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Technical Support Job Description

the technical support job description

Technical support professionals repair and maintain the IT systems. They identify faults and find out suitable solutions for IT system-related issues. They resolve network-related issues and work on the installation and configuration of hardware and software-related problems.

technical support job description

Job Description – Technical Support

All candidates require proper technical support. They are responsible for troubleshooting issues related to the system. They provide technical support to customers. The employee assists in launching new applications for enhancing user experience related to IT. They should develop a rapport with customers to provide the appropriate customer support when it is required the most.

Skills Required – Technical Support

  • They need strong communication skills.
  • They should also have the ability to resolve problems.
  • The employee can also use technical skills and knowledge to develop new applications.
  • They can also adapt to a fast-paced environment.
  • They should also interact with customers directly.
  • The employee also requires logical thinking.
  • They also require attention to detail.
  • They also require proper operational skills for the technical role.
  • The employee also needs knowledge in handling various software.
  • They should have technical skills.
  • They should also have proper soft skills for completing this requirement.

Job Responsibilities – Technical Support

  • They recommend hardware and software solutions.
  • They troubleshoot technical issues.
  • The employee also repairs faults in systems.
  • They also resolve network issues.
  • They try and understand customer-related issues.
  • The employee should also follow up with clients in a better way.
  • They also replace necessary parts from the system.
  • They work on launching new applications.
  • The employee also studies the procedural documentation.
  • They also handle multiple cases single-handedly.
  • They conduct electrical checks for ensuring safety equipment gets managed.

Job Requirements – Technical Support

  • They should have a valid degree in information technology.
  • They should have technical certifications in the IT domain.
  • The employee should also have relevant experience in tech support and desktop support.
  • They also require to pay attention to every detail while providing technical support.
  • They should also have proper knowledge of using remote desktops.
  • The employee also needs excellent problem-solving skills.
  • They need good interpersonal skills.
  • They need proper verbal and written communication skills to excel in this role.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What does technical support do?

Ans. The technical support ensures both hardware and software work well in the system. They should be able to resolve technical issues to provide a better user interface to customers of the organization. They provide technical support to customers in the best possible way.

2 What are the skills required for a technical support role?


  • They should analyze technical issues for every customer.
  • They should provide application support.
  • The employee also assesses customer support needs.
  • They require detailed orientation.
  • They can detect both hardware and software issues.
  • The employee should also explain technical aspects clearly.
  • They can maintain error logs.
  • They should identify process improvement approaches.
  • The employee also needs web support for the organization.
  • They support in resolving issues related to web support.

3 What kind of technical issues are resolved by technical support?


  • They resolve web-related issues.
  • They resolve technical issues.
  • The employee also tackles network issues.
  • They resolve issues related to remote desktops.

4 Is technical support an IT-related job?

Ans. Technical support primarily deals with IT-related support. It ensures all customers can work efficiently in their respective work domains. It provides the basic support to manage office tasks more efficiently. Tech support also helps in shopping, receive medical aid at your doorstep. The customers can avail any other service at their doorstep through technical support teams being in place.

5 Where do employees advertise about the technical support profile?

Ans. They can advertise on free job sites, career pages of the organizations, social media platforms. They also advertise through employee referral groups. This is the best way to hire top talent to fill open positions for technical support profiles.

6 Can any employers edit the job description for technical support?

Ans. Yes, employers can edit the job description for a technical support profile as per the business requirement of the organization. They can list down the skill set for the technical support profile. They can tell the applicants about the expectation the organization has from a technical support profile. This helps applicants to assess themselves and understand whether they fit the role of technical support.

7 Is Technical support a tough job profile?

Ans. If the technical support team works systematically and handles all queries related to the functioning of IT systems well. It may not be a stressful situation at work. Due to technical issues and faults when the customer calls increase from one to many and they call at the same time it becomes difficult for the technical support to handle this situation.

8 How does a technical support team handle angry customers?

Ans. They should be calm and compose, they should always be empathetic towards customers. They can also use the escalation matrix to resolve tough technical issues. The technical support team must also be responsive and provide effective solutions that are quick and resolve the customer queries within few minutes. They should be able to support customers in their business.

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