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Turkey Hill Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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In 1967, the first Turkey Hill Mini Market was opened in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and now it is the company’s headquarters. The company has expanded to several locations and added new stores to its fleet, including Louden Hills, 7-Eleven, and Ideal Markets. Brothers Charles and Emerson Frey established the company. But in 1985, the company was bought by Kroger. Currently, in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Columbus, Ohio, the company has at least 270 stores.

Out of all these locations, at least 230 locations are offered a pay-at-the-pump option for gasoline fill-ups. In addition, the company offers several items for grocery items like the Turkey Hill store brand that mainly provides ice cream, coffee, and other beverages.

Additional Information

Some stores are also likely to sell lottery tickets besides having an ATM for clients to use. In 1947, Frey brothers took their father’s business, and they being founders of the company, had started their careers in the dairy niche. They started working in the dairy industry by delivering dairy products to patron’s doorstep.

Twenty years later, the founders had decided to open their first store to help market the local dairy products they were manufacturing. The company had at least 100 markets by 1980. Under the company’s name, it shares some common values like honesty, integrity, respect, diversity, safety, besides inclusion.

Work Environment

The company mainly seeks to get various groups of people who wish to create a safe and honest work environment for patrons and employees. In America, turkey hill is one of the most popular ice cream brands. Besides that, the company also serves iced tea and other frozen stuff. The company offers several employment opportunities for both entry-level and experienced professionals.

Important Information To Know about Turkey Hill Before Applying

Minimum age required for the candidate to be eligible to apply at Turkey Hill: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply at Turkey Hill.

Working hours at Turkey Hill: The company is operative 24*7 and all seven days a week. The working hours of the employees vary as per the profile.

Employment Opportunities at Turkey Hill

The growing retailer mainly employs thousands of employees. Ideally, used for short work periods, gas stations are most likely to experience an excellent employee turnover that creates new opportunities. With several locations open 24 hours every day, the retail chain offers employees the perks of scheduling flexible shift hours.

Additionally, candidates willing to work during flexible shift hours will likely get more preference. The entry-level positions at gas stations tend to be quite appealing for students and newcomers who wish to translate valuable experience into professional careers. The company mainly prefers to hire employees who have high school diplomas and customer service work experience.

the turkey hill application

But the minimum hiring age for almost all the positions is 18 years old. In addition, the potential employees need to possess some essential traits like interpersonal skills, which is one of the most influential qualifications. The company offers both full and part-time positions.

Career Opportunities at Turkey Hill

This retail store mainly focuses on a customer-friendly work environment, the scope of responsibility for customer care employees tends to be extensive. For example, the cashiers are likely to hold several duties besides finalizing customer purchases. The majority of the positions also demand physical fitness. The employees need to stand or even walk for extended duration and fortitude to work in challenging temperatures inside or outside the store.

Sales Associate

The employees tend to run several cash registers, money order machines besides lottery terminals. They also need to maintain a positive attitude for optimizing the patron’s experience and perform the required responsibilities besides lifting at least 35 pounds.

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During the slower sessions, only a few customers walk into the store, so the employees need to maintain the cleanliness in the store and the coffee bars. Ideally, applicants can also expect some additional responsibilities like refilling coolers and other stuff. They can earn $9 per hour.


The employees can avail themselves of a lot of timing flexibility here, and the work can be either full-time or part-time. Still, cashiers need to work even during the late evening, weekend, or holiday hours as the stores are likely to work 24*7. The employees need to deliver quick and friendly service to patrons as these employees are the ones where patrons interact the most.


The employees need to show great work ethics and be committed to serving customers. They can earn $3000 to $5000 per year. They need to supervise almost all the corporate events. The managers also need to train the staff and operate products and implement the company’s policies. Additionally, the assistant managers include sales associates and manager duties.

Tips for Applying at Turkey Hill

Job seekers have access to both apply online and offline. If the candidates want to apply in person, they can visit the location and drop in their application. If the applicant wants to apply online, they have to visit the official website and create a profile in the career dashboard. It will hardly take about 30 minutes to finish the application. While applying, the workers have access to apply to multiple stores via a single tick.

the turkey hill application tips

Perks of Working at Turkey Hill

The company offers several perks to eligible employees. Full-time candidates tend to capitalize on several benefits like life and healthcare insurance plans. They also offer 401k retirement plans.

Miscellaneous Information about Turkey Hill

The company maintains a pair of wind turbines at the dairy storehouse in Pennsylvania to offer clean energy. The turbines supply at least 25 percent of the annual demand for electricity amid the facility. In addition, the company won an innovation award U.S. EPA Landfill Methane Project in 2006.


Turkey Hill is one of the great places to work. To help candidates out, we have mentioned a few details. Above, you can read about the various job profiles offered, tips for applying at Turkey Hill, the process of application, and the perks of working here. Working with this store is one of the best ways to work in a fun environment. It is also the best way to kick start a career in this industry.

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