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Target Application Online: Jobs & Careers

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Target has made its application process for the candidates very simple and practical at the same time. With at least 2000 stores in the USA, Target is one of the best discount retailers selling everyday basics, like groceries and electronics. The company is said to be famous for its private label brands and partnerships with several prominent lines.

Important Information to Know About Working With Target

Minimum age needed to work at Target: The candidate needs to be at least 16 years of age to apply to Target.

No of hours of operation at Target: The working hours are as follows –

Monday to Saturday (8:00 am – 10:00 pm) Sunday (8:00 am – 9:00 pm)

Job Opportunities at Target

Target is considered one of the leading retail shops in the country. It also one of the most desirable places to work at.

The retailer tends to employ at least 3,00,000 candidates across the globe. Thanks to the continuous growth that is enabling Target to engage candidates regularly. Typically, the management hires candidates who love a fun working environment.

target application

The employees at target have to organize shelves and handle all the queries of the clients. The retail chain mainly hires candidates interested in fashion and sales, and also besides that, they hire applicants with no prior experience. This is dependent on the candidate’s skills.

Career Opportunities at Target

The majority of the positions available here are entry-level positions. Usually, the parts that require experience and education targets include managerial positions. These are the kind of positions that pay well. Candidates can also apply for other positions if they don’t have the required qualification or experience.

A Team Member or Sales Associate

  • The team members are mainly responsible for maintaining the neatness in the store besides price items and arranging products.
  • Additionally, the candidates need to be friendly and flexible for the shift, like they need to stand and bend whenever required.
  • The employees are paid around $9 per hour in the initial phases.

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Cart Attendants

  • The applicants also need to collect shopping carts from the parking spaces and help the clients.
  • Ideally, the cart attendants earn only minimum wage and also work in different departments when needed.
  • If one needs to work as cart attendants, then good physical fitness is mandatory.

Guest Service Attendant

  • The guest service attendants tend to help the clients to find the items throughout the store.
  • The starting wages here $9 per hour.
  • Hiring managers look for candidates who have outgoing personalities and also can multi-task.

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  • The candidates need to scan and bag items at the registers and take payments, and help customers.
  • Starting wages for an employee is $9 per hour.
  • The applicants have to be polite and enjoy working with the public, and they need to work in flexible shifts.

Review Application Status

The process of application review is pretty simple at Target. The candidate will not be left waiting for weeks to hear from the company. Regardless of selection or not selection, the results will be communicated regularly to the applicants. The applicants can receive the job confirmation through emails once the online application process is completed. One can also check the status on the website by logging in to the profiles. Within a couple of days, the interviews are most likely to be set up.

Essential Benefits of Working at Target

Working at Target comes with an ample number of perks and benefits. Firstly, the company is known to be an employee-centric firm which means the professionals take utmost care of its employees. A proper work-life balance is also maintained here. If any employees face any challenges, then it is taken very seriously by the authorities and acted upon at the earliest.

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The company offers several health benefits to the employees, like medical and pharmacy benefits and dental benefits. It also includes vision eyewear cover and critical ailments, programs, hospital indemnity insurance, and rewards to promote healthy actions and support programs for significant life events. The financial benefits also include vacation, national holidays, 401k plans, and some personal holidays. Additionally, the company also offers learning and development programs where employees can grow through learning and coaching. Besides health, even education plays a crucial role.

Tips for Applying at Target

Applying to Target is not a very challenging task. One can either apply through online mode or in person. One piece of advice is to subscribe to the Target email section, as the company rolls out plenty of Information on the mail. Since Target is a huge company, it is always looking out for talent to fill in. Hence, if you are sincerely interested in working with Target, you must always keep an eye on the latest job openings, and without any delay, apply at the earliest.

Miscellaneous Information about Target

Every year the company participates in at least 1,00,000 Opportunities Initiative program. Besides other companies, the project aims to offer jobs, internships, and training to at least 1,00,000 youth who ideally struggle to get the job usually. Since 2015 the retailer has worked towards this goal.

Step by Step Application Process at Target

  • One needs to go to the retailer’s official website and press the go button and search for the jobs available in their area.
  • Use the filter tool and filter the job openings available and search the city or town with the zip code.
  • Candidates should click on the job they want.
  • They can click on apply now option once they have reviewed the job position.
  • The online application process has seven sections. Candidates should complete each section before they can move to the next option. To begin the process, one needs to press the start button. This will take them forward.
  • Enter the required details.
  • After submitting the application, a candidate should connect with the hiring manager.


Above all, the target stores are located in almost all the US states, including California, Texas, and Florida tend to constitute at least 1/3rd of the company’s stores. Additionally, there are several stores in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston. The company is popular for selling products at budget-friendly prices.

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