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Top Jobs for Graduates with Communications Degrees in 2023

Top Jobs for Graduates with Communications Degrees

Communication is key in every business or organization. It could be verbal, nonverbal, or visual. Graduates in this field bring important skills to the workplace. These skills include the ability to effectively convey information to a diverse audience. This can be inside or outside an organization. 

There are a number of top jobs for graduates with communications degrees to choose from, as the skills are highly sought after by employers. More professions now require and reward employees with Communication arts and sciences backgrounds. Graduates can find jobs in different industries based on their communication skill set. 

So, let’s take a closer look at the jobs which are best suited for Communication graduates

Public Relations Specialist

Public Relations Specialist

A PR Specialist is responsible for writing press releases, and organizing press conferences and other events. As a PR Specialist, you could represent work for advertising, marketing, or public relations firms. You can branch out and work for non-profit organizations or corporations. Organizations rely on their PR to influence how they are viewed by the public. 

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Event Planner

An event planner plans, organizes, and executes projects and events. The events industry ranges from seminars and summits to weddings and parties. Organizational skills are required, and being meticulous makes the job worthwhile. It gets better: you get opportunities to travel. 

Want to learn more? Well, take a look at How to Become an Event Panner?

Brand Manager

Brand Manager

Brand managers’ interpersonal and communication skills help them to implement the cooperation of a brand’s sales, marketing, and advertising teams. They evaluate ads and commercials while staying up to date with trends. They supervise the development of campaigns that increase sales. A stunning digital signage makes management easier because it can be used across menu boards and for building directories. 

Marketing and Advertising Manager

Marketing and Advertising Manager

Managers in this field help with marketing strategies, building brand identity, and increasing profit. That’s not all: they also build and maintain a customer or client base. They must collaborate with the sales, public relations, and product development teams.

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Fundraising Manager

One of the top jobs for graduates with communications degrees is being a fundraising manager. There’s a wide scope of organizations to work for. Fundraisers can help raise money for educational institutions, political campaigns, or research foundations. 

Using an essential guide to understand the art of activating resources will help make fundraising management more rewarding

Business Reporter

Business Reporter

Business reporters create rapport with corporates, entrepreneurs, and hedge funds. They should have journalistic skills which can be utilized on television channels, podcasts, and radio channels. Staying toned and looking presentable is important in the financial and media industry. So, why not invest in a USDA-certified organic mist spray.


Journalists must conduct research to uncover intriguing stories. If you enjoy writing and have a knack for details, this job suits you well. There are about 5,400 openings for news analysts, news reporters, and journalists, which are projected each year. This is all thanks to the digitalization of communication mediums.

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Human Resources Specialist

Human Resources Specialist

An HR Specialist deals with internal organizational communication. This is done in the form of relaying information to staff members and creating newsletters. Communication majors are trained to strategize communication processes, making them suitable candidates for this job. 

Sales Representative

In reality, having a communications degree means that the graduate has the drive to be successful. This passion can be used in the lucrative sales industry. Communication majors learn about advertising, marketing, assessing, and analyzing customer needs. Their acquired people skills are simply a bonus at making them good sales representatives.

Need more info? It’s all in our in-depth Sales Representative Job Description.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Social media managers analyze communication patterns and post on different social media platforms. They engage with the public in comment sections. It gets better: they also attend events that help promote the brand they represent. 

Reading a Smart Social Media Guide can give you insight into key social media marketing strategies, as will taking a look at our guide on How to Become a Social Media Manager


Copywriters’ duties include researching keywords, producing, and proofreading interesting articles. The written content is published in newsletters, catalogs, and websites. But here’s the kicker: copywriters can double as bloggers earning extra money on the side. 

Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital strategists focus on the digital aspect of a company’s public image. This includes raising brand awareness, leading digital activation projects, and evaluating the effectiveness of digital channels. And how does that work? They use the latest digital tools and optimize SEO

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Web Producer

Web producers manage and monitor a brand’s website. They make page navigation easier for an audience. Get this: 7 out of 10 consumers find a company via website and links. So, web producers must be creative with page layouts. 

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is about communication beyond words. Simply put: a graphic designer communicates to the public using visual elements. They can also design logos and design product packaging. This skill requires practice. A graphic drawing tablet with an innovative tilt control system is a perfect fit. 

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To become a photographer, you can major in communications, journalism, or design. A photographer can double as a photojournalist for a PR firm, business, or government agency. They can freelance, own a business, or work for a brand. Not only that! There are countless industries to work in: from weddings to sports. 

Say cheese, and learn How to Become a Photographer or, if you’re a fan of architecture and buildings, How to Become a Real Estate Photographer.

Additional Resources

Communication graduates can inform, express themselves intellectually, and influence their surroundings. If you want to improve your communication skills, it’s worth investing in some books and podcasts. Reading a practical guide on social intelligence will go a long way. 

It’s also worth checking out By Degrees: Resilience, Relationships, and Success in Communication Graduate StudiesRelationships to Infinity – The Art and Science of Keeping in Touch, and the excellent, Surrounded by Idiots. All available online in 2023.

Top Jobs for Graduates with Communications Degrees – Final Thoughts

There is a good list of jobs to choose from in the communication industry. However, choose a career that meets your set of skills and passion. Chances are high that if you get or already have your communications degree, then you have effective and strategic communication skills. 

Other skills attained through communication curriculums include research and analytical skills. So, it all adds up to the fact that the number of top jobs for a graduate with a communication degree is on the rise. We have diversification and digitalization to thank for that. Make sure that while pivoting into this exciting industry, you understand the responsibilities.

Good luck with the job hunt!

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