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Top Health Resume Objective Examples To Boost Your Carreer

Top Health Resume Objective examples

Are you getting ready to apply for a new job in healthcare? This important industry boasts a huge range of different roles for candidates of all levels. No matter which type of role you are applying for, you can be sure that there will be many other applicants.

Therefore, it is important to make sure your resume stands out with a strong objective statement. This is designed to interest the hiring manager in your resume and make them want to know more. 

So, let’s take an in-depth look at some top health resume objective examples and tips on creating your opening statement

How To Write A Health Resume Objective?

The resume objective is arguably the most important part of your resume. Therefore, it is important to take the time to craft this opening statement. Let’s check out some ways to make your health resume objective as strong and attractive as possible. 

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Assess the job description

You need to start by reading the job description carefully. Pay close attention to the required qualifications, experience, and skills that have been highlighted. You also need to make sure that the outlined duties match your expertise. 

Pinpoint your strongest qualities

Pinpoint your strongest qualities

Take the time to make a list of all of your strongest skills as well as work experience and education. You need to find ways to connect these skills and other qualities to the job you are applying for. Scan the job description once again and look for skills and attributes that match the requirements. 

Present your personality

The hiring manager should be able to gain a sense of who you are through your resume objective. This will allow them to see if you are the right person for both the role and environment. They should be able to picture you working on the job alongside your colleagues. 

Focus on your value

You need to make it clear to hiring managers exactly what you have to offer. They should be able to picture you in the role and see how you would help to elevate it. A good way to do this is by demonstrating the value you have brought to previous roles. 

Make it brief

Make it brief

Your resume objective should consist of just two or three impactful sentences. It needs to capture the hiring manager’s attention and inspire them to find out more about you. Every word counts, so take the time to review and carefully edit your resume objective. 

Valuable Health Skills To Highlight

There are certain skills that everyone who works in the health industry should have. Hiring managers are sure to look for these skills when they scan your resume objective. Here are some of the most valuable health skills you can highlight and an overview of what they involve. 

It is necessary to be able to explain complex medical procedures clearly and simply. You need to have active listening skills to understand the needs and concerns of patients. You must also be able to answer their questions clearly and interpret instructions from other medical professionals. 

Knowledge of HIPAA 

Knowledge of HIPAA 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is a federal law that protects patient information. Highlighting a knowledge of HIPAA is particularly important if you are applying for an administrative health role. It shows hiring managers that you understand the importance of the set legal protections and can abide by them. 


You need to have a polite and upbeat attitude when interacting with patients. Having empathy helps you put yourself in the place of patients and interact with them appropriately. It is also an important trait to have when you are interacting with colleagues. 

Stress management

Stress management

No matter which type of health role you take on, it is likely to be stressful at times. It is important to be able to keep a cool head and focus on the task at hand. Highlighting stress management shows professionalism and makes you a valuable candidate. 

Attention to detail

The tiniest details can make a big difference when you are dealing with medical records and patient data. You need to be able to spot labeling and treatment inconsistencies and follow them up when necessary. Highlighting this skill shows potential employers that you are likely to be a valuable asset. 

Top Health Resume Objective Examples – The Best Health Roles

There are lots of different roles in the health industry, and each comes with different requirements. It is important to have a deep understanding of the associated duties and skills of the role you are applying for. Let’s take a look at some of the top roles in the health industry and the main aspects to highlight. 

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

This role involves completing a range of administrative tasks such as data entry and scheduling appointments. This is a good entry-level role for people who have passed their Certified Medical Administrative Assistant exam. Good skills to highlight if you are applying for this role include attention to detail, customer service, and organizational skills. 

Licensed Practical Nurse

Also known as licensed vocational nurses, these qualified and experienced nurses usually work in nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. Skills to highlight if applying for this role include drawing blood, checking vital signs, and administering medicine. This is a good starting point before becoming a registered nurse. 



This role involves diagnosing and treating patients in hospitals or private medical facilities. When applying for this role, it is important to highlight your Doctor of Medicine degree and years of training. If you specialize in an area like oncology, pediatrics, or family medicine, highlight it in your resume objective. 

Nurse Practitioner

This advanced nursing role is usually open to people who have experience and hold a Master of Science in Nursing. Duties can range from diagnosing patients to prescribing medications and even performing minor surgeries. 

Emergency Medical Technician 

Also known as EMTs, these are healthcare workers who care for sick and injured patients. They often ride in ambulances and care for patients at the scene of an accident before accompanying them to the hospital. It is necessary to complete technical college training to learn a range of emergency care techniques. 

Respiratory Therapist

This role revolves around assisting patients who have difficulty breathing and requires an Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapist degree. Respiratory therapists work closely with patients who have asthma or are suffering from a stroke. 

Cardiovascular Technologist

Cardiovascular Technologist

This role involves operating imaging technology to assess different types of blood vessels and heart conditions. This role involves minimal training and is a good way for people to break into the health industry. After completing a special training program, it is necessary to pass an Associate of Science in Cardiology exam or the equivalent. 


This is one of the highest paying and skilled jobs in the healthcare industry and requires an advanced degree. In addition to holding a Doctor of Medicine degree, surgeons usually choose a specialization such as oral surgery. Other specializations include reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery, and spinal surgery.


