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Tilly’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Tilly’s is a sports-oriented and highly specialized retailer with 200 store locations across the United States. It was formed in 1982 and has experienced continuous expansion, providing managerial openings and entry-level positions.

While the application form will remain available, complete applications will not be accepted on Tilly’s website. Aspiring employees are required to print the application forms, fill it out, and submit it to Tilly’s store locations once it is completed. We advise you to double-check the application form for corrections if required and emphasize any professional experience or personal characteristics.

Individuals may benefit from wearing properly and displaying personal style when submitting applications to Tilly’s store locations. Tilly’s hiring staff may ask some questions following the submission of application forms. Job seekers should demonstrate readiness by asking queries and researching the brand before visiting Tilly’s store.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Tilly’s

Please scroll down and know more about Tilly’s hiring process with several benefits plans, packages, salary, flexible schedule, and much more it offers.

Tilly offers candidature to individuals 16 years of age. The business and duty hours at Tilly’s are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Job Prospects at Tilly’s

Tilly’s promotes skate-centric, unique spaces and fashion palates by retailing brand names such as Volcom and Vans. The fashion retailer caters to women, men, and children and successfully stocks clothing for ages twelve to late twenties.

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Along with a comprehensive line of clothing and shoes for all genders and ages, the company sells various accessories, such as skateboards, cameras, headphones, goggles, speakers, and backpacks. The retailer favors interested job candidates who can understand both recreational and fashion activities due to the large variety of merchandise.

Additional Information

Tilly’s operates locations in more than 30 states across the United States. Tilly’s is looking for motivated and dynamic employees to lead new locations as the brand expands across the United States. In most cases, entry-level capacities do not require any prior experience at Tilly’s.

High school students are perfect prospects for employment at Tilly’s because entry-level roles with the corporation need applicants to be at least 16 years old. Candidates must be at least 18 years old to be considered for management jobs at Tilly’s, and experience in the business is usually required.

The Job Positions Available at Tilly’s

Various job opportunities available at Tilly’s, include Store Manager, Salesman, Lead Salesman, Buyers, and Assistant Manager. The following positions are readily available at Tilly’s:

Sales Associates

  • Sales Associates are the significant component of the job role at Tilly’s
  • They are responsible for lifting, squatting, bending at Tilly’s.
  • The sales associates are also required to stand for long hours at Tilly’s with little time to rest during their shift hours.
  • They usually earn a minimum age at the beginning of their career at Tilly’s.

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  • Cashiers are responsible for operating cash registers, maintaining the overall appearance and cleanliness of stores.
  • They should also demonstrate knowledge of sporting products and fashion.
  • Their duties also include assisting customers in getting specific products for specific functions.
  • They usually earn a minimum wage at Tilly’s.


  • Tilly’s management-level employees are responsible for maintaining the good conditions of the stores.
  • They are also responsible for scheduling employees and completing payroll.
  • Tilly’s usually offer around $30,000 to $60,000 to its managerial-level employees.

The Online Job Application Process of Tilly’s

Please go through the steps below to know about Tilly’s online job application process.

  • Individuals seeking a career at Tilly’s should visit its career portal.
  • Scroll down Tilly-s career page and tap on the position you want to apply for, including distribution, corporate, retail, etc.
  • Tap on the “Apply Here” tab after selecting your required job position.
  • The candidates need to fill up the search criteria, including distance, job title, duration, and location, and tap on the “Search” tab.
  • Tap on the job role you find suitable to work at Tilly’s.
  • Tap on the “Apply for the Position” tab after reading its description.
  • Fill up your personal data in the fields that appeared here and complete Tilly’s online job application process.

Besides, candidates can download Tilly’s application form to fill it up and submit it to its nearest or required store locations.

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Checking Job Application Status for Tilly’s

Tilly’s often contacts desirable individuals with employment offers within two weeks of submission of form or interview schedule due to increased staff demand. Contacting Tilly’s and asking to talk with recruiting managers is a courteous method to speed up the hiring process. Applicants who demonstrate sincere interest and ambition in the job benefit. However, staying professional and courteous is also crucial to obtain employment at Tilly’s.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Tilly’s

Tilly’s provides several generous job benefits to its part-time and full-time employees, including the following:

  • Employees often benefit from employee discounts, holidays, sick leave, and paid vacation at Tilly’s.
  • They also remain eligible for financial plans, including 401 (K) retirement plans.
  • Tilly’s also offers long-term disability, vision, and dental plans as a part of healthcare coverage benefits to its employees.

Additional Details of Tilly’s

We Care is a sponsorship program that is managed by the fashion retailer. Employees support and participate in various academic, art, and sport-related programs in primary and secondary education institutions. Tilly stays committed to improving the quality of life for young people. Tilly’s Life Center, usually called TLC, is a non-profit organization that operates several initiatives to help underprivileged teenagers. PTA, raffles, and walk-a-thons activities have all received funding from the Tilly’s in the past.


Tilly’s, the American retail clothing chain, deals with sports, surf, skate equipment, accessories, and apparel. Tilly’s operates more than 200 stores across the nation, with most store locations in California. It is based out in Irvine, California, and was founded in 1982.

Tilly frequently requires entry-level workers to cater to staff deficiency caused by its expansion and turnover. The candidates looking to initiate a career with Tilly’s should visit its online portal and check out available jobs. Besides, they can check Tilly’s online application process in the details above that all aspiring candidates can follow and apply.

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