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Target Interview Questions

target interview questions


Interview Tool for Target

Welcome to the online interview tool designed for employees who wish to work for Target. Target follows a good work culture and focuses its resources to develop an exceptional team for hiring new talent.

You can apply to various positions in Target by effectively following this interview tool for your advantage. Target also focuses on hiring people who can perform well in challenging tasks and deliver results.

Target however conducts interviews based on behavioral interview questions where you also get an open opportunity to share inspiring stories from previous jobs. All questions are based on real-life situations where you demonstrate your skills and traits to solve problems rather than listing them down on plain paper.

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Research-Based Questions

Q – 1. What Are The Steps You Will Use To Carry Out Company-Based Research?

Ans: As a potential applicant, you are required to conduct basic company research before you can appear for an interview at Target. The company research also allows you to understand the basic value systems of the company, products, and services offered by the company, and here the interviewer assesses whether you demonstrate core value systems to fit a particular job.

Q – 2. What Is The Importance of Mission Statements and Values for Target?

Ans: As a potential applicant you need to conduct basic research through the company’s website or generic articles about the company to clearly understand mission statements and value systems. At Target the hiring manager focuses on assessing whether you demonstrate the values and company’s philosophy in your daily work or the situations posed at you during the interview.

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Q -3. According to You, What is The Importance of Job Description and Job Skills Before Applying to Target?

Ans: The hiring manager at Target clearly states in the first meeting what are the basic aspects he would be assessed in a potential candidate. It is however your responsibility to read the Job description carefully and do a self-assessment before the interview to understand whether you can fit in the particular job effectively.

Highest Rated Interview Questions by Target

Q -1. How Would You Deal with an Angry Customer Who Starts Using Verbally Abusive Language?

Ans: The interviewer wants to assess your presence of mind and problem-solving ability to deal with a verbally abusive and aggressive customer at the cash counter. You can even use a suitable example to structure your answer and provide an appropriate response to answer this question.

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“You should remain calm so that the current situation does not escalate further. Use appropriate body language and a firm but polite tone. Your goal is to remain empathetic and listen to the entire situation without jumping to conclusions with incomplete information. Use specific questions to find out the cause of the problem and recommend an appropriate solution for this. You can also involve your reporting manager if you cannot deal with the situation yourself.”

Q – 2. You May Face a Situation Where a Customer Cannot Describe The Exact Product He is Searching For; How Would You Resolve This Situation?

Ans: The interviewer wants to know what will be your possible approach to solve this situation and provide a suitable solution to the customer.

“You can request the customer to share a product description with you about the product they are looking for. This product description will help you to assist the customers to find the actual product he is looking for and which is available in your stock. By understanding the customer’s requirement, you can provide necessary assistance without a hassle ensuring the customer is satisfied with your solution.”

Q – 3. What Kind of Innovative Strategies Can You Adopt to Enhance Your Job Roles?

Ans: The interviewer would like to understand your ability to use innovative strategies to deliver proper results. You can use creative methods to develop something which proves beneficial for your team and the organization.

“You can use innovative strategies to arrange products in a manner which allows customers to pick and choose their desired products easily without disturbing other products kept on the shelf. This way you can resolve a situation of products getting mixed and customers not being able to find the right product.”

Generic Interview Questions at Target

Q -1. Share Your Knowledge about Target?

Ans: You must conduct proper company research and understand the basic aspects of the company. You can structure your answers by gathering certain information about Target. This information includes raw meat to veggies and designer clothes for women customers to electronic products of exceptional quality at an affordable price.

Q -2. What Are The Key Features of Target?


  • Target was established in 1962, in Roseville, Minnesota
  • It has 1800 stores in the entire nation
  • Target is a Fortune 500 company
  • It’s a retail store which offers discounts to customers
  • It offers its credit card for shopping
  • Target Stores have 2 varieties; Target Express and Super Target Stores.
  • The Target store has a dog mascot called Bullseye.

Q -3. Interestingly Introduce Yourself?

Ans: Use this opportunity for your advantage and highlight your skills, hobbies, and relevant work experience related to the job you have applied for. You can also talk about training, experience, and job-related goals to make the conversation engaging and interesting for the interviewer. You can use real-life examples to structure your answer better. Always try ti answer smartly and confidently.

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Q – 4. Why Would You Choose to Work for Target?

Ans: Use Target’s brand and show eagerness to work with them, you can talk about the products and their competitive prices and showcase yourself as a potential brand ambassador of Target products. This helps you to seek a better chance of getting a job with Target.

Q – 5. According to You, What is Your Potential Career Path with Target?

Ans: You can talk about the various learning opportunities offered by Target to enhance skills for different job roles. You can talk about the professional training programs Target uses to invest in your training to groom you to become a team player. This helps the interviewer to understand your career objective and its alignment with the business success of Target. A sales officer can become a senior management professional with Target with a long-term career path.

Q – 7. Why Do You Think Target Should Hire You for a Particular Job Role?

Ans: You can do your homework well before applying to Target for a specific job role. You should focus on answering in a conscience manner by sharing your skills related to job requirements and you should focus on exceeding the employer expectations. You need to understand your job role well so that you can benefit after joining target and contribute to Company’s success.

Questions for Assessing Customer Handling Skills

Q – 1. How Will You Deal With a Customer Who is Not Happy With Your Service?

Ans: First of all, you need to identify the reason behind the customer’s unhappiness. Explain basic strategies you will use to find the potential cause behind the unhappiness. Be polite and respectful, also show empathy to understand the customer’s situation and try to elevate the customer by providing suitable solutions to resolve his concerns.

Q -2. Your Customer is Unhappy With The Product He Purchased; How Will You Resolve His Concern?

Ans: You need to find out from the customer what are the exact issues a customer is facing with the product. This helps you to provide a good customer response and provide assistance to either replace the product with a new one or initiate a refund. You should read the policies and procedures related to refunds so that you can guide customers accordingly and structure your answer by using real-life examples so that the interviewer can assess you based on your answer.

target interview question guide

Q – 3. What Do You Understand by Excellent Customer Service?

Ans: According to Target’s customer-centric philosophy expect more and pay fewer sets of the parameter for exceptional customer service. You can talk about how reasonable pricing provides an opportunity for customers to purchase a wide range of products. You can structure your answer by giving a real-life example and using the company’s philosophy to structure your answer well.

Questions on Team Spirit

Q – 1. What Are The Qualities of a Good Team Member?

Ans: You can talk about values such as cooperation, communication, and completing the assigned task at hand to ensure you demonstrate good team spirit by explaining real-life examples and showing the ability to achieve results together as a team. The hiring manager wants to understand whether you can be a good team player or not.

Q – 2. How Will You Handle Conflict Management?

Ans: The interviewer has given you a situation where 2 different managers have assigned different tasks to you to assess your product knowledge and customer handling skills.  You need to answer how will you handle conflict management by prioritizing these tasks and delivering promising results to both.

Questions Based on Feedback Related to Jobs

Q – 1.  How Will You Respond to Negative Feedback Given to You by Your Manager?

Ans: You need to demonstrate a positive attitude and open the opportunity to manage the situation by learning new skills and portraying an attitude to adapt to the situation and improve your job performance. There may be a chance that you already know what has to be done in a particular situation. Despite being aware, take the feedback positively and calmly handle the situation.

Q – 2. While Completing a Task You Come Across a Safety Hazard, What Are The Possible Measures You Can Take?

Ans: Target trains its employees for dealing with safety hazards. You can contact the safety hazard warden present at the target store to assist you to resolve the hazard. It is your responsibility to evacuate customers so that the hazard doesn’t cause more damage to any customers. You can contact your supervisor and other authorities to inform them about the situation so that a collective resolution can be found.

Questions Based On Unethical Practices

Q – 1. What Will You Do if You See an Employee Taking 5 Dollars from The Cash Counter And Putting it in His Pocket?

Ans: You can report this incident to your immediate supervisor and involve the security of the store to resolve this issue. You can also contact your HR team and report the incident to the accounts supervisor so that corrective action can be taken. These are possible methods to help you structure your answer well to deal with such a situation.

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Q – 2. How Will You Handle The Situation if Your Cash Counter Falls Short by 5 Dollars? What Will You Do?

Ans: To answer this question, you need to use cash-related policies to understand how you can fill this gap. You can raise a request to the accounts department in written to fill this gap. Also since everything is digital the financial auditor will conduct an audit and rectify this mistake. Sometimes, it is a calculation mistake. You need to ensure the question is answered with logical reasoning which assists you to secure a better job with Target.

Questions for Target as an Employer

Q -1. What Are The Job Responsibilities or Employee Benefits Offered by Target?

Ans:  You can ask the interviewer to briefly explain the job responsibilities for the position you are giving an interview for. At the same time, you can ask about employee benefits offered by the organization to ensure employee satisfaction at the organization.

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Target offers equal opportunities to all employees to showcase relevant skills and job experience to avail specific career opportunities. They however utilize reality-based questions to assess potential candidates for various positions. Target ensures new hires work in a friendly and well-structured environment. Employee guidance and mentoring are important to nurture employees well.

Inquisitive employees who ask relevant questions related to career opportunities, learning opportunities, and potential challenges hold a better chance to seek a good job with Target. It is a good idea you answer all questions with honesty and dignity so that you hold a better chance to get a good career opportunity with Target. Make sure you do not lose this opportunity and prepare well for the interview. This is a one-time opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

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