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Tax Preparer Job Description

the tax preparer job description

Tax Preparers are the trained professionals who are responsible for helping clients prepare and file their tax returns. During the tax preparation process, they visit and consult with customers to analyze financial information, complete every necessary tax form, and confirm that finished documents comply with all applicable regulations and legislation.

If you have a passion for tax codes and have a skill for numbers, you can consider and succeed in a career as a Tax Preparer. One of the benefits of this job position is that it does not require a four-year degree or certification as an accountant. However, a few companies or organizations do require a high school diploma or GED. Tax preparers acquire their abilities in the workplace or through a training program.

tax preparer job description

Job Description of Tax Preparer

Various organizations and businesses need a goal-oriented Tax Preparer to submit and prepare tax returns, analyze tax data given by clients, and provide guidance to clients. In addition, tax preparers should assist customers with future tax planning, provide outstanding service to encourage repeat business, and maintain their confidentiality.

The job applicants must uphold the organization’s high standards, give outstanding customer care, and be educated about regulations and legislation to succeed as a Tax Preparer. A potential Tax Preparer will have optimum writing and oral communication skills to manage correspondence from tax authorities and clients and be detail-oriented.

Responsibilities of Tax Preparer

  • Tax preparers are frequently in charge of scheduling client meetings.
  • They should be instructing clients on preparing their taxes.
  • Their duties also include preparing and submitting tax returns for clients.
  • A Tax Preparer’s responsibilities also include dealing with communication from tax authorities and clients.
  • All tax forms should be audited for accuracy and completeness by these candidates.
  • These job applicants should also assist clients with long-term tax planning.
  • A Tax Preparer is also responsible for developing the client base and securing repeat business.
  • They are also responsible for assessing tax data given by the client to optimize the client’s benefit.
  • They also sign income tax forms on behalf of the company and individual clients.

Requirements for Tax Preparer

  • A finance or accounting bachelor’s degree is a must to apply for a Tax Preparer job position.
  • Candidates must have passed a recognized Tax Return Preparer Test.
  • They must also be registered with the IRS and have a valid PTIN.
  • A minimum of five years of experience is required to apply for the position of Tax Preparer.
  • This role also necessitates computer literacy.
  • Both vocally and in writing, candidates must be able to communicate effectively.
  • They must maintain secrecy or confidentiality.

Interview Questions for Tax Preparer

1 How do you intend to grow your clientele?

Ans. The employer will assess the job applicant’s social skills and client acquisition experience.

2 What makes you think that you are the ideal candidate for this job position?

Ans. This answer assesses the candidate’s expertise and background.

3 Why is it critical to examine the data provided by the client?

Ans. The response by the individuals reveals their expertise in the sector and capacity to save the client’s money.

4 How would a Tax Preparer gain a client’s trust?

Ans. The job aspirant’s answer to this question exhibits their knowledge and interpersonal abilities.

5 How do you expect a client to select a Tax Preparer?

Ans. The response will illustrate their expertise and the ability to interact with others.

Future Scope as a Tax Preparer

As far as the state and federal governments exist, tax preparation will continue to exist. Tax Preparers and experts are in higher demand than ever before, specifically with current tax laws and codes affecting the filing procedures.

Tax is an unavoidable reality of life that impacts everyone, including individuals, businesses, and organizations. Everybody needs to save money on their taxable income, so everyone wants to delegate the process to somebody else. It is where the role of tax experts or Tax Preparers comes in. Accountancy firms, tax advice, or in-house firms generally employ Tax Preparers.

Tax Preparers usually do not initiate their career with decent salaries; however, as they attract clients and establish repute, their pay rises. If a candidate has market potential, they can also start their firm, even as unlicensed or non-credentialed Tax Preparers. Because of the minimal capital expenses, the candidates can develop a clientele by pricing less than opponents.


A Tax Preparer helps clients with tax return submission, completion, and preparation. An effective tax preparer will examine data provided by clients to guarantee that they profit from the candidate’s knowledge and receive a favorable response from the tax authorities.

While screening tax preparers, the recruiters often look for people who can exhibit a strong understanding of regulations and taxes and shows outstanding interpersonal skills. Employers generally avoid individuals lacking tax understanding and weak communication skills. If you excel at attention to detail, problem-solving, time management, numeracy, and communication skills, Tax Preparer is the ideal career role for you.

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