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Time Warner Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Time Warner Application Online

Time Warner tends to be leading the environment in media and entertainment, and it has both developed and delivered quality media content across the globe. Some of the popular services offered include HBO, Cinemax, and MAX GO. The company is formed by the merger of two companies, including Time and Warner, in 1990.

Ideally, Time is only is a popular weekly magazine. Besides that, Warner communication tends to be a parent organization of Warner Bros. The company had acquired Atlanta Braves, CNN, TBS, and TNT, in 1996. Within five years, the internet service AOL and media conglomerate had merged, and it was then known as AOL Time Warner.

Additional Information

In these years, the company had flourished, and it has proven that the company has at least 26000 employees who work with commitment and passion. In return, almost all the employees get several perks like wellness programs, flexible work arrangements, and childcare benefits. The employees love working here as it offers fantastic micromanaging. The higher-ups help their employees develop their potential in the corporate world through meaningful and challenging challenges and other opportunities to learn things.

Time Warner has got a fantastic position among all the telecommunication companies as the company represents an ideal company for employees to work in. The determined candidates can thrive ingrown environments continuously. The entry-level applicants can work full-time or part-time.

Important Information To Know Before Applying at Time Warner

Minimum working age of the candidate who is looking forward to applying at Time Warner: The candidate must be a minimum of 18 years to be eligible to apply at Time Warner.

Working hours at Time Warner: The company is open 24*7 all 7 days a week. The working hours of the employees depend on the shifts.

Employment Opportunities at Time Warner

The company operates in at least 29 states, and it offers digital cable, internet, phone service, and home security systems to patrons across the nation. The company is ever-expanding, so there are job positions available regularly in various branches. Ideally, the workforce represents some unity of motivated people. The majority of the employees share some similarities and genuinely enjoy working and interacting with one another.

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Career Objectives

The ambitious employees have the freedom to achieve their career objectives. The work environments tend to feed the passions and influence the employees to move ahead with better openings. They are featured on the web portal, stories about their employees and achievements are also portrayed. The telecommunication company tops the list consistently as a popular employer for minorities and women.

Time Warner offers at least11 types of employee networks based on diversity, interests, and experiences. Some examples of the networks include the Hispanic Women’s Network, Aspiring Leaders Organizations, besides TWC-Able.

Career opportunities at Time Warner

The company mainly portrays professionalism, so the applicants need to impress the hiring managers with good looks and approachable communication strategies. Ideally, six months or one year of work experience shows a genuine interest in the customer service niche. Some other expertise might also come with extra qualifications and degrees. The employees should remain available during evenings, occasional holidays besides weekends.

Customer Care Associates

These individuals need to know about the products and services offered besides answering incoming calls to tackle some patron’s needs. They must have at least six months of work experience to get the job and maintain some basic understanding of the customer service duties.

The extraordinary employees tend to flourish, especially in nurturing environments. The customer care center mainly focuses on fostering team-building skills besides handling calls and bundling projects. The candidates can also learn new things about technology and communication tools. They can earn $12 per hour.

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Sales Representatives

The talented applicants can get a prosperous job as the company aims to connect patrons and agents. These representatives have the freedom to drive their sales objectives. They can earn $80000 per year. But they have to go through the challenges of persuading clients to buy their products or services. Often, they can get paid training, and they must be available for sales meetings and transportation. They must have minimum qualifications besides mathematical skills.

Installation Technician

By integrating services and technology, these experts mainly help clients with communication issues. They can earn $10 to $14 per hour, and applicants who lack experience might begin their careers with technician positions. The potential candidates need to possess both Time and people management skills. They must handle configurations and disconnects besides being comfortable using designated tools to finish the task. The employees should be capable of lifting at least 75 pounds and show some physical ability.

Tips For Applying at Time Warner

The candidates who are interested to apply at Time Warner should visit the official website. Candidates need to create an account on the official website to apply. Time Warner is always looking for individuals who are passionate. Hence one must keep an eye on the positions open, as there is cut-throat competition. While applying, the candidates will be required to upload relevant documents such as resume and personal verification IDs. Candidates should make sure to fill in only relevant information.

Perks of Working at Time Warner

The job can meet the various needs; the job perks offered by Time Warner mainly account for diversity among employees. They have several health coverages options available, including dental, health, and others. In addition, they can get several paid trainings besides paid leaves. The eligible employees can also avail health retirement plans.

Some of the other benefits include discounted internet and cable and tuition reimbursement. Overall, it is a pleasure to work in such a company which offers utmost diversity and opportunities to the employees to grow in every form. Employees can thoroughly enjoy the balance of work and personal life.

Miscellaneous Information On Time Warner

The company has a program known as Connect a Million Minds that challenges parents to ensure that their kids engage in some co-curricular activities after school. The program tends to address several agendas.


Time Warner is an amazing place to work and employees need to put in the right effort to build their careers here.

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