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Trader Joe’s Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Applicants looking for a career with Trader Joe’s can avail themselves of the opportunities offered by the company. It has its stores at more than 350 locations and continuously offers job roles for its vacant positions and the growing stores. In addition, Trader Joe’s stores across the nation offer a supportive and friendly work atmosphere, making it the ideal grocery chain to work for.

Trader Joe’s, the nationwide grocer, focuses on the success and growth of its employees. Employees wear Hawaiian shirt-uniform upon hire at Trader Joe’s. Please scroll down to know the complete details about Trader Joe’s online and offline job application process, available job roles, description, responsibilities, pay scale, and work schedule.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Trader Joe’s

Candidates who desire to work with one of the most major grocery chains across the United States should be a minimum of 16 years. The work schedule at Trader Joe’s is as follows:

Monday to Sunday: 08:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.

Future Job Scope at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s provides career growth by adding enticement and rewards to its employees. This supermarket and grocery retail chain offer one of the highest pay scales in the grocery industry.

Job Positions Offered at Trader Joe’s

Individuals looking for an entry-level position at Trader Joe’s can check food production and customer service positions. The job roles available are for part-time and full-time positions. Trader Joe’s also reviews its employee’s progress twice a year within the grocery chain. Candidates can also apply in Trader Joe’s stores for crew roles.

While management positions require candidates to submit a cover letter, resume, and work experience details. Some of the available job vacancies at Trader Joe’s are the following:

Stock Associates

  • Trader Joe’s Stock Associates are responsible for stocking and entailing shelves at its stores.
  • Trader Joe’s offers minimum wage to its Stock Associates initially.
  • Candidates should be capable of standing for long hours and lifting around 50 lbs during their shifts.


  • Cashiers at Trader Joe’s are responsible for helping its store guests and run the cash registers.
  • They also assist customers with finding products and complete the assigned tasks.
  • The cashiers are offered a minimum wage at Trader Joe’s.

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Management Positions

  • Store Managers at Trader Joe’s are often called “Captain.”
  • They are responsible for store operations and supervise other employees.
  • Their salary package offered at Trader Joe’s is around $30,000 to $70,000. Their salary package depends on its level of the job role.
  • These employees should be available for any tasks and should be well-organized while working at Trader Joe’s.

Benefits of Working with Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s offers quality benefits to its employees to get a productive and joyful working atmosphere. It provides extensive perks and employee benefits, including the following:

  • It provides health benefits to its eligible employees and dependents.
  • Managers at Trader Joe’s automatically benefit from various packages.
  • Store crew members at Trader Joe’s are offered health benefits to the eligible candidates after few months of joining the company.

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  • Trader Joe’s health benefits have access to vision, dental, health, and medical coverage.
  • Qualified employees at Trader Joe’s also receive 401 (K) retirement plans.
  • Employees also get personal time and paid time off.
  • Management-level employees also get two days off from Trader Joe’s every year.
  • Every crew member at Trader Joe’s also gets 10% for every sale at its store locations.

The Online Job Application Process of Trader Joe’s

Applicants looking for a job at Trader Joe’s should go through the following instructions for filling out the online job application:

  • Aspiring candidates should go to Trader Joe’s online career page.
  • Scroll this webpage and tap on the “Join Our Crew” tab.
  • Check out the available job roles by choosing the required position, state, or location and tap on the “Search” tab.
  • You will view the results that appeared here according to your selection.
  • Go to the duties, responsibilities, schedule, and other information thoroughly and tap on the “Apply” tab to complete Trader Joe’s online job application process.

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You can also download and fill out the PDF version of Trader Joe’s job application form. Candidates should fill the complete form correctly with the right information and provide details as much as they can. They should also provide their skills, highest qualification, diploma, certification, and other important information to help hiring managers consider their application.

Checking Job Application Status of Trader Joe’s

Individuals who applied for Trader Joe’s job positions should wait for at least a week to hear back from the hiring managers. They can also call or visit Trader Joe’s stores to check for their job application status. Hiring personnel may fix the interview schedule for the prospective candidates within five to seven days.

Some More Information about Trader Joe’s

One of the most well-known grocery chain stores, Trader Joe’s, connects to its shoppers via Fearless Flyer.

These flyers serve as part-art, part-catalog, and part-newsletter pieces.

It updates customer reviews for Trader Joe’s practices and stories of supermarket products. Trader Joe’s provides these Flyers at least eight times every year. You can pick up these flyers from its stores or download them from Trader Joe’s online platform. Customers can also sign up at Trader Joe’s official website for free mail delivery as soon as they are out. They can also subscribe to Trader Joe’s e-newsletter to get informed about upcoming contests, events, event planning, food, and new recipes.


Trader Joe’s updates its job positions over its career portal. Candidates can follow the instructions for Trader Joe’s online job application process as mentioned above. You can also fill out the paper application form for Trader Joe’s and submit it at its stores.

Based in Monrovia, California, Trader Joe’s has more than 450 store locations across the nation with over 38,000 employees. It offers various job roles for its stores across its network. Aspiring Trader Joe’s candidates with excellent communication skills, previous work experience in the industry, or with a high school diploma and certification are considered for hiring at the company. Trader Joe’s gives employment to dedicated and hard-working individuals irrespective of their qualifications and experience.

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