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Top Highest Paying IT Jobs

top highest paying it jobs

Are you looking for a job in IT where you can bring home the big bucks?

A career in IT is ideal for anyone who has good analytical skills and knowledge of different types of software. And these days, most companies employ IT professionals to manage their software and hardware.

It is also possible to work as a freelance IT professional and set your hours and working style. However, most of the highest paying roles require specialist skills and certifications as well as a certain amount of experience.

So, let’s take a look at some of the top highest paying IT jobs and how to secure them.

top highest paying it jobs

What Are IT Jobs?

To put it simply, IT jobs are positions that are centered on technology. IT professionals use technology in a wide range of different ways to help boost business operations. This can include creating code, troubleshooting operations systems, and building security protocols.

These days, most companies rely on computers and computer systems in some way. Therefore, they employ IT professionals to make sure that these systems are running smoothly. Some companies also employ IT professionals with specialist skills to develop and manage new programs and systems.

Top Highest Paying IT Jobs

Data Scientist

This is the highest paying IT job out there, and these talented professionals are always in demand. This role mainly involves analyzing and interpreting complex data to help inform business decisions.

Data scientists ultimately increase the revenue of a company and therefore command a high salary. They need to have a good understanding of Machine Learning Algorithms and be able to create data models. They also need to be able to code in a range of languages such as SAS, Python, and R.

Finding business solutions…

They also need to be able to identify business issues and provide the appropriate solutions. As well as the technical abilities, they also need to have strong communication skills, and the average salary is $150,000 per year.

highest paying it job

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect

Talented IoT solutions architects are in high demand and can command impressive salaries as a result. The main duty of this role is supervising the strategy behind the development and disposition of IoT solutions.

IoT solutions architects need to have strong programming skills, knowledge of hardware architecture and design, and an understanding of Machine Learning.

Lead a team…

IoT solutions architects usually lead a team and participate in various architecture and design activities. They help to develop a company’s overall IoT ecosystem engagement based on the IoT Solution Framework and create solution architecture to meet business needs. The average salary for an IoT solutions architect is $130,000 per year.

Mobile Application Developer

As the name suggests, these IT professionals develop special apps for tablets and smartphones. It is necessary to have strong coding skills to do this job and have diverse web development knowledge. Mobile application developers also need to have strong communication skills to liaise with clients.

It is possible to work directly for a client or perform this role on a freelance basis. Alternatively, Mobile application developers who have a lot of good ideas can work for themselves. The average salary for this role is $93,000 per year, while talented professionals can earn more than $115,000 per year.

highest paying it jobs

Big Data Engineer

Most large organizations employ big data engineers to gain insights from data that is generated by internet users. This helps organizations to understand how people are using the internet and design internet campaigns. This role involves planning, designing, and managing the large-scale developments and deployments of Big Data applications.

Big Data Engineers need to have strong programming skills and a good understanding of Spark, Hadoop, and NoSQL. They need to have excellent communication skills and strong data visualization skills. The average salary for a big data engineer is $140,000 per year.

Software Architect

This role involves optimizing the development process of a company to maximize revenue. This is achieved by dictating essential technical standards like coding, platforms, and tools and making design choices. Software architects also develop special prototypes based on the requirements of clients.

Software architects need to have a deep understanding of software architecture as well as data modeling. They must also have strong analytical skills and solid programming skills. The average salary for a software architect is $114,000 per year.

the highest paying it jobs

Blockchain Engineer

These IT professionals specialize in using blockchain technology to design and implement solutions and architecture. Blockchain engineers need to have strong programming skills and a deep understanding of Bitcoin, R3, Ripple, and Ethereum.

They also need to understand various security protocols such as crypto libraries and security protocol stacks. The average salary for a blockchain engineer is $150,000 per year. However, the increasing need for and spending on blockchain solutions means that there is potential to earn much more.

DevOps Engineer

These professionals usually work as part of a company’s development or operations team. They either assist with network operations and deployment or work on application development.

DevOps engineers need to have deep coding and scripting knowledge and be familiar with various network operations. Other duties can involve designing and maintaining a company’s deployment structure and integrating Cloud services.

Knowledge of a range of systems…

It is necessary to have a good working knowledge of a range of systems, including Linux, Jenkins, and Git. The starting salary for a DevOps Engineer is typically $95,000 per year, which can rise to $140,000 per year.

Cloud Architect

The main duty of this role is overseeing and deploying the Cloud computing strategy for an organization. Cloud architects need to be able to develop the Cloud strategy based on the specific needs of the company. They usually work closely with other employees and need to have strong communication skills.

