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Top 15 Warning Signs You’re About to Be Fired

Top 15 Warning Signs You’re About to Be Fired

Are you concerned about your job security?

Do you feel like you’re left out of the team spirit and treated differently than usual?

If so, then it could be a possibility that you’re about to get fired. So, check out this guide to put your mind at rest. Once you’ve finally managed to find a job that you like, then the worst thing that could happen is losing it because, let’s admit it, being fired is a position that no one wants.

So, to avoid getting fired, here are the Top 15 Warning Signs You’re About to Be Fired that you should be looking out for…

top 15 warning signs youre about to be fired

1 You Have a Negative Performance Review

This is the most obvious warning sign that you might be on your way to getting fired. If your boss calls you into a meeting and directly tells you that your work performance must improve, then this is something to most definitely keep in mind.

You may also be called in to have a disciplinary meeting to discuss your overall performance at work. Make sure you avoid making any more mistakes, be fully attentive, and have a motivated attitude to try harder. But possibly it could be too late…

2 You Have Less Work and Feel Bored

If you suddenly have fewer assigned tasks than usual, then this could be a warning sign. As an employee, there are many things that you could you be doing. However, if your workdays just got easier, it might be worth asking why. If your boss slowly takes away responsibilities from you, it might be an indicator you’re now viewed as less able to perform regular duties at work.

3 You Have More Work and Feel Burned Out

Having more work to do can be a misleading warning sign. If you find yourself with different tasks to complete that are more challenging, then you should think twice… Sure, your boss might think you’re competent to do it, but it’s unlikely without getting trained first, right?

So, if you feel out of your depth and unable to handle the workload, then the worst-case scenario is that your boss is setting you up for failure or trying to burn you out.

4 You Made a Mistake

If you just recently made a mistake at work or found yourself in an unfortunate incident, then this could be an obvious game-changer. Making sure you don’t make the same mistake twice is important, but unfortunately, sometimes, not all incidents can be resolved. So make sure you are careful with your work and don’t make any more mistakes that could cost you your job.

5 Your Boss Treats You Differently

Maybe you feel sudden tension in the air, or perhaps there’s a drastic change in the dynamic between you and your boss. If their behavior changes and they tend to avoid you or speak less to you, this could be a vital warning sign. Perhaps your work performance has been lacking, and your boss has noticed this and has decided to keep a distance. Body language says it all so, pay attention!

15 warning sign youre about to be fired

6 Your Co-Workers Also Treat You Differently

If your boss and co-workers seem to treat you differently or avoid you, this could also be a warning sign. In most work environments, it can be like a playground, and people gossip and talk behind your back. So any recent news is likely to affect the team dynamic and how they treat you, especially if you’re on the brink of getting fired.

7 You’re Asked To Take a Break

Again, like having more work assigned to you, if you’re asked to take time off, this could give a misleading signal. This does not necessarily mean that your boss thinks you’re especially deserving of some ‘you’ time or a relaxing holiday. This is most probably a sign of being demoted and a way to evaluate how the team performs without you there. Chances are that it’s a test to prove they’ll do fine without you.

8 You Aren’t Invited To Important Meetings

If your boss does not ask you to attend regular team performance reviews or company meetings, then ask why. Every employee is usually present or entitled to attend meetings, so if you’re left out, then think about why.

9 Your Boss Is Supervising You More

If you observe that your boss is supervising your every move and micro-managing your tasks, this could be a warning sign. Your boss may feel the need to check up on you regularly, or more often than not. This might be because you are making frequent mistakes, and they are concerned about leaving you alone unsupervised.

If you’ve been working at the company for long enough, and you haven’t asked for any managerial support, then this is a definite warning sign that things are hitting rock bottom.

10 Someone Else Was Hired Recently

If there has been a recent new employee that joined the team and has the same job role as you, this could indicate that they are due to replace you. The worst-case scenario is that your boss may ask you to train them! To be sure, take all of the other warning signs into account, and evaluate whether your company is busy and just needs the extra help.

On the other hand, this could be a warning sign that someone else is up to the job more than you.

15 warning signs youre about to be fired

11 Your Company Is Struggling

Whether it’s financial matters that concern your company or your boss is juggling too much, these are important things to consider. It’s common to demote or fire employees during financial struggles because the company just can’t keep up. So cuts have to be made, including cutting down on employees. In this case, the weakest links are often dismissed to tackle this issue.

12 You Don’t Get a Raise or Promotion

Like any employee, after a certain amount of time, your company will offer you the possibility of getting a salary raise. This is fairly common if you have done a good job or worked extensively for the company. If you find out that your team gets a raise, but you’re left out of the equation and falling behind, then this is a top warning sign to look out for.

13 You Don’t Receive Feedback

Whether it be positive or negative feedback, if your employment is coming to an end then it’s common for your manager to be completely passive and ignore your performance altogether. Especially if you do a great job at something and receive no praise for your accomplishment, this can be worrying.

Similarly, if you do something wrong and receive no negative feedback from your boss, this could be a warning sign that you’re about to be dismissed.

14 You Aren’t Performing Well

Are you missing deadlines, not completing work to the best of your ability, or generally finding the work tasks difficult to complete? If so, this could be an indicator that you aren’t fit for the role. But don’t beat yourself up about it!

Not everyone is made for the roles they find themselves in. The best thing you can do is try, but if you are struggling and your boss recognizes this, then it might be time to call it a day.

the 15 warning signs youre about to be fired

15 You Want To Change Jobs

It’s time to be honest with yourself and consider whether you truly enjoy your job. If you find yourself browsing job search engines on your lunch break or dreaming about other opportunities. Then it doesn’t take a genius to realize you want to change jobs.

Naturally, if you’re not passionate about the job anymore, you’re more likely to underperform, find excuses, make mistakes, and slack on responsibilities. So listen to your gut feeling!

Don’t Lose Hope Yet!

Having a secure job is vital for everyone, but the possibility of getting fired can be a dreaded experience. If you have read these top warning signs and unfortunately feel like you can resonate with most of these points, then- it’s not looking good.

But, don’t lose hope yet, find ways to stay positive at work, do your best until your boss gives the final say, and keep trying to improve.

Future Tips

If the end is near, don’t lose hope, there are plenty more fish in the sea. This means that you should start hunting for new jobs while you are still in your current one.

It’s better to start looking as soon you feel like you could be fired. This gives you more time to prepare and search for other options. If you’re eager to learn how to improve for your next role, then check out 20 Things To Do Well At Work. You can do this!

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Final Thoughts

So, if you’re convinced that you’re about to be fired, remind yourself that it’s not the end of the world.

There are many opportunities to search for new roles with these best job search websites, and perhaps the next job that you find is better suited to you. Just remember to try your best, stay positive while job hunting, and improve your job performance for next time.

Nevertheless, if you are fired, just try to avoid this happening again!

We wish you all the very best in your future career adventures!

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