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Uber Application Online: Driver Jobs & Career Info

About Uber Application

Uber is the largest company for transportation which has made its presence the world over in the recent past. Uber is the most economical and convenient way to travel inside any city. It offers qualified drivers and also employs many people who have their vehicles and would like to drive around as a taxi service.

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Uber is a preferred mode of transport which is better than standard taxi service since its rates are subsidized in nature. The rider gets complete information about the driver, car model, and license of the driver to ensure the person is safe while traveling in an Uber cab. All this information can get tracked through the Uber application on the phone.

Application Process for Uber

All applicants must go through the simple application process where they can create a work profile using an email or phone number to register. The form asks specific questions related to work experience and the vehicle being used.

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The applicants should also provide social security number to apply for a job with Uber as a driver. All documents must be up to date with a valid driving license. All drivers must be open to undergo a stringent background verification check. This process simplifies the application process and the applicant gets hired easily.

Waiting Period

Many job seekers wait for a period of 7 to 15 days before they get proper approval from Uber to drive. The company conducts background verification checks for drivers to ensure their customers remain safe while they journey with Uber. Any applicant with a history of alcohol, drug abuse, or any sort of other convictions automatically gets disqualified from driving with Uber. Reckless driving, instances of criminal history, and driving without valid documents is reason enough to disqualify applicants from the application process at Uber.

Essential Requirements for Working with Uber

What is the minimum age requirement to work for Uber?

All applicants must be 21 years of age to work with Uber.

What are the hours of operation to work with Uber?

Uber services are available for customers 24 hours in a single day.

What are the available positions at Uber?

The available positions at Uber are:

  • X Driver
  • Black Driver
  • SUV Driver
  • Lux Driver

How will you apply for any position with Uber?

You can apply for any position with Uber by searching for job openings on the official website of Uber. Please note there is no physical form available that facilitates an employment application with Uber.

Job Opportunities with Uber

Uber uses a referral service that provides the rider complete information about the driver, car model, and the total experience of the driver with Uber. Many employees do not need a commercial license to work with Uber. All drivers receive insurance coverage with Uber when they get employed with this company. Drivers require a commercial license to run the Uber Black service.

These are generally high-end vehicles that require professional drivers to drive them. Drivers receive opportunities to earn extra money by driving Uber X. This happens when drivers decide to work for some extra money at Uber X. The company also offers Uber SUV and Uber Lux as options for riders who are looking for a luxury journey.

Career Positions and Salary information with Uber

To work with Uber, you need to clear a background verification check. Clean driving records also play a critical role in hiring the right candidate for the position of driver. The minimum age limit is 21 years with 3 years of driving experience along with a current and valid driving license. Vehicles used in Uber must be timely inspected and should qualify all requirements of Uber.

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Drivers can choose their work schedules depending on their availability. On average, drivers generally earn 10 dollars to 15 dollars an hour. The earnings also depend on the number of rides completed in a day. Many drivers also earn 25 dollars an hour if they work full time with Uber. If drivers are generally not selective with the locations a rider wants to go to, they get more rides and money for longer routes.

Documentation Required for Uber

Before joining Uber all applicants need to submit their vehicle registration papers and current driving license with the hiring team of Uber for cross verification. It is a good idea to get these documents verified by Uber so that drivers hold a better chance of employment with Uber smoothly.

Work Benefits with Uber

Drivers work on contracts with Uber. Benefits like insurance coverage, paid holidays, retirement plans, are given to corporate employees of Uber. These employees are generally customer service team members working with Uber.

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Drivers earn various perks while working with Uber. They are flexible to make their schedule and receive tips for good service. The company doesn’t compensate drivers for fuel costs and maintenance of the car. Uber compensates drivers for damages caused by the passengers traveling in Uber.

Additional Information for Uber

Uber has launched many services for its customers. Uber Eats and Uber Rush are apps used for food delivery and courier service. Customers can also place orders on Uber Eats for various meals they want to enjoy. Uber Eats will deliver hot food at the customer’s doorstep in the nearby vicinity. The rush service delivers packages from one location to another and both these services are right now available in some selective cities only. Uber drivers work for extra money in such services also.


Uber follows a very simple and straightforward application process to employ trustworthy drivers. Drivers can also choose their schedule to work with Uber. They also earn various perks and extra money by driving longer routes or working part-time in services like Uber Eats and Uber Rush.

To maintain the safety of customers, Uber hires only verified drivers who have dedicated years of experience to work with a prestigious service like Uber. Uber Black service requires professional drivers to work for this service so that Uber can rely on such drivers and increase customer satisfaction in the long run.

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