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Uber Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Uber Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Are you interested in discovering the secret of the success of Uber?

This popular American company revolutionized the transportation industry. In just over two decades, Uber has risen to become the largest transportation company in the world.

The company’s missions and vision statements provide clues into how the company operates. Uber also boasts a clear set of values and a philosophy that directly influences its operations.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Uber mission and vision statement analysis to find out more about the company.

uber mission and vision statement analysis

The History Of Uber

Uber was founded in 2009 by Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick under the name Ubercab. The company was founded after Camp identified the need for cheaper private transportation. He realized that the way to do this was by sharing the cost of private transportation with other people.

Uber publicly launched its services and mobile app in 2011 in San Francisco. To this day, the company’s headquarters remain in San Francisco. The company’s name was also changed to Uber in 2011. The following year, Uber launched its services in Chicago.

Originally, it was just luxury cars…

The service was originally restricted to hailing black luxury cabs, which were more expensive than local taxis. However, this was addressed in 2012 with the introduction of UberX.

This cheaper option allowed drivers to use their own vehicles to cut costs. Less than a year later, Uber services, including UberX, were available in 35 different cities in the United States.

Hiring, food delivery, and much much more!

Since then, Uber has continued to grow and thrive. Today, there are more than 70 million Uber users around the world. The company has launched a whole host of additional services, including vehicles for hire, food delivery, couriers, package delivery, and freight transportation.

The Uber Mission Statement

The mission statement of Uber is ‘we ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.’ This short and precise mission statement is catchy and easy to remember. It features three main components that can be explored in more detail.

Creating opportunity

Since its launch, Uber has created numerous jobs for drivers. The ability for drivers to use their own vehicles makes it a lot easier for them to make money. By sharing empty seats with people heading to the same destination, riders are also given the opportunity to save money.

the uber mission and vision statement analysis

Trusted transportation worldwide

Uber has gone to great lengths to ensure that customers are safe when they share rides. This is mainly done by submitting new drivers to a strict verification process. The Uber customer rating system has also helped the company to improve its services and quickly resolve issues.

The importance of motion

This part of the mission statement is much more than simply playing on words. It highlights the fact that the company needs to be constantly developing and improving to thrive. It also recognizes Uber’s mission to become prominent in countries all around the world.

The Uber Vision Statement

The vision statement of Uber is ‘transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone.’ This vision statement can be broken down into three main points. So, let’s examine each of these points in more detail…

Reliable transportation

To thrive as a transportation company, Uber has ensured that its transportation is reliable. Uber customers can rely on the high-quality service, security, and affordability that the company provides.

Transportation everywhere

This further highlights Uber’s vision of becoming available to people all around the world. Every year, Uber is launched in additional countries, cities, and towns. It also offers other types of transportation services that help customers connect.

Transportation for everyone

This important part of the vision statement speaks to the heart of what Uber is and does. The company is focused on making transportation as affordable as possible. This can particularly be seen in some parts of Africa, where private vehicles and public transportation are not very common.

uber mission vision statement analysis

Core Values

Uber publishes its core values on the careers page of the company’s website. This is a clear indication that all employees are expected to understand and embrace these values. Successfully installing and enforcing these values has helped the company to become a key player in the transportation industry.

Build globally, live locally

The company’s business model is based on offering everyone the chance to become an Uber driver. Uber has provided a wide range of opportunities in local economies to help them thrive. The company is committed to making mutually beneficial deals that help people to live their dreams.

Customer obsessed

Employees must put their needs and the comfort of customers above their own. Drivers build their reputation by going the extra mile to make customers happy. This ensures that drivers gain a positive rating, which will help them attract more customers.

uber mission vision statement analysis guide

Celebrate differences

Uber employs people from all walks of life and all types of communities. The company reaches out to women and minorities and actively encourages them to apply to become drivers.

In the last couple of years, the number of African American drivers has increased by 44.5%. There has been a 73.5% increase in the number of Hispanic drivers and a 3% increase in female drivers.

Do the right thing

This core value has helped the company to hold its head high and steer away from scandal. Doing the right thing is carefully instilled in all Uber drivers the moment that they sign up. This message is constantly reinforced to make sure drivers can act with integrity when unsupervised.

Act like owners

As soon as new drivers sign up, they are given shares of Uber. This helps them to take pride in their work and strive to be the very best. Drivers are free to choose the working hours that are best for them. This sense of ownership allows drivers to be responsible for their actions and act with integrity.


The company has faced numerous challenges over the years and has even failed to make a profit for several years. However, the spirit of the company remains undiminished in the face of adversity. This resilience is the company’s secret weapon and allows the company to keep going no matter what happens.

Ideas over hierarchy

Drivers are actively encouraged to raise their voices and put forward new ideas. This has helped the company to keep up to date with the changes in the transportation industry.

Making big, bold bets

From the very start, Uber has been making big and bold bets that go against established business models. This has helped the company to make waves and gain international recognition. Although some of these bets can be seen as failures, others have been remarkably successful.

The Uber Philosophy

The company’s philosophy sheds light on how the company operates and the main driving force. It is related to the issues that the founders were trying to resolve with the foundation of Uber. The company’s philosophy can be broken down into six key elements as follows.

Autonomy and independence

Happy workers are productive workers, and this philosophy has helped Uber to thrive. Drivers can choose exactly when, where, and how they work. Riders are also given much more choice over the way they get from A to B.


Encouraging drivers to work and act independently further creates a feeling of contentment. Drivers are given all the tools they need to succeed. However, they are completely free to decide how they want to use those tools.

the uber mission vision statement analysis guide

Never give up

This is an important philosophy for any new company that is doing something a bit different. Although the going may be tough at times, it is essential to remain focused on the mission and vision.


A key part of the company’s philosophy is seeking out problems and solving them quickly and efficiently. This philosophy is instilled in all employees. It helps them to take action rather than shying away from potential problems.


This philosophy speaks to the belief in the collective power of a diverse, inclusive, and equal society. Anyone with a clean driving license who passes the background check is welcome to become an Uber driver. This inclusivity has helped the company to remain diverse and representative of all types of people.

Community first

Uber has launched many programs that address the lack of employment in different communities. This includes the Fund for Sustainable Mobility program. Through this and other programs, Uber is helping to resolve issues that affect and erode communities.

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Final Thoughts

While Uber introduced a groundbreaking transportation service, the company has several large competitors.

Many of these companies have used the Uber business model to launch a range of similar services. Despite this, Uber has managed to thrive and remains far ahead of the competition.

Part of the secret to the success of Uber is the fact that the company regularly launches new services. The company understands and even anticipates the needs of customers and launches products and services to meet those needs.

The company’s clear set of values also helps employees of all types know exactly what is expected of them.

Good luck working for Uber and drive safely!

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