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Toys R Us Application: Jobs & Career Info

toys r us application

If you are someone who enjoys kids’ toys, love to be around them, and look forward to choosing the right toys for them then Toys R Us is surely meant for you. The application process of the company is super simple. The website is pretty simple to navigate and mentions all the essential details step-by-step.

You need to submit your resume and get a job at Toys R Us if you like helping kids find their perfect toys and games. You can also help parents or adults to choose unique toys for their little ones. One of the toy industry’s leading retailers is Toys R Us, and it specializes in baby and toddler products. The company also owns a subsidiary company known as Babies R Us, which focuses on kids under 2.

There are at least 863 stores and extra 245 stores in at least 38 countries globally, including the US and Puerto Rico. The company also tends to own a strong presence online as the e-commerce market is blooming better than ever. As of today, the company tends to employ at least 66000 employees across the globe.

One can work as a sales associate or a store manager. No matter what you choose to be, one thing is for sure that all the positions claim to offer you the essential skills you need to level up the company’s ladder. The place at Toys R Us is perfect for you if you wish to work in the retail sector to see the kids in awe when they get their favorite toy.

Job’s Opportunities Offered by Toys R Us

Toys R Us claims to hire entry-level and management-level employees to help work the individual chains. The company offers a plethora of job opportunities to individuals. The company is looking forward to hiring employees with smiling faces to work in their stores. The positions open here include store associate, assistant and store manager, cashier, and stock associate.

Career Opportunities with Toys R Us

As the company’s brick and mortar sites are not working currently, the employees have to play some different roles. The team members need to pay a weekly payment and work on the floor helping clients and help them to buy products. Some of the entry-level and manager level jobs available here:


  • The associates here help the clients with products over the shelf and also answer their queries.
  • The beginning pay of the cashier is $9 per hour.
  • The candidates need to be humble and polite.

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Sales Floor Team Member

  • Some of the sales floor team members’ roles include stocking shelves, organizing storage products, and helping clients on the floor.
  • The sales floor assistants earn at least $9 per hour with some chances of getting a raise.
  • The team members also enjoy working in public, and they have an enthusiastic attitude towards helping clients.
  • The team’s sales floor member is considered to be the face of the store and has the role of interacting with the customers.

Management Positions

  • The management positions include department supervisor, store director, and district manager.
  • The manager earns $35k to $131K per year, depending on their job role, department, and title.
  • The responsibilities tend to include running the daily operations, creating a schedule for the employees, and hiring new candidates.

Customer Service Representative

  • The representatives are mainly responsible for helping the clients to process the exchanges and returns.
  • The customer service representatives earn somewhere between $8 and $10 per hour.

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Assistant Store Manager

  • The applicant is mainly responsible for overseeing the department and offering updates and feedback to the employees on improving.
  • The assistant store managers earn somewhere between $13, too! 6 per hour.


  • The primary responsibility of the stocker is to ensure that all the shelves in the store are stocked.
  • The applicant needs to keep up the display as per the Toys R us display policy.
  • The stocker earns somewhere between $13, too! 6 per hour.

Review Application Status

Before even attending the hiring process, the firm motivates the past workers to apply for the job openings through the brand’s website. Additionally, the Toys R Us applications are online also as the company is planning to establish new retail locations.

Essential Benefits to Working for Toys R US

The retailer tends to offer a plethora of benefits to the employees, and some of them are:

  • The employees can avail discount on the products.
  • The employees also get paid vacation.
  • Employees can get paid time off.
  • Healthcare coverage is also available for employees.
  • Employees can get dental, vision, and medical insurance.
  • The eligible employees can also get 401K repairers.

When it comes to full-time positions, the company claims to offer a 401K plan of at least four percent. All employees tend to receive a discount card which they can use at the store. The markdowns apply to almost all the items with minimum exclusions.

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Miscellaneous Information About Toys R US

The parent company of Toys R Us is Tru kids. Thanks to the brand’s innovative approach, the company now owns smaller stores with open areas and exciting displays and hosting some events, especially for kids. All the locations also tend to have indoor Geoffrey the Giraffe treehouse for kids so they can climb and play.

Step by Step Application Process for Toys R US

  • You need to go to the official page and press the search jobs option.
  • The search results can also be filtered by location and job type.
  • Click for the type of job you wish to apply for.

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  • Then review the requirements, job descriptions, and key responsibilities, then you can click on the apply button to start the process.
  • Either you can sign in or create a new account.
  • You can enter your mail id and get your password.
  • Upload your CV
  • Enter your personal information
  • Experience
  • Voluntary disclosures.


Toys R US is one of the largest retailers in the toy and baby products segment, and it is pretty popular among kids thanks to its Geoffrey the Giraffe mascot. Do not miss out on the opportunity to work here. Make sure you research well and apply in the right manner.

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