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Top Internship Resume Objective Examples You Can Copy Right Now

top internship resume objective examples

Are you getting ready to apply for an internship?

Completing an internship is a great way to gain work experience and skills. If the internship goes well, you will make valuable connections, and it could even lead to a full-time job. However, popular internships receive a large number of applications, and only a handful of candidates are selected. Therefore, it is essential to stand out from the crowd by creating a strong resume objective.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at some top internship resume objective examples to help you make a strong impression.

What Is An Internship Resume Objective?

A resume objective is a short statement that appears at the top of your resume under your contact details. This statement is used to introduce yourself to the hiring manager. It should highlight your most impressive skills, work experience, and personal traits.

If you are applying for an internship, you are unlikely to have a lot of work experience. Therefore, it is even more important to create an attractive resume objective. If you have done a good job, the hiring manager will be inspired to arrange an interview with you.

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How To Write An Internship Resume Objective

How To Write An Internship Resume Objective

As you can see, it is important to craft your internship resume objective carefully. A well-written objective can go a long way to securing an interview with the hiring manager. Here are some ways to make sure your resume objective stands out from the crowd.

Read the posting carefully

Take the time to read the details of the internship to discover the exact requirements. Many internships are only open to students who fall into a certain age group. Applying for an internship if you don’t meet the requirements is likely to be a waste of time.

Research the company

Most people choose an internship at a company they want to work at in the future. It is important to take your time to find out as much about the company as possible. This includes the company culture, values, mission statement, and core values. You are likely to be able to highlight some of the strongest company aspects in your resume objective.

Highlight your skills and abilities

Make it clear that you have the desired skills and abilities required in the internship posting. If you have certain special skills and qualifications, make sure they don’t go unnoticed. Leading with these skills shows the hiring manager that you meet the requirements.

Be focused and concise

Your resume objective should consist of just two or three sentences. Therefore, you need to edit it carefully so that every word counts. You need to briefly describe why you are the perfect person for the internship and your key skills.

Highlight your value

The hiring manager needs to get a clear understanding of the value you will bring to the company. Understanding the company culture and elements of the internship will help you make the right connection. Demonstrate in your object the value that your specialist skills and talents will bring to your role.

Different Types Of Internships

Different Types Of Internships

Before you start applying for internships, it is important to understand that there are several different types. Each option requires specialist skills and personal traits that are actively sought in candidates. Here is an overview of the different types of internships and what each one involves.

Receiving a salary to gain work experience and skills is the holy grail of internships. These programs provide paid training and can lead to full-time work once you graduate. However, these internships attract a lot of applicants, and you need to put in extra work to make a strong impression.

Internships for college credit

These internships are directly linked to your chosen college coursework and are often a requirement. In many cases, your college advisor will help you to secure one of these internships. During your internship, you are likely to have to write a report based on your experience.

Summer internships

This is the most popular type of internship and lasts for up to twelve weeks in the summer semester break. These internships can be either full-time or part-time and allow you to work alongside qualified professionals. You will gain an insight into the industry, and some internships come with college credit.

Virtual internships

These internships can be completed remotely, often from the comfort of your own home or college. Virtual internships are typically open to students and recent graduates. You will usually be provided with certain tasks to complete through the company’s special system. This can involve data entry, scheduling appointments for clients, and customer service work.

Nonprofit internships

Completing an internship for a nonprofit organization can look great on your resume. While you are unlikely to get paid, you will receive valuable work experience and credit. This can also serve as a great talking point when you apply for an entry-level job after college.

Cooperative education

Also known as a co-op, this is a three-way partnership between an employer, a student, and a college. These internships are directly linked to your coursework and come with college credits. They give you valuable work experience and typically last from just a few weeks to several months.


This type of internship can last from just a single day to a few weeks. This brief learning experience allows you to shadow an experienced professional and learn about their job. This is a good place to start if you are unsure whether or not a full internship is right for you.

Top Internship Resume Objective Examples – Valuable Intern Skills To Have

Top Internship Resume Objective Examples - Valuable Intern Skills To Have

Part of the secret of writing a compelling internship resume objective is knowing what the hiring manager wants. When the hiring manager scans your resume, they will be looking for certain skills and personal traits. Here are the main skills that will make hiring managers sit up and take notice.



