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TGI Friday’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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The restaurant chain, TGI Friday’s, consistently employs candidates for professional careers and entry-level positions. Applicants can check TGI Friday’s career portal to fill out the online job application form or download the PDF version to submit it at its locations.

Scroll down to know the complete details of the hiring process of TGI Friday’s.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at TGI Friday’s

TGI Friday’s offer candidature to individuals with a minimum of 16 years and a few job roles require 18-year-old applicants. The shift schedule and operational hours at TGI Fridays vary by location.

Future Job Scope at TGI Friday’s

TGI Fridays have limited job offers for aspiring candidates of 18 years and above due to the laws associated with the distribution and sale of alcohol. The retail chain, however, offers various job roles for operating front-of-house. Therefore, TGI Friday’s may hire candidates of 16 years too. TGI Friday’s also offers career opportunities in managerial-level job positions, featuring full-time capacities and competitive salary options.

Job Positions Offered at TGI Friday’s

TGI Friday’s often offer many job roles, including Strategic Leaderships Essentials (SLE), Directory of Operations, General Managers, Kitchen Managers, Department Management Essentials (DME), Restaurant Management Essentials (RME), Bartenders, Grill Cooks/ Broilers, Bussers, Dishwashers, Hostesses/ Hosts, Prep Cooks, and Servers. The restaurant chain consistently offers the below-mentioned positions:


  • Servers at TGI Fridays should be a minimum of 18 years while applying for a job position at this restaurant chain.
  • They should be capable of holding around 30 lbs during their shifts.
  • Servers should also be capable of working and standing on foot during their entire shifts of up to eight hours at times.

the tgi fridays application

  • Servers should be efficient to work in any working capacities, from slower business hours to fast-paced environments.
  • They should be smiling with guests and must be groomed well during their duties.
  • Their job duties include issuing receipts and change to the customers, ringing up sales, serving drinks and foods, and engaging with them.
  • Servers at TGI Fridays usually work for around fifteen to thirty hours per week with multiple five or eight hours.
  • TGI Friday offers around $2.00 to $3.00 per hour to its servers.


  • Applicants seeking higher salary and full-time job roles can opt for a Bartender position at TGI Friday’s.
  • They usually work for six to eight hours at TGI Friday’s.
  • Their primary duties involving answering customers’ questions, taking and serving orders for drinks.
  • They may need to do food service during their shifts.
  • Bartenders at TGI Fridays are required to hold bar certification and maintain proper appearance.
  • TGI Friday’s pay around $10.00 per hour to its Bartenders.

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  • Dishwashers at TGI Friday’s are responsible for drying, washing, and cleaning utensils to help kitchen staff reuse them.
  • These employees are responsible for ensuring adequate and complete sanitization.
  • Their duties also include keeping up with the demand for kitchen equipment, dishes, and silverware properly and quickly.
  • They need to work carefully because broken equipment or dishes can lead to the termination of duties.
  • These workers usually earn a minimum wage at TGI Fridays.

Benefits of Working with TGI Friday’s

TGI Friday’s provides employee benefits to both long-lasting associates and hourly workers. Most employee benefits are offered immediately by TGI Friday’s upon employment. At the same time, a few job roles require around six months of employment with TGI Fridays to avail themselves of the various employee benefits, perks, and programs.

The benefits for TGI Friday’s include the following:

  • The beneficial packages for the employees from TGI Friday’s come with 401 (K) retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, and healthcare options.
  • Employees often enjoy paid time off and direct deposit salary while working with TGI Fridays.
  • This American restaurant chain also offers gym memberships to its employees and 50% off on their meals.

tgi fridays application tips

The Online Job Application Process of TGI Friday’s

The online job application process to apply for at TGI Friday’s is as follows:

  • Check out the career portal of TGI Friday’s.
  • Choose the job role you want to apply for at TGI Friday’s and tap on the “Apply Now” tab.
  • Search your desired job title, restaurant location, shifts, and tap on the “Submit” tab.
  • Tap on the job role you are interested in from the list that appeared here.
  • Check out and read the complete details of your preferred job title and tap on the “Apply Online” tab.
  • Complete your login details or create a new account on this webpage.
  • Complete TGI Friday’s online job application process by submitting this online form.

Candidates can also download a PDF version of TGI Friday’s job application form and submit it at the restaurant location.

Checking Job Application Status of TGI Friday’s

TGI Friday’s allows job seekers to apply for the available job roles through its online career platform and checking the status of the job application they submitted to work with this American restaurant chain. Applicants can create their profile on TGI Friday’s career portal to get access to applying for the job roles and checking their employment status online. Applicants may check their job applications after submitting their online job application forms. TGI Friday updates the hiring status over its website, making the candidates convenient to know the status quickly.

Candidates can also call TGI Friday’s locations or drop an e-mail to update their employment process. Besides, they may visit the locations directly and contact TGI Friday’s hiring managers and check their job application status. Visiting TGI Friday’s locations during slower business hours will be convenient as the hiring managers will get time to update you about your job application.

Some More Information about TGI Friday’s

Partnered with the UN Global Impact initiatives, TGI Friday’s is committed to serve and practice environmental stewardship. The programs and initiative measures implemented by TGI Friday’s comprises limiting waste, promoting recycling, and reducing energy consumption.

Most of the TGI Friday’s locations maintain LEED standards to restrict disposing utensils or equipment usage and energy efficiency. In addition, TGI Friday’s corporate offices provide clear details to the public about the environmental and ethical impacts to its nearby spaces and communities.


The American restaurant chain, TGI Friday’s, offers various job opportunities to applicants having a passion for customer services or work experience in culinary job roles. TGI refers to as “Thank God it’s Friday” and operates in more than sixty countries worldwide at its around 870 locations. Candidates can check the career portal and apply for jobs at TGI Friday’s.

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