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Target TV Return Policy

target tv return policy

Target is the second largest company in terms of revenue in the United States.

 So when it comes to electronics, especially big-ticket entertainment-style items like TVs, they have got you covered. You can peruse a large range of sizes, specialty features, and styles, along with something to fit budgets, both big or small.

Are you thinking of purchasing a new TV from Target?

Or have you already done so, but it doesn’t fit in well with the design of your room?

Then you might be wondering about Target TV Return Policy. 

So, let’s take a closer look at…

The TV Return Policy At Target

Target has a 30-day return or exchange policy for TVs. As always, there are some exceptions to the rule in place for holiday purchases and those with a RedClub card. I’ll cover the latter in a bit, but first, let’s understand the returns policy a little better.

Although the standard return policy is 90 days for most items, it’s not so for TV purchases. According to Target’s returns policy, the company will accept returns and exchanges of TVs up to 30 days from the initial purchase date.

In-store or online…

 The item can be returned in-store or online (if it was purchased this way) and will need to be in its original packaging and in “as new” condition. This is inclusive of all electronics and entertainment items. If you are unsure of your purchase date, it can be found on your paper receipt or via your Target App account. Additionally, the transaction should show up on your bank or credit card statement if that’s how you paid.

What Do I Need To Complete The TV Return At Target?

When returning an unwanted TV in-store, you’ll need to have proof of purchase. While purchase receipts are the most common, Target also accepts packing slips (for orders received in the mail) and return barcodes (for orders placed through the Target app). 

You’ll also need your government ID and, ideally, the card you used to pay for the purchase. If you don’t have the paper receipt, but you do have a Target Circle account, you should be able to find the transaction through it. You’ll also need to have the TV and all of the accessories repacked in their original packaging and in perfect condition.

What Do I Need To Complete The TV Return At Target?

What If I Can’t Find The Original Receipt?

Returning a TV to Target without having the original receipt is possible if you have an alternative proof of purchase. When you visit the store, make sure you take the payment method of payment as well as a valid government-issued photo ID along with you. 

However, if you don’t, and you are trying the find the transaction via a credit or debit card number, then you’ll need to head to the Customer Service desk for help looking up the transaction this way. It’s highly likely your purchase can be found online through the system with the help of a Customer Service Representative.

They’ll find a way to help you!

As there are several ways to pay, there are also several payment methods that your helpful Target associate can use to look up your transaction. These include debit cards, Target Gift Cards, Target eGift cards, Target debit cards, Target RedCard, Target Visa cards, and even via a personal check. With this information, employees can then look up your order purchase history and match the TV’s barcode using it.

What If I Paid Using Cash?

If you paid by cash and have the receipt, then no problem! Your refund or exchange will be a breeze. However, if you don’t have the paper receipt and you can’t find the proof of transaction any other way. Then, unfortunately, the store will not be able to verify your payment information. In the case of a cash payment, the receipt is vital for returning or exchanging any purchases.

However, there is one way around this… If you can’t produce a receipt or proof of purchase, you can request a Target Merchandise Return card. The success of this is up to the store associate’s discretion.

What If I Paid Using Cash

Always being polite never hurts!

If you are kind and have a good enough reason as to why you can’t produce proof of purchase, have your ID, are within the 30-day return timeframe, and the item is well-packaged and in perfect condition. Then more than likely, it will be accepted, but this is not guaranteed. 

What If I Opened The TV Packaging?

It is usually ok to return an unwanted TV to Target if it has been opened. As long as it is returned in the original box with all the accessories, along with the original receipt, and you have your ID, Target usually accepts this. The one stipulation is that it hasn’t ever been used or installed. If this is the case, then you most likely will be denied a refund.

What About If I Installed It?

Typically, Target will not accept a used TV. However, depending on how long you’ve had it and the reason you wish to return it. Your individual circumstance might just be accepted by the store manager. Again make sure you have all the relevant proof of purchase, ID, and form of purchase with you and are within the 30 days limit. You’ll also need a legit reason as to why you now wish to return it even after having used it.

What Happens If I No Longer Have The Original Box?

Again, Target is usually willing to accept TVs being returned without the original packaging. Make sure everything else we’ve covered is in order, including being in the 30-day timeframe, proof of purchase, ID, and original form of payment, along with everything that it first came with.

You’ll also need to ensure the TV is in perfect condition (no scratches, stains, or signs of damage), as Target does have the right to legally refuse it without the box. 

What Happens If I No Longer Have The Original Box

What If I Can’t Get It Back To The Store By Myself?

If your TV is too heavy or big for you to return to Target by yourself, then you might be eligible for a return pickup. To determine this, you’ll need to call the Target Guest Services line at 1800 591 3869 and speak with a representative. Otherwise, you can apply for it via the online services at Target.com. Both options will need your order number and information to be processed, so make sure you have that to hand. 

When returning an item via return pick up, you need to make sure the TV is packed in its original packaging, along with all accessories, and placed at the same delivery point in which it was delivered. Make sure you include the packing slip, and you’ll need to sign for the pick up, just as you did for the original delivery. 

What If The TV Is Defective? Can I Return It To Target?

Absolutely. You can return a broken TV to Target and get a full refund as long as it’s within 30 days of purchase. Alternatively, your TV might be eligible for repair or even a replacement if it is a manufacturer defect or was created while the TV was being delivered. 

Your TV is actually covered for three years for mechanical and electrical failures from normal use. Meanwhile, any accidents, or intentional damage, if it is lost or gets stolen, then it’s not covered in this 3-year warranty. Again make sure you have the proof of purchase, ID, and original form of payment when returning for being defective. 

Can I Return A TV To Target After 30 Days?

Unfortunately, in most circumstances, it’s a no. You cannot return any TVs or electronic devices to Target after the 30-day return window has expired. The only exception to this rule is if you participate in a Target RedCard membership, one of the other special Target Credit or Debit Card schemes. 

Can I Return A TV To Target After 30 Days

What If I Paid With My Target RedClub Card?

If you paid for your TV via your RedCard, then you will get an extended return period of 60 days instead of the usual 30. This is also the easiest way for an associate to track and verify the purchase if you don’t have the original receipt. This extra 30-day extension also applies to your TV or, indeed, any entertainment system if purchased with a RedCard Reloadable Account, Target Debit Card, Target Credit Card, or Target Mastercard.

What Are The Holiday Exceptions?

If you purchased your TV anytime from October 6th right through to December 25th. Then the 30-day refund period starts on December 26th and must be returned by January 24th in order to successfully obtain a refund or exchange. 

What Other Return Policies Do They Have?

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Final Thoughts

Target has a 30-day returns policy on all TVs, with an extended time frame if you purchased with a RedCard or during the holiday season. 

You’ll need to have proof of purchase like the receipt or a returns barcode, your government-issued ID, the original form of payment, plus all accessories to be unused and in the original packaging. If your circumstances fall outside of these requirements, then returns are dealt with individually on a case-by-case basis by the store manager.

Happy TV Shopping At Target!

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