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United Airline Interview Questions

united airline interview question-tips

Achieve Your Aspirations with United Airlines

You must be looking for preparatory interview questions for United Airlines. The interview tool assists you with a popular set of interview questions that are used by United Airlines to assess your skills.

With proper preparation, you can perform well in your interview. United Airlines is one of the most popular airlines operating in the USA.

The Airlines looks for enthusiastic candidates who have good communication skills and a zeal to achieve something better in life. United Airlines also hires people who can deliver exceptional customer service to passengers and also enhance customer experience with United Airlines. You can join United Airlines to build a better life and also travel the world by creating a difference in the lives of customers.

Popular Job Interview Questions for United Airlines

Q – 1. Describe Yourself as a United Airlines Personnel?

Ans: You can interestingly answer this question by talking about your educational qualification, professional work experience, skills, and enthusiasm to create a difference by joining United Airlines as a United Airlines personnel. Speak with confidence and also a clear tone with a positive approach.

Q – 2. Do You Believe in The Philosophy of United Airlines; Can You State Some Features of The Airline?


  • United Airlines is the popular passenger airline in the US
  • United Airlines has its central base in Chicago
  • The parent company of United Airlines is Star Alliance
  • United Airlines offer a frequent mile’s program called “Mileage Plus”
  • It serves 200 million passengers who travel to 375v destinations in 50 countries.
  • The airport lounge/member lounge is called United Club.

Q – 3. Why Do You Think United Airlines Should Hire You?

Ans:  You must talk about United Airlines and also about its services in a positive light. You can conduct basic research about the airline and the services it offers. This will help you structure your answer appropriately. You can use your career objectives and draw a link between your career objectives and the objectives of the organization. You can also highlight specific core skills you have which will help you in succeeding if you join United Airlines.

united airline interview question

Q – 4. What is Your Main Strength Which Helps You Succeed in Your Professional Aspirations?

Ans: You should ideally prepare a list of your core strength areas that can be aligned to the philosophy of United Airlines so that you can demonstrate the right skills and attitude to get a job with United Airlines. For eg. You are good at public speaking and you have a helpful nature. These 2 qualities are essential for becoming a cabin crew member with United Airlines.

Q – 5. What Are Your Key Weaknesses Which Can Cause an Issue in Your Professional Growth?

Ans: You can identify work-related weaknesses to state in the interview. This along with suggestive measures to overcome the weakness. For eg. If a customer criticizes your work, you take it personally and demotivates you to perform better in your job. You can suggest a suitable strategy to overcome this weakness so that you can perform better in your job.

Q – 6. Why Do You Want to Become a Cabin Crew Member with United Airlines?

Ans: You require excellent communication skills and the ability to deal with tough customers. You have to pay proper attention to every little detail to ensure customers are comfortable during the flight journey. Also, try and portray yourself as a multi-skilled person so that all customers receive services in a quick and timely manner. You must demonstrate yourself as a team player and use your leadership skills to deal with critical situations at work. You must be well versed with different local languages of various countries, this allows you to secure a better job versus your competition.

united airline interview questions tips

Questions on Professional Experience

Q -1. Are You Open to Working in Irregular Work Shifts?

Ans:  You are aware that all airlines serve customers 24×7. This makes it clear that if you want to work for United Airlines, you should be flexible and also be open to work during irregular working hours. This allows you to develop a successful career with United Airlines.

Q – 2. How Many Languages Can You Speak?

Ans: If you know how to converse in multiple languages, you hold a better chance to secure a job in United Airlines as a cabin crew member for both domestic and international routes.

Q – 3. What Are The Specific Skills You Need for a Successful Career in The Aviation Sector as a Cabin Crew Member?


  • Strong leadership skills to deal with critical situations.
  • Good communication skills to understand customers well.
  • Should also be able to handle pressure situations at work.
  • Must also be able to deal with difficult customers.
  • Must also demonstrate a polite and helpful attitude.
  • Requires a dynamic and pleasing personality
  • Be patient and calm
  • Demonstrate self-confidence

united airline interview question guide

Q – 4. State a Situation at Work Which You Think You Would Have Tackled Differently?

Ans:  You can use real-life examples from work situations to answer this question. For eg. You were given a presentation to address new hires on the importance of communication skills, here one of the participants tried to ask you tricky questions related to communication skills just to have some fun, you need to come up with a strategy to tackle this situation well.

Interview and Attire

Q -1. What Kind of Interview Outfit Can You Use for an Interview with United Airlines?

Ans: You need to be formally dressed and maintain proper grooming standards to appear for an interview with United Airlines.


United Airlines interview template allows potential candidates to complete their pre-interview research about United Airlines. All candidates must also demonstrate certain basic skills which allow them to succeed in their career with United Airlines. You should also have a dynamic and pleasing personality who demonstrates confidence and achieve new heights in your career.

United Airlines offers you ample opportunities to grow and develop a career of your choice. You must focus on contributing to the overall success of the company. This will help you grow and also ensure you are successful in the aviation industry.

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