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Universal Studios Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Universal Studios has various job locations throughout the world that job hunters can apply for. It provides many career growth options to individuals by hiring them to be a part of one of the world’s most extensive theme park enterprises. Job positions are often vacant for aspiring candidates with its parks both in Orlando and Hollywood, CA.

Please scroll down to know the work settings of Universal Studios with its available job roles, salaries, perks and benefits, responsibilities, and much more the Universal Studios has to give to its employees.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Universal Studios:

Universal Studios looks for individuals with a minimum age of 18 to get a job role at its locations. The schedule, shift timings, and operational hours may vary according to the locations of Universal Studio.

Future Job Scope at Universal Studios

The theme park offers multiple vacancies in entry-level posts for the attractions and rides-based tasks. Each park has some house restaurants, shops, and shows with the requirements of part-time and full-time workers. In addition, candidates need to perform kitchen roles, waiting tables, cashier roles, ushers for the post, and the job seekers in-ground seeking positions and enjoy outdoors and horticulture.

Highly Energetic, engaging, and personable candidates also enjoy working in the costumed characters and as entertainers. The career-minded individuals can also fill out technical positions and backstage supports for additional experiences in the entertainment industry.

Entry-level post workers also work as event guides, parking, and attractions attendants, and sometimes the positions for nurses and paramedics are also available.

Job Positions Offered at Universal Studios

Universal Studios has various job positions available at its locations, including Ride Operators, Groundskeepers, Maintenances, Food and Beverage Associates, and Ticket Sales. The positions often vacant at Universal Studios include the following:

Attractions Attendant:

  • They need to assist the guests, take them to theme parks, and assist in other related tasks.
  • They need to maintain the cleanliness and safety measures and earn up to $8.00-$9.00 per hour.

Event Guide:

  • The roles involve assisting the guests for any special events or shows and need to be multitasking, responding instantly to the guests.
  • The worker has the chance to earn up to $8.00 per hour.

Parking Attendant:

Benefits of working with Universal Studios:

Employees at Universal Studios benefit from various job perks, including the following:

  • Universal Studios offers sick leave, holiday pay, paid time off, and vacation time to its employees to keep balance their life and work successfully.
  • Employees also receive financial benefits at Universal Studios, including childcare assistance, tuition reimbursement, and 401 (K) retirement plans.
  • Universal Studios provides prescription medical coverage, vision, dental, and medical coverage plans to its qualified employees.
  • It also gives paid training, free park admission, and a competitive pay scale to the employees working for Universal Studios.

The online job application process of Universal Studios:

The online job application process

Job seekers looking to be a part of Universal Studios can follow the below-mentioned steps and apply for their desired job position. But, first, fill in the online job application form as explained below to work with Universal Studio.

  • Applicants can visit Universal Studio’s online platform and go to its career page.
  • Check the end of this webpage and enter your required keyword, location, job role, shift schedule, etc., in the search field.
  • Tap on the “Search” tab to check the job listings that appeared here.
  • You can sort this search result by job type, role, category, or title.
  • Tap on the job position title here to initiate your online job application process for Universal Studio.
  • Read the description that appeared here for the job title you are interested in. It contains the qualifications required, responsibilities, and much more the job title has to offer and tap to move to the next section. Tap on the “Add to Cart” to fill up the job application for more than one job position.
  • Scroll this webpage till the end and tap on the “Click here” tab.
  • Choose the required location you are interested in to apply for at Universal Studios.
  • Fill in the details that appeared here with your name, password, and e-mail address.
  • It is optional to upload your resume here. However, uploading it may get your employment considered with Universal Studio.
  • You need to give consent here to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Fill up the remