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Top Hard Skills to Put on a Resume

Top Hard Skills to Put on a Resume

Hard skills are what are considered trained skills that give you the “know-how” to perform tasks, usually associated with a qualification or experience. Whereas soft skills are the more interpersonal social skills that help you get on with coworkers or have a good rapport with clients and customers.

Depending on the direction of your career, you may do well to focus your studies or take on extra easy certification courses to improve on your hard skills. So, I decided to take an in-depth look at some of the best hard skills in line with in-demand professions in the US.

The Top Hard Skills To Put On A Resume

IT Industry

Information technology in itself is the backbone of society, and companies cannot survive without it. However, within this scope, there are quite a few individual hard skills that will be to your benefit.

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Data Cloud Security

Companies are all moving toward cloud-based backups of their data. This is because hard drives can go missing or get damaged, and it is often a long process to do manual backups.

Cloud-based data often gets updated as the day goes by and offers companies that have numerous branches the opportunity to sync up. Think along the lines of a customer updating their personal details to receive coupons. All the branches will instantly have the same update.

Keeping the trust…

Now, of course, this data needs to be protected, along with the company’s intellectual property. Any time that a company suffers a breach, they risk losing company secrets and the trust of the public. This is why data cloud computing and security remain a big feather in the fedora hat for many individuals who specialize in IT.

Software Development

Businesses often rely on third-party software, and it may take too much time and resources to create a new application to perform complex tasks. This is usually why companies use licensed software like Microsoft Office or Adobe.

However, for many other tasks, companies may simply develop their own software, such as mobile apps for their employees and customers. Or, they may outsource the development to an IT company to create the app for them. Apps can be small and basic, or they can be complex and intricate. Either way, for every problem known to mankind, people will ask, “Is there an app for that?”

Artificial Intelligence

This may tie in with the software development bit but to a new level. Companies rely on software to make predictions on their profitability, identify risks, and manage workflow.

Take Jarvis, from the Iron Man series, for example. It can pull up statistics, tell Tony if the suit is compromised, and allocate resources to where it is needed to keep him going.

Endless possibilities…

This same sort of artificial intelligence can be used in companies to protect them from disasters. Alternatively, we also now have lifelike robots that can react to people’s needs. This is a complex form of technology that is still very scary to some. However, many are extremely excited about what it has to offer, and only the most brilliant minds get to take part in it.

It is said that the right micro-chip can help a disabled person walk again, treat neurodegenerative disorders, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

Top Hard Skills To Put On A Resume – Business Skills

Business Skills

Of course, one does not simply walk up to the CEO’s chair and take it. There are many skills needed to run a company effectively.

Data Analysis

In lieu of artificial intelligence, the majority of companies are still making use of actual intelligence. In this sense, you have people endlessly scowling at reports of data, “making it make sense.” Analyzing data allows companies to spot where money is wasted, which products are selling, which are not, which give the best profit margins, and how logistics can affect the supply chain.

Often, one product does incredibly well in-store as it is locally produced and sought after, but poorly in online sales because no one beyond the town where the store is located knows or cares about it.

Excellent for business…

Someone with skills in data analysis will be able to assist sales and marketing teams on where they should be focusing their efforts; tell the buyers where logistics are tricky, and provide the executives with data on whether or not a product will be profitable long-term.

The same principles can be attributed to every part of the business, health and safety risk management, reasons for staff turnovers, and more.

Project Management

Every new development process in a company can be viewed as a project which will need management. Being able to outline each project with objectives and deadlines is crucial to the success of those projects.

For example, if your company is implementing new computer systems, opening a new branch, or handling a big contract for a client, you will need to be a project manager that can keep everything on track, monitor progress, and motivate the team to meet deadlines.


This is a nuanced skill that relies on soft skill characteristics; however, a big part of it can absolutely be taught. There are incredible sales techniques that are used in every business to ensure sales. Such as upselling and meeting customer needs in a way that will ultimately make the biggest difference between “offering” services and goods, and actively “providing” services and goods.

You want to be the preferred service provider, not just an option to be one.

Digital Marketing

Businesses are relying heavily on digital marketing and search engine optimization to steer customers toward them. Social media and website platforms are used to achieve this and are usually done in ways to complement the business’s corporate image. This is a technical skill that plays well into copywriting skills with graphic design abilities to communicate as effectively as possible.


English, Mandarin, French, and Spanish are spoken by large demographics across the globe. There are, of course, many other languages that are in demand as well, depending on the business.

However, having international business relations will often go better when you are able to communicate in someone’s mother tongue. It is also helpful to be able to offer communication and service to customers in their preferred language as well.

Online Teaching and Private Tutoring

Online Teaching

More and more parents are gravitating to online learning opportunities for their children. The onset was initially because of the global pandemic; however, it has become clear that many children benefited from online learning in general, just as parents are working from home.

There is not much to be said in terms of how it is done other than having a quiet environment set up with the correct equipment. However, in this instance, there are definitely some subjects that will always be in great demand:

  • Languages – English, Mandarin, French, and Spanish.
  • STEM: Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

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Additional Info About Your CV

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Top Hard Skills To Put On A Resume – Final Thoughts

Your overall career may be in something entirely different from these in-demand positions mentioned, but carefully selecting just one additional hard skill to focus on may still make a difference.

You could be a nail tech that can create professional social media posts, or you can be a restauranteur with your own takeaway delivery app. Either way, you can add a hard skill to your resume, and success may start to look easy.

Good luck and all the best in your new job!

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