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Under Armour Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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About Under Armour Application

Applicants can apply to American Sports Clothier Under Armour and work as customer service agents at the entry level. The entry-level jobs offered to first-time workers are more in number and prove beneficial. Jobs with experience are lucrative. This organization was created by a person called Kevin Plank.

under armour application

It focuses on many charitable programs so that the person can donate money and support various noble causes. The company donates 2 million dollars every year to breast cancer patients. They also support youth athletic programs for underprivileged people. The headquarters of Under Armour is situated in Baltimore.

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Application Process for Under Armour

This company hires people based on the online application process. The applicants can also fill application forms on a physical basis. The application process allows young applicants to upload resumes, take advantage to showcase talent. The work applicants can get professional treatment during the hiring process if they showcase knowledge and talent while interviewing for a specific position.

the under armour application

The company focuses on increasing the knowledge and expertise of people who want to work for Under Armour. The entire application process takes 2 weeks. The job seekers can visit the store to check the progress of their application. The time is taken for the application process to complete also uses a complete background check and substance screening to hire the right candidate for the right kind of job. Personal and Professional interests are taken into consideration while they apply for a job with Under Armour.

Essential Requirements for Working at Under Armour

What is The Minimum Age Requirement to Work for Under Armour?

The minimum age requirement to work for Under Armour is 18 years.

What Are The Hours of Operation to Work for Under Armour?

The hours of operation for Under Armour are Monday to Saturday 10 am to 8 pm, 10 am to 7 pm on Sunday.

What Are The Available Positions at Under Armour?

  • Sales Associate
  • Stockroom Associate
  • Merchandise Handler
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Manager Training
  • Accounts Receivables Specialist
  • Account Marketing Manager
  • Media Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Desktop Support
  • System Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Footwear Planner
  • Sales Planner
  • Product Line Manager
  • Master Scheduler
  • Integrity Technician
  • Merchant
  • Sales Director
  • Logistic Coordinator

How Will You Apply for a Job at Under Armour?

Applicants can use the online website to apply for various jobs at Under Armour.

Career Opportunities at Under Armour

This company was established in 1996. There are 100 locations throughout the United States. Retail stores focus on bearing the name called Under Armour. There are 2 separate capacities for this store. One is a specialty brand house and the other is a factory house that provides stock merchandise to the store.

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Stores require hardworking and dedicated team members to continue profitable operations. The store creates niche products in the sports industry with unique and desirable merchandise. This means specialized items create consistent work at retail outlets in Under Armour.

Employees sell various items like apparel, accessories, and equipment to customers. Sports enthusiasts and athletes seek employment in this company. The hiring team focuses on providing relevant opportunities to employees with moderate interests. Employees should be passionate to work for sports to excel in this company.

Career Positions and Salary Information for Under Armour

Various career opportunities are offered by this retail chain. New workers or career-oriented professionals think alike. Candidates generally apply for entry-level positions and do not require any specific educational background. A basic high school diploma takes care of the educational requirement. Applicants need to be 18 years old so that they can work regularly in different shifts at Under Armour.

Sales Associate

  • This has minimal hiring requirements.
  • The sales associate earns 9 dollars every hour.
  • Sales Associate jobs remain attractive for people who start with a low amount of experience.
  • All sales associates also need to have experience in stocking shelves, cashier duties, and multi-task with different business levels in the store.
  • Communication is also an essential skill to handle such responsibilities.
  • Employees focus on lifting merchandise and also set up stock displays and ring up the patrons for dispensing receipts.

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Associate Manager

  • The associate manager focuses on inspiring and also organizing the team for store productivity.
  • Employees also perform a supervisory role to guide junior employees better.
  • Training, interviewing, and also providing constructive feedback to workers to help new associates to grow.
  • They earn 12 dollars an hour.
  • The candidates should also remain flexible to work in a flexible work environment.
  • They should also have extensive retail experience.
  • Salary options also rise with experience.

Check Application Status

The entire hiring process only takes 2 weeks to complete. The applicants can also visit the store to check the status of the application. Candidates also receive a job after drug testing is conducted. This also helps the organization to hire the right candidates for any job role.

Work Benefits for Under Armour

  • Job benefits are also provided to full-time employees.
  • Staff members also enjoy competitive perks like medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and coverage plans.
  • The company also offers stock purchase options for full-time employees.
  • A flexible work schedule is also a benefit given to part-time workers with staff discounts.
  • Staff discounts are 50% in the store.
  • The retirement plans are also available for all full-time employees.
  • The dependency on job title also depends on your time spent in the retail chain.

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Additional Information for Under Armour

This is a unique retail chain that also contributes towards any kind of charitable program, the corporate programs focus on donating a major share of revenue towards charity. 2 million dollars gets donated towards breast cancer.


Under Armour provides a very simple and straightforward application process. The various work benefits empower employees to excel in the company and also build their careers in various positions. Under Armour also helps employees to work in various positions at the entry-level or the managerial level. The company also focuses on providing various career advancement opportunities to excel in their career.

Under Armour is a unique retail chain that focuses on the overall development of employees throughout their career graph. Under Armour also believes in providing equal opportunities to all at any level to develop a rewarding career.

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