This role is ideal for people who have a strong understanding of diseases and conditions that affect children and teenagers. It is necessary to show experience working with children as well as a degree such as a Doctor of Medicine. 



This role revolves around prescribing and administering anesthesia to patients before and during medical operations. This involves strong attention to detail and deep knowledge of different types of medications. It is necessary to complete advanced education such as a Master of Science in Anesthesiology or a Master of Science in Medicine. 

Other top health jobs include:

  • Home health aide
  • Obstetrician
  • Magnetic resonance imaging technologist
  • Medical equipment preparer
  • Family practitioner
  • Occupational therapist
  • Occupational therapy aide
  • Physician assistant
  • Nurse anesthetist
  • Registered nurse
  • Nursing assistant
  • Surgical technologist
  • Radiologic technologist
  • Health information technician
  • Diagnostic medical sonographer
  • Clinical laboratory technician
  • Clinical laboratory technologist

Top Health Resume Objective Examples

The information you display in your resume objective will depend on a number of different factors. You need to tailor your objective to the role you are applying for and highlight your best features. Here are some ways to begin your health resume objective in different situations

Applying for a health internship

Applying for a health internship

If you are still in college, it is a good idea to gain some work experience before you graduate. In many cases, completing an internship is part of the course requirements. Here are some ways to begin your resume objective when you are applying for an internship.

  • Looking for a nurse internship during the summer break while I complete my Master of Science in Nursing degree.
  • Future Doctor of Medicine graduate with deep knowledge looking to gain hands-on experience.
  • Looking to gain some practical experience before completing the final year of an Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapist degree.
  • Detail-oriented senior nursing student seeking a lab technician internship to hone my core skills.

Entry-level health resume objective examples

Once you have graduated, you will be ready to apply for an entry-level job. Because you are unlikely to have much work experience, you need to present your specialist skills. Here are some ways to make your best skills and attributes stand out. 

  • Self-motivated and diligent recent nursing school graduate with a good understanding of various techniques.
  • Entry-level healthcare professional with good interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work independently.
  • Recent graduate with excellent customer service skills and dedicated to patient education.
  • Self-motivated and resourceful CNA with strong attention to detail seeking a role in a fast-past environment.

Skills-based experienced health resume objective examples

Skills-based experienced health resume objective examples

Any specialist healthcare skills you have gained can help you stand out from the crowd. If your skills are strong and diverse enough, they can help you gain access to an advanced position. Here are some strong ways to lead with your specialist skills.

  • Bringing five years of dedicated experience working with the elderly and catering to their specific needs.
  • Experienced sonographer offering thirteen years of experience with an emphasis on creating personalized treatment plans and client satisfaction.
  • Empathetic MRI technician familiar with all types of MRI machines and focused on interpreting doctors’ requests and prioritizing patient comfort.
  • Board-certified chiropractor with ten years of experience in treating injuries to the legs, hips, and spine.

Resume objectives for experienced healthcare professionals

If you have already gained experience in the healthcare industry, it is important to make sure hiring managers recognize it. Leading with your experience shows that you have already gained the necessary skills and knowledge. Here are some ways to make sure your resume objective highlights your relevant experience. 

  • Diligent and hardworking nursing assistant with seven years’ hands-on experience in making patients comfortable.
  • Bringing eight years’ clinical experience in the field of healthcare administration and management and exceptional leadership skills.
  • Compassionate and self-motivated professional with twelve years of scheduling and medical billing experience.
  • Offering nine years of physical therapy.

How to highlight your career goals

How to highlight your career goals

It takes a lot of ambition and drive to gain the education and training required for certain roles. The best way to show hiring managers that you possess these qualities is by highlighting your career goals. Here are some natural ways to do this at the beginning of your resume objective.

  • Seeking an advanced nursing position where I can utilize my passion and expertise in patient-centered care.
  • Dedicated emergency room registered nurse with ten years focused on becoming a nurse manager.
  • Self-motivated health professional seeking a research position with a focus on finding cures for common viruses.
  • Seeking an advanced radiology technician position utilizing excellent competency in vascular technology and extensive certified nursing assistant experience.

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Looking For Guides On Remote Healthcare?

Well, in this day and age, working from home is the “norm.” So, I’ve found an excellent selection of handbooks such as the Statistics for Healthcare Professionals: An Introduction and the Systems Design for Remote Healthcare, or for modernized healthcare is the Telemedicine Technologies: Big Data, Deep Learning, Robotics, Mobile and Remote Applications for Global Healthcare.

In addition, take a look at the Remote Medicine: A Textbook for Trainee and Established Remote Healthcare Practitioners, the Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare, along with the IoT-enabled Smart Healthcare Systems, Services and Applications, and for alternative medicinal practices, the Medical Cannabis Handbook for Healthcare Professionals, all available online in 2023.

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Top Health Resume Objective Examples – Final Thoughts

When you are applying for a role in the health industry, there are sure to be a lot of other applicants. And most people are likely to have a similar educational background, experience, and skills as you. 

Your resume objective is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and connect with the hiring manager. You need to have a good understanding of the role to demonstrate that you have valuable skills. You should be able to highlight at least three attributes that are both prized and slightly diverse.

 If you have done a good job, the hiring manager will want to know more and will arrange an interview.

All the very best in your new career in Healthcare!

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