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The Salvation Army Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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The Salvation Army provides many employment options for both entry-level and career-oriented individuals. The charitable company is headquartered in England, U.K., and offers services and jobs for distinct groups of individuals in more than 120 nations. If you want an employment opportunity at The Salvation Army, you should visit its employment portal and go through the updated vacant job positions.

Besides, you can go through the information provided in this article to know the current job opening and salary offered by The Salvation Army and the job overview salary, and much more it offers.

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Operational Hours and Work Schedule at The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army seeks job hunters with at least 18 years during the recruitment process. The business hours of The Salvation Army are as follows:

  • Sunday to Saturday: 09:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: Closed.

Job Prospects at The Salvation Army

The company’s Christian ideals are beneficial for the hard times and have attributed to the company’s genesis. The original idea today has grown more than merely the charity purposes. They hold the major part of contribution for homeless, poor, and needy people from the organization. The workforce is a constant requirement of the company, seeking to be filled out by eligible candidates to accomplish various tasks.

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Most of the positions for the job remain open for corporates, charitable center’s and retail stores. The job of retails centers is to resell the used products. The candidates must possess teamwork qualities, expecting optional working days on weekends and holidays too.

The Job Positions Available at The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army offers multiple job positions, including Director of Volunteer Services, Processor, Clerk, Staff Attorney, Community Center Director, and Driver. It also accepts Maintenance Supervisor, Receptionist, Custodian, Service Unit Field Representative, Corps Planting Coordinator or Corps Health Coordinator, and Marketing Specialist.

The candidates can also apply as Case Manager, Soup Kitchen Cook, Facilities Team Member, Leadership Giving Program Director, and Associate Development Coordinator. Multiple positions are also vacant for Online Fundraising Managers, Secretaries, Mailroom Clerks, Statisticians, Part-Time Office Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Keyholders, Cashiers, and Store Associates.

In addition, you can apply for the following most available jobs at The Salvation Army:

Sales Associate

  • They need to manage the registers, assist customers with their needs, drive the sales, restock and reshelve the items, and provide details about inventory.
  • They also need to handle complaints and offer solutions to higher managers before the issue grows.
  • Setting the displays and merchandises are thus the additional duties of the post.
  • The candidate has an option to earn between $8.00 and $10.00 per hour.

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Managerial Roles

  • Candidates with supervisory skills are more likely to receive consideration.
  • They can earn the salary varying between $25,000 and $30,000 yearly, along with year-end bonuses.
  • Additional duties of this post include analyzing the profits and sales, hiring the new employees, maintaining the work environments, and many more.

The Process of Job Application for The Salvation Army

If you are passionate about working with charitable organizations, The Salvation Army is the ideal place to work for. This charitable organization offers comprehensive job benefits to the employees. The candidates can check The Salvation Army’s online job application process in the steps mentioned below and fill-up the form accordingly.

  • Job seekers must check the official job portal of The Salvation Army and view the available job titles.
  • Read the complete job description that appeared here if you find the job position suitable to apply for at The Salvation Army.
  • Applicants can also send their resumes to The Salvation Army’s official email address. You will hear back from The Salvation Army within five to ten working days after sending the resume.
  • Wait for The Salvation Army to respond or contact if you don’t hear back in five to ten days.

Checking Job Application Status for The Salvation Army

The company has granted the wait time for at least two weeks to hear back the responses for job considerations from hiring managers. But, if they have not heard any reaction after the given time, they have different options for the managers’ follow-up. They can visit the stores, call or email the hiring staff for the same. But, before going for any of the one media, they need to be aware of the company’s peak hours and must call or contact accordingly.

Also, they need to carry formal and presentable attire for the face-to-face interactions or the interviews. They need to be confident and also must bear personable characters.

Benefits and Perks While Working at The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army offers the following job benefits to its workers:

  • The Salvation Army employees usually receive health coverage with vision, dental, and healthcare plans.
  • They also receive short-term disability and life insurance without paying additionally to The Salvation Army.
  • Employees also enjoy educational assistance programs and paid time off.
  • The Salvation Army employees also benefit from 401 (K) plans of retirement.

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Additional Details of The Salvation Army

The company is also known for its charitable options and practices and its dynamic functions. They offer charity efforts to the people in the United States, and also, the same is a very popular effort amongst the people. The company operates as a Christian organization, and to date, has memberships of around 1.5 million or more candidates.

They are also ranked as the top contender in the Forbes 50 largest charities lists. The company supplies reach to more than 9000 centers alone in the United States. The total revenue for the same is around $4 billion annually, and this also contributes to the operating costs.


The American charitable organization, The Salvation Army, is headquartered in Alexandra, Virginia. It was founded in 1865 and operated across the world. The candidates looking for a job at a charitable organization must go to the official career portal of The Salvation Army and explore the vacant job titles. You can also check the job positions according to The Salvation Army’s locations.

Besides, we have provided the online application procedure of The Salvation Army. You can follow the same and submit your job application to be a part of the charitable organization.

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