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Top Waitress Resume Objective Examples To Boost Your Resume

top waitress resume objective examples

Are you about to apply for a waitress position

This type of role is perfect for people who have strong customer service skills and attention to detail. It is necessary to be able to work quickly and efficiently and juggle a large number of tasks.

If you are an entry-level candidate, you are unlikely to have a lot of experience to show on your resume. Fortunately, you can make up for this by creating a strong resume objective.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at some top waitress resume objective examples and find out how you can create your own.

What Is A Waitress Resume Objective?

What Is A Waitress Resume Objective

The objective statement is a short paragraph that appears at the top of your resume under your contact information. It is designed to present your unique skills and qualities to the hiring manager. When written correctly, the resume objective should make the hiring manager read the rest of your resume and arrange an interview.

Most waitress positions do not require special education or other qualifications. This role is ideal for entry-level candidates who do not have a lot of work experience. The resume objective can be used to present your specialist skills that make you perfect for the role.

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How To Create A Waitress Resume Objective 

How To Create A Waitress Resume Objective 

It is important to take your time to make your resume objective as strong as possible. The hiring manager should be able to scan it in a few seconds and find the information they need. Let’s take a look at some ways to make sure this introductory statement is as impressive as it can be. 

Define your goals

Define your goals

It should be clear what you want and how the role will help you to get it. It is important to make sure the hiring manager knows you are interested in that particular role. The best way to do that is by expressing your goals and linking them to aspects of the job description. 

Create some powerful adjectives

The language in your resume objective needs to be as impactful as possible. A good way to do this is by choosing a few adjectives that describe your most valuable characteristics. These characteristics should be directly linked to the skills and attributes you need to be a waitress.

 Some strong examples of powerful adjectives include dedicated, detail-oriented, service-oriented, enthusiastic, and attentive. 

Pay attention to the job requirements

Pay attention to the job requirements

Make sure you understand exactly what you will be expected to do before applying for a job. You need to highlight the experience and specialist skills that the hiring manager is looking for. If you make the grade, highlight your relevant skills and experience in your resume objective. This will show the hiring manager that you have read the job description and are a good match. 

Refer to the position

Mention the place you are applying to work at and the specific job title in a natural way. This shows the hiring manager that you have adapted your resume objective for that specific job. This demonstrates dedication and diligence and indicates that you would be a valuable employee. 

Draw from your experience

Draw from your experience

If you already have waitressing experience, present it clearly and concisely. You can also highlight other types of experience that are directly related to the role. Even if you have never worked as a waitress before, you may have gained customer service or organizational experience. 

Think about your specialist skills

Take the time to work out your main strengths. In many cases, these personal traits can be linked to special skills. Make a list of the skills you possess that could be applied to a waitress position. 

Edit carefully

Last but not least, make sure you edit your resume objective carefully. You need to make sure that every word counts and there are no spelling or grammar issues. While it may take time to create the perfect objective, it will be time well spent if you land the job. 

Duties And Responsibilities

Duties And Responsibilities

It is important to make sure you understand the duties and tasks of the job you are applying for. Referring to a couple of these tasks in your resume objective shows hiring managers that you understand the job. Here are some of the most common waitress duties and responsibilities and what each one involves. 

Providing customer service

Providing customer service

It is important to make sure that each customer has a pleasant and memorable experience. This starts from the moment you greet the customer until they pay and leave the establishment. Highlighting your customer service experience shows hiring managers that you understand the value of this. 

Taking orders

This includes providing customers with menus, offering suggestions, and answering questions about the menu. It is important to take down orders accurately and in detail. You also need to make a note of any special dietary needs or restrictions that customers may have. 

Serving food and drinks

It is important to check on food and drink orders and bring them to customers as quickly as possible. You need to understand the correct way to serve customers. It is also necessary to check in with customers to make sure they have everything they need. 

Cleaning and preparing tables

Your section of the dining area should be clean and tidy at all times. You will be responsible for removing plates, glasses, and flatware when customers have finished using them. You also need to know the correct way to set tables and keep them sanitized. 

Processing payments

You will often be charged with providing customers with their bills and processing payments. It is necessary to make sure bills have been calculated correctly and factor in discounts and vouchers. You also need to be able to operate a cash register, process different types of payments, and provide the correct change. 

Top Waitress Resume Objective Examples – Valuable Skills And Attributes

Top Waitress Resume Objective Examples - Valuable Skills And Attributes

It is essential to show the hiring manager that you have strong skills and personal attributes. The skills you highlight need to be directly related to the job you are applying for. Here are some strong skills and personal attributes that a successful waitress should have. 

A good memory

A good memory

You need to remember the ingredients and other features of different dishes so you can explain them to customers. It is important to remember the special requests from customers and serve them what they ordered. Remembering the names and preferences of regular customers will usually earn you higher tips and can lead to customer loyalty. 

Conflict resolution

No matter how hard you try, you are going to make mistakes at times, such as taking down an order incorrectly. When customers are unsatisfied for any reason, you need to be able to smooth over the situation. In addition to apologizing, you should follow company policy to provide a solution. Highlighting conflict resolution indicates to hiring managers that you have advanced customer service skills. 


You will often be responsible for taking care of customers at several different tables. You need to be able to juggle different tasks to make the experience for each customer as smooth as possible. This includes being able to think and work quickly and prioritize different tasks. 



You are likely to work closely with several other people in a relatively small space. It is necessary to work well with other employees to make sure the working environment is productive. The primary focus at all times needs to be the needs of the customers. 

Food safety

It is essential to know the correct safe food handling procedures. While new waitresses receive on-the-job training on this, it is worth highlighting this experience. This shows the hiring manager that you are unlikely to need as much training as some other applicants. 

Communication skills

Communication skills

You need to be able to explain menu items clearly and in detail. Strong verbal and written communication skills are an essential requirement for this role. You also need to have strong, active listening skills to understand the special needs and requirements of customers. 


Many customers are likely to be indecisive and take a long time to read the menu. They may change their order a few times and make special requests. It is important to remain calm and patient at all times and provide customers with the assistance they need.

Social perceptiveness

Social perceptiveness

You need to be able to pick up on social cues to determine when customers need something. It is important to be able to keep an eye on customers without staring at them and making them uncomfortable. Social perceptiveness is a valuable skill that is difficult for some people to master and is worth highlighting. 

Top Waitress Resume Objective Examples

Top Waitress Resume Objective Examples

When creating your resume objective, you need to think about the situation carefully. Several factors will affect the way you construct your opening statement. Here are some ways to begin your waitress resume objective in different situations. 

Entry-level waitress resume objective examples

If you are applying for your first job, you are unlikely to have a lot of experience. However, you can still make your resume objective strong and appealing by highlighting your specialist skills. Here are some ways to begin an entry-level waitress objective. 

  • Excellent memory and ability to work well under pressure while providing excellent customer service.
  • Passionate about serving customers and making sure their experiences are fun and memorable.
  • Seeking my first waitress job where I can utilize my customer service skills and the ability to multitask.
  • Bringing a cheerful manner and customer-first thinking to the role of a waitress in a fast-paced environment.

Experienced waitress resume objective examples

Experienced waitress resume objective examples

If you already have waitress experience, make sure the hiring manager knows it straight away. Highlighting your specialized experience and skills can give you an edge over the competition. Here are some ways to make sure your waitressing experience does not go unnoticed. 

  • More than four years of waitressing experience and hosting in business restaurants.
  • Experienced waitress with more than eight years in the industry and excellent people skills.
  • Dedicated and dynamic waitress with seven years of experience and progressive responsibility.
  • Offering ten years of waitressing and bar staff experience, including two years of shift manager work. 

Career change waitress resume objective examples

If you have gained work experience in another industry, you are likely to have transferable skills. Although your experience may not be in waitressing, you still have skills and experience you can apply to the job. Here are some ways to start your resume objective if you are changing careers.

  • Bringing three years of retail experience and strong customer service and leadership skills.
  • Skilled bartender with four years of targeted experience, looking to move into the foodservice industry.
  • Experienced tour guide with excellent people and customer service skills and five years of planning itineraries.

Highlighting special qualifications in your resume objective

Highlighting special qualifications in your resume objective

You may have completed special training to advance your career. This will indicate to the hiring manager that you are serious about your career and need less training. Here are some ways to begin your resume objective so that your education and training are highlighted.

  • Experienced waitress with food hygiene and safety certification and a positive attitude.
  • Recent college graduates looking to utilize people reading and customer service skills.
  • Psychology graduate with alcohol certification seeking waitress experience in a fast-paced environment. 

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Top Waitress Resume Objective Examples – Final Thoughts

The secret to landing your dream waitressing job is adapting your resume to the advertised position.

 You need to read the job description carefully and highlight the required experience and skills. Think about your key strengths that best match and even exceed these expectations. No matter what type of waitress role you are applying for, it is important to work on your resume objective. Because this is the first main part of your resume, it needs to be as strong as possible. 

You need to use your resume objective to show hiring managers why you would be a valuable asset. 

All the very best in your new job as a Waitress!

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