Strong written and verbal communication skills are valuable in a wide range of different industries. It means that you can express your thoughts clearly and simply. If you can explain complicated information clearly and simply, this is a good skill to highlight.



Being able to work well with people from different departments on projects is a valuable skill that hiring managers seek. You need to have a strong understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as well as those of other people. You also need to be skilled in conflict resolution and have strong communication skills.


Highlighting this personal trait in your objective shows hiring managers that you are focused and driven. The implication is that you have selected an internship that will advance your career in some way. As a result, people who highlight this attribute are likely to work hard and bring value to the employer.

Time management

Time management

Most office environments are fast-paced, and employees have a lot of tasks to juggle. Being skilled at time management shows that you can prioritize tasks to get everything completed on time. This is a very valuable skill to highlight if you will be expected to work to tight deadlines and meet targets.


Interns often need to be able to take on a wide range of tasks according to the needs of the company. Applicants who are solely focused on their needs and expectations are likely to find this very challenging. Emphasizing that you are adaptable indicates that you are willing to put the needs of the company first.


Problem solving

This skill shows that you can analyze and evaluate different situations and form a judgment. This is particularly useful in situations where something has not gone as expected. You can look at the situation from different perspectives and identify the issue. You can then use your problem-solving skills to come up with creative solutions.


Employers love employers who can think for themselves and work out what needs to be done without being told. Highlighting this skill shows hiring managers that you understand the office environment and are a team player. It implies that you are willing to assist other people to help boost general productivity in the office.

Technical skills

If you are applying for an internship in an office, you are likely to work with a computer at times. Showing that you are familiar with Microsoft Office Suite and other types of software can help open doors. If the company uses special software, highlight your expertise with it in your objective if possible.

Top Internship Resume Objective Examples

Top Internship Resume Objective Examples

Because your resume objective is so short, every word counts. It is important to make sure that your opening sentence is as strong as possible. Here are some examples of strong opening sentences for different circumstances.

Leading with your qualifications

Leading with your qualifications

If you are at college, taking on a summer internship is a great way to gain some extra work experience. Your opening sentence should make it clear that you are trying to boost your career path. Make sure the hiring manager knows that you are searching for an internship connected to your degree.

Here are some strong and effective ways to highlight your qualifications

  • College business student with a passion for…
  • Law student with deep knowledge and interest in corporate law.
  • Marketing student with deep knowledge of the industry seeking hands-on experience.
  • Chemistry bachelor student with specialist procedural knowledge-seeking an internship providing lab experience.

Making it clear what you’re looking for

Making it clear what you’re looking for

Hiring managers appreciate candidates who know exactly who they are and what they want. Beginning your resume objective with your requirements is a good way to attract attention. It shows the hiring manager that you are proactive and recognize your value.

Here are some examples of how to show the hiring manager what you want:

  • Seeking a summer internship to broaden my marketing experience and knowledge.
  • Looking for an externship that provides experience managing client portfolios.
  • Honors English graduate seeking an entry-level internship offering communications experience.
  •  Desire a hands-on internship working closely with an experienced pharmacist.

Highlighting a personal trait

Hiring managers often scan resumes and search for certain keywords. Beginning your resume objective with one of those keywords will grab the hiring manager’s attention immediately. This will help to make sure that they keep reading and realize that you are the perfect candidate.

Here are some examples of ways to start your objective with a particular personal trait:

  • Forward-thinking individual with strong collaboration and organizational skills.
  • Self-motivated student with refined multitasking and interpersonal skills.
  • Goal-oriented individual with the ability to learn quickly and adapt to challenges.
  • Performance-driven recent graduate with a passion for business and attention to detail.

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Top Internship Resume Objective Examples – Final Thoughts

Timing is everything when you are applying for an internship. Most of the largest companies offer internships during the college semester breaks. These internships attract a huge number of applicants, and it is important to apply as early as possible.

Your resume objective is a good way to stand out from the crowd and show who you are. You need to make it clear that you are the perfect fit for the advertised internship and the company.

And don’t forget to always take the time to tailor your objective to the specific internship and edit carefully before submission.

Good luck with your first Internship Role!

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