It is necessary to have a deep understanding of Cloud application architecture and the Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and Amazon Web Services. The average salary for a Cloud architect is $107,000 per year. However, IT professionals who have specialist skills can make significantly more than this.

highest paying it job guide

Full-Stack Developer

To do this job, it is necessary to be familiar with front-end and back-end development. Full-stack developers typically oversee each development stage from the concept to the end product. They need to have deep knowledge of designing and developing APIs and technologies like Express.js, AngularJS, MongoDB, and Node.js.

Full-stack developers need to be very familiar with coding and scripting. They need to have a good understanding of web development as well as database technologies. The average salary for a full-stack developer is $106,000 per year.

Wireless Network Engineer

The main role of this IT professional is to make sure the company’s wireless network is running at all times. They need to quickly identify and resolve problems so that employees remain connected to the internet. Wireless network engineers need to have strong analytic skills and be able to find solutions to various issues.

Other duties may include installing firewalls and registering new employees on the company’s system. The average salary for a wireless network engineer is $75,000 per year. However, IT professionals who have experience and specialist skills can earn more than $84,000 per year.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Also known as an AI Architect, these professionals develop, manage, and oversee an organization’s AI initiatives. They need to have strong mathematics and statistical analysis skills and an understanding of TensorFlow and similar technologies.

Artificial Intelligence engineers need to have excellent programming skills and be fluent in R, Torch, and Python. Other essential knowledge includes Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks. The average salary for an Artificial Intelligence engineer is $110,000 per year.

the highest paying it job guide

Senior Web Developer

This professional is the head of a large organization’s web development team. The role combines leadership skills with deep web development knowledge and experience. It is necessary to make sure that all team members remain on target and perform at the optimum level.

Web development is a programming niche that involves a range of deep knowledge and special skills. Senior web developers also need to have strong communication skills and liaise with other company managers. The average salary for a senior web developer is around $100,000 per year, while those with experience can make more than $113,000 annually.

Product Manager

Product managers work closely with the engineering and product teams within an organization. They assist team members in overseeing new products from conception to launching. It is necessary to have excellent time management and leadership skills to perform this role.

Other essential skills include a deep knowledge of Product Lifecycle Management and product management tools such as PivotalTracker, Asana, and JIRA. It is also necessary to have excellent analytical skills and the ability to explain complex concepts clearly. The average salary for a product manager is at least $100,000 per year.

How To Secure The Top Highest Paying IT Jobs?

While there are plenty of IT jobs out there, there is also a lot of competition for jobs. People who want to earn the big bucks need to work hard to make themselves desirable. Here are some things you can do to increase your chances of securing your dream job…

Get Certified

While nothing can replace work experience, numerous IT certificates can help to boost job prospects. These certificates demonstrate to employers that candidates have the required skills. When it comes to IT jobs, the more certificates you hold, the more likely you are to secure a high-paying role.

Make the Right Connections

Special industry conferences are great places to meet and connect with other IT professionals. Many hiring managers in organizations have limited IT knowledge and defer to their IT team when making hiring decisions. A recommendation from an IT professional you have fostered a relationship with can help to open doors.

the highest paying it jobs guide

Work Your Connections

Once you have friends in the IT industry, do not be afraid to reach out to them. Be clear about the type of IT role you are looking for. Your connections may know of a suitable role and could even give you a recommendation.

Complete an Internship

If you are embarking on your IT career, an internship is a great way to gain skills and experience. A large number of organizations such as Google and Apple regularly offer IT internships to students. Interns who excel also have the chance of being offered a position with the company when they complete their studies.

Adapt Your Resume

Make sure your resume reflects your specialized IT skills and experience. It is worth taking the time to edit your resume so that all of your skills are presented in the best way possible. While including a long list of the programs you are familiar with may seem like overkill, it will appeal to employers.

Prepare For the Interview

No matter how strong your skills are, it is important to prepare for any important interview. This includes being able to explain different types of operations and systems clearly and simply. Make sure that you highlight your strongest skills while answering interview questions and remain confident and positive at all times.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of jobs in IT that come with a rather impressive salary. However, most of the IT jobs with the highest pay require special skills, education, and experience.

Therefore, it is important to start planning your career path as early as possible if you want to land one of these roles. Learning special skills that are in demand can help you to earn a higher salary in the IT world. It is also a good idea to spend time networking and making connections with other IT professionals.

These connections will help you to discover and secure high-paying IT roles when they become available.

All the very best with your future job hunting!

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