Shift Leader

Entry-level employees who have been with Taco John’s for a few years are often promoted to this role. While they perform all of their regular duties, they are also charged with helping to oversee other team members. Other duties can include serving food to customers, operating the cash register, and checking the location inventory.

Shift Manager

These low-level managers are responsible for overseeing employees and making sure they are fully trained. Shift managers assign shifts to each employee and make sure that the restaurant is fully staffed at all times. They also evaluate employee performance, including food quality, and impose discipline or rewards as appropriate.

Assistant Manager

Assistant managers help to ensure that a single location operates smoothly at all times. They perform basic administration tasks such as tracking trial balances, performing inventory, and keeping clear transaction records. Assistant managers also monitor health, hygiene, and safety standards and make sure that company standards are upheld.

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Restaurant Manager

These full-time employees are responsible for maximizing profits and productivity at a single restaurant. This includes interviewing, hiring, and training new team members and assessing their performance regularly.

Restaurant managers are also responsible for handling customer complaints and ensuring that any issues are resolved quickly and smoothly.

Additional Benefits of Working at Taco John’s

Entry-level employees are provided with paid training, free uniforms, performance-related bonuses, and meal discounts. Full-time managers and other career professionals are provided with a special benefits package. This includes dental, vision, and life insurance coverage, paid time off, and retirement plans.

How To Apply?

The best way to secure a job at Taco John’s is through the careers section of the company’s website. The application process for entry-level candidates is very quick and easy. First, enter the branch location in the search bar and click enter.

The available jobs at that branch will appear, and it is possible to click on a title to read the full job description. Applicants then need to fill out the Taco John’s application online section by section. This mainly involves submitting contact information, specifying available shift patterns, and answering a few yes/no questions.

Add a personal statement…

It is also possible to add a personal statement to make your application stand out from the crowd. Career professionals should take the proactive approach and email a hiring manager directly. Make sure that your resume is properly edited to reflect your relevant skills and create a cover letter.

Looking For More Restaurant Opportunities?

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Final Thoughts

Taco John’s employees receive special referral bonuses for recommending new employees. Obtaining a referral from a current employee can also help applicants to obtain hiring preference.

Therefore, it is worth taking the time to find employees through LinkedIn and making a connection. Hiring managers actively seek candidates who can work well as part of a team and embrace the company values. This includes having excellent customer service skills and wearing the Taco John’s uniform with pride.

It is a good idea to prepare a few questions for the interviewer that demonstrate an interest in the company.

All the very best with your Taco John’s Online Application!

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