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Target Return Policy After 90 Days (Full Guide)

target return policy after 90 days

America’s favorite retail chain has an extremely generous return policy. Target allows its shoppers to return any item up to 90 days after purchase, with or without a receipt. This lengthy period is one of the best around and is one of the main reasons why everyone loves Target

But what about the 3-month rule? In general, customers are limited to those three months. But it is possible to return items later under certain circumstances. 

So, let’s discover everything you need to know about the Target return policy after 90 days.

Can I Return An Item To Target After 90 Days?

Can You Return Items To Target Without A Receipt?

The good news here is that, yes, you can! However, not all items will be accepted after this period. Target has a number of rules and regulations regarding returns which are pretty tricky to get around.

Is it a Target-branded product?

If the item was originally made by Target, then the return period is extended past those 90 days. These products have up to one year to be returned to the store. This extra time is a real bonus, especially when it comes to products that don’t include a warranty.

What if it’s broken?

It doesn’t matter what condition the product is in. After all, it’s likely that you’re returning the product because it’s unsatisfactory, right? Things often break over time, so the option to return it up to one year later is awesome.

It’s important to take the receipt with you, though. The staff needs to confirm when you bought the item to make sure it’s not outside that one year. If you don’t have it, you’ll need to provide another proof of purchase, such as a packing slip.

Which product lines are made by Target?

Target-made items don’t necessarily have the classic bullseye logo. This store is responsible for making a wide range of different brands under the Target name. Popular lines include Opalhouse, New Day apparel, Open Motion, and Market Pantry, amongst others.

If you want to know more about Target-owned brands, you can find everything you need and more right here. Not only does it contain an exhaustive list of brands, but it also has information on available products as well as updates about each line.

Target Return Policy After 90 Days – Target RedCard

Target Return Policy After 90 Days - Target RedCardThere is another way consumers can extend Target’s return policy past 90 Days. If you’re looking for a new debit or credit card, then why not consider a Target RedCard?

What is it?

This is a card that can be used exclusively in Target stores to receive a range of perks and benefits. Customers can pick either a debit card, credit card, or Mastercard, depending on their individual needs. The debit links directly to your bank account, while the other allows you to establish a line of credit repayable at a later date.

This means that the credit and Mastercards are awesome for those hoping to purchase big ticket items but are a little low on funds. This is particularly helpful around the holiday season when there are lots of gifts to buy. The debit card, however, is for those who like to keep a tight hand on the reigns and stay under budget at all times.

Why should you get a Target RedCard?

Well, because with one, you can extend the return policy! RedCard holders get an extra 30 days on top of the original return policy, whether that’s 90 days or up to one year for Target-owned brands. Plus, it offers a whole host of other benefits too.

What kind of benefits?

Let’s start with the generous 5% off most purchases both in-store and online. Then there’s free two-day shipping on most items. And, of course, it comes with many RedCard exclusives, such as free gifts and special offers. 

The debit card also allows for cashback withdrawals. You can take out up to $40 right there at the till. While this might seem minor compared to the other advantages, it’s a handy, time-saving option to have.

How Do I Apply For A Target RedCard?

How Do I Apply For A Target RedCard?

If you want a credit card, then you can find an online application right here. If the debit card is more your thing, the application for that is here. The debit card will take a few days to link to your bank account and receive the card, but if you’re approved for credit, then you can start using it online immediately!

Are there any downsides to using the Target RedCard?

You don’t get that 5% discount on everything. There are a few exceptions, such as prescriptions, eye exams, and gift cards. However, if that’s the only disadvantage, then the Target RedCard sounds pretty great! Oh, and one more thing. 

Make sure you check out the RedCard rules and regulations before applying. Sure, it’s a boring read, but it could save you from any unwelcome surprises further down the road.

Can I Return An Item To Target Without A Receipt?

Yes, you can. If it’s an online purchase, you can provide the packing slip, order confirmation details, or return barcode instead. It’s also possible to return in-store purchases by providing details of the card used for the original sale (another reason to get that RedCard!)

Having said that, having the receipt makes life easier. It saves time the associate has to spend tracking down your item. You don’t want to have to wait around at guest services, so try to keep your receipts in a safe place till after the return period has expired.

And another thing…

Pricier returns may require a form of government-issued I.D., such as a passport or driving license. And be aware that if you’re making a return without a receipt, then you will only receive the current store price. This means that if the item is currently on sale, then that’s how much you will receive, not the original amount you paid.

And without a receipt, you may get an exchange or store credit instead of cash. So, all in all, it’s better to hang onto your proof of purchase received at the point of sale. It ensures that you’ll be fully covered if you do want to return something.

Are There Any Items With A Shorter Return Period?

Are There Any Items With A Shorter Return Period?

Unfortunately, yes. Target cannot extend its 90-day policy to everything on the shelves. Sadly, there are a few exceptions to the rule.

These include…

  • Electronics must be returned, in the box, within 30 days.
  •  The same goes for entertainment items. 
  • And if it’s an Apple product, customers just 15 days to make the return. 
  • Cell phones have an even shorter period. They need to be brought back within just 14 days, as do drones. 

There are no exceptions to this rule, and Target stands pretty firm on this policy.

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Target Return Policy After 90 Days – Final Thoughts

Like any other big box retailer, Target has a firm company policy about returns. But, as you now know, there are many ways to extend that return period. And some, like the RedCard, can give you other advantages as well. 

Just remember; play by the rules, and there will be no problem with returning your items. After all, happy customers mean happy profits for Target. And make sure you keep that receipt!

Good luck, and enjoy shopping at Target!

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