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Trader Joe’s Return Policy

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Have you purchased the wrong product from the grocery store by mistake?

There’s nothing worse than following a recipe only to discover that you’ve bought the wrong type of flour. Trader Joe’s is one of the largest grocery store chains in the United States. The company offers everything you need to put together tasty meals, as well as plants and other products.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at Trader Joe’s return policy and how you can make a claim.  

About The Return Policy

There is always something new to try when you shop at Trader Joe’s. When you visit a store, you will see numerous free samples of different food and beverage products. You can also ask a member of staff to hook you up with free samples when packages are sealed.

This is designed to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. However, you can also take products back to the store if you are unhappy with them. As part of the policy, you will not be asked to provide a reason for returning the product and requesting a refund. 

About The Return Policy

Without a receipt

You can request a refund or exchange at Trader Joe’s even if you have lost the original receipt. This saves a lot of hassle, especially if you have misplaced the tiny piece of paper. However, producing the original receipt makes the process slightly quicker and easier.

Each item that the company sells is made exclusively and features the company’s logo. This means that verifying a product came from one of the company’s stores is very easy. However, you are likely to receive store credit or a gift card instead of cash if you don’t have the receipt. 

High-value items

If you are returning a larger item with a relatively high value at Trader Joe’s, it’s best to produce the receipt. While you can still receive a refund without the receipt, your purchase is likely to be questioned. However, proof of purchase can be verified in the company’s system if you paid with a credit or debit card. 

The period

You have up to thirty days from the date of purchase to bring back unwanted products at Trader Joe’s. Otherwise, you may not qualify for an exchange or refund under the terms and conditions. Therefore, it is best to bring back your unwanted products as soon as possible. 

Damaged and used items

Under the terms and conditions of the policy, opened and damaged products can be returned at Trader Joe’s. However, it’s best to avoid returning glass bottles and other packing that you have smashed or damaged. Not only could this be dangerous, but it may also be seen as taking advantage of the generous return policy. 


Although plants may not be the first thing you associate with the company, you can find a good selection in stores. Generally speaking, returning unwanted plants to your nearest store is very quick and easy. You can bring back unwanted plants for a refund or exchange, even if they are dead.

Although the company also sells plants and flowers online, you can’t ship them back. It’s best to avoid returning plants if you know you have killed them yourself. This may be seen as an abuse of the policy and could make it difficult to make future claims. 


The company offers an excellent selection of wine, beer, and spirits both online and in stores. Alcohol can be returned to Trader Joe’s for a full refund or exchange. Even if you have already opened the bottle and sampled the beverage, you can still return it. 

However, state laws dictate that a cash refund cannot be issued for unwanted alcohol. If you live in one of these stores, you will only be able to receive an exchange for another bottle of alcohol. The exchanged product must be of the same or a slightly lower value to qualify. 


Returning products to different stores

If you purchased the product while you were on the road, heading back to the same store would be a hassle. Fortunately, you can bring back unwanted items to any of the company’s stores. As long as it features the company’s branding, you can take it back to any store you want. 

On sale items

The company prides itself on offering low prices on a wide range of products. As a result, they don’t rely on sales and promotional offers to entice customers. Therefore, you are saved the hassle of working out if sale items qualify under the terms and conditions. 

How to Return or Exchange Unwanted Items?

All you need to do is take your unwanted items back to the cash register in your nearest store. Simply tell the cashier that you have an unwanted product and request a refund or exchange. The employee will begin the process straight away, and you won’t usually be asked questions.

However, the company values feedback and uses it to improve food and beverage products. If you can provide a little information about why you don’t want it, it’s sure to be appreciated. Still, you’re not under any obligation to do this if you don’t want to. 

How refunds are processed?

Whether or not you have the receipt will determine how your return is processed. If you can produce the original receipt, you will receive the full refund price to the original payment method. You can then use your refund to purchase new products or leave the store if you prefer. 

Without the receipt

If you have lost the receipt, the cashier will be unable to verify the price you paid. Therefore, you will receive the lowest advertised price if you choose a refund. Instead of the original payment method, your refund will be made via store credit to a gift card. 

Excluded Items

Some companies have a long list of types of products that cannot be returned. Fortunately, this is not the case here. Virtually every product the company sells can be returned for a refund or exchange. The only real exception is when state laws come into play. Certain states have strict laws regarding the sale of alcohol. This means that returning alcoholic beverages to a store in a different state might not always be possible.

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Final Thoughts 

Trader Joe’s offers one of the most flexible and comprehensive return policies around. You can take most products back to the store and receive a full refund. This applies even if you have already eaten or drank half the product and found that you don’t like it. 

This helps to take the uncertainty out of trying new products. This is also a good way for the company to build customer loyalty and cement its reputation. However, it is a good idea to take a look at the full terms and conditions before heading to a store to make a claim.

Happy Shopping at Trader Joe’s!

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