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Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads Returning to Work

Many moms and dads decide to become stay-at-home-parents to care for a new addition to the family. This may be due to the rising costs of childcare or simply because they cherish being with their little bundle of joy.

However, at some point, the children get to the age where they can go to kindergarten. Or the parent would like to pursue a new career.

The challenge, however, comes with returning to the workforce. It is ever-changing, and parents may feel like they have been left behind while the corporate cogs kept churning.

So, that’s why I have decided to share some great Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads Returning to Work.

tips for stay at home moms and dads returning to work

Update Your Resume

In some cases, it may be standard practice to describe yourself as a mother or father. Or to state that you have dependents. However, just as with pregnant applicants, this may be a point that needs to be tread carefully.

You can be open and honest about your home life once you are in the interviewing process. But, you do not have to give out personal info that is not relevant to the job you are applying for in your resume.

Your resume may have been up-to-date a few years ago. But, times have changed. Other than it appearing a bit outdated, you may want to ensure that it contains all the pertinent info to the job you are applying for.

tip for stay at home mom and dads returning to work

Add Your Personality

People are still submitting generic resumes that will be easily forgotten. Make sure that your resume is named in a catchy, memorable way that will help employers remember it. For example:

  • John Smith Resume, Accountant, 2022

This info will tell them who you are and what type of position you are seeking. Also, make sure to create individual resumes for each position. If you are applying to different positions, prioritize the info relevant to the position at the top.

Pad Your Resume

Being out of the work environment may have taken you out of the loop on how things are currently done in the field. You can easily pad your resume with an easy certification online course that you can complete within a few weeks.

Look for hard skill courses related to your chosen profession, such as sales, digital marketing, Microsoft Excel, OSHA, leadership, or finance. The list is endless, and you can find just about anything on sites such as Udemy.com or your local community college.

You can also attend networking events and workshops to get re-familiarized with current business practices. They are usually advertised on local business social media pages such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Try a Work From Home Position First

If you have a home office space and a computer, you can easily get back into the workforce by starting a work-from-home position. Many companies are accommodating this and only require zoom meetings or an odd physical meeting at the office.

This will allow you to get on with your work while still being able to keep an eye on your little one. Or at least having partial supervision of the new nanny or au pair.

Part-Time Work

If your tyke is in preschool, they may need to be home in the afternoons. This is a good opportunity to start a part-time job with morning shifts to free up the rest of your day.

For many, a full day at work may require some time to get used to, especially if you work in an environment with lots of coworkers or customers. By starting part-time, you can control your hours and decide if you are ready to enter the workforce without having to commit to an employer full time.

Be Patient

The job market is volatile, and it is not always easy to land a job straight away. You may have to wait a few weeks or months before you get any hits. Use this time constructively by getting into a routine.

Every morning, you can apply to new jobs online, network with business individuals, and send your resume to new recruiters. This is also a good time to pad your resume with easy certifications.

Once you have landed a job, it may be another week or two before you can start. This time can be used to test out your childcare options as well as to choose schools or daycare options that will work best considering the location of your workplace and home, and/or possible transportation needs.

tip for stay at home mom and dad returning to work

Get In The Zone

Everyone is proud of their children, as they should be. And in the last few years, you may have gotten into the habit of responding with information regarding your children when people ask about your well-being or to tell them about yourself.

However, you will now have to put that aside for a later time, as mentioned in the section on updating your resume. Do not talk about your children unless it is pertinent, and focus on your abilities and skills. This is one of the best Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads Returning to Work.

If you are interviewed…

You are selling yourself as a worker, not as a parent. This may be very hard at first, but you will have plenty of time to bond over parenthood once you have landed the job.

They may ask some difficult questions anyway. Such as whether or not you plan on having more children and if you will be a stay-at-home parent again if it happens. In that case, you can simply state that you are committed to making a success of your career. And that you will let them know if anything around that changes in the future.

Make Use of “The Village”

It may take a village to raise a child, but many members of your “village” may also be working parents. Reach out to parents at your child’s daycare or school, family, and other communities you may be affiliated with.

They will often have a list of approved babysitters and work for family-orientated companies. Likewise, they can offer loads of advice on maintaining a work-life balance. And, often, they have great connections that can help circulate your resume.

Looking to Get Back to Work?

We can help with that. Take a look at our handy articles on How to Write a Stay at Home Mom Resume, the Most Important Skills To Put On A Resume, Skype Interview Tips, Zoom Interview Tips, and the Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for more useful advice about getting back to work.

Considering work from home? If so, check out The Ultimate Stay-at-Home Dad, The Happy Stay-at-Home Mom, ZagZig Parenting, The Daddy Shift, and She’s Back: Your Guide to Returning to Work, all of which you can buy online in 2022.

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In many cases, you will have coworkers and even a boss that has families of their own. You will also work with people who have no children. If this is your first time entering the workforce since having a child, you will have to navigate some unfamiliar waters.

Typically, employers are understanding of boundaries and family emergencies. But, you will have to make up for lost time and stick to deadlines. Some co-workers may be willing to cover a shift or two. But, you have to be mindful of their needs and boundaries as well.

This way, you will not have to worry about your coworkers or boss resenting you for the times you need to slip out for a pediatrician visit or a soccer game. As a result, returning to work after being a stay-at-home parent will become much easier.

Until next time, work smarter, not just harder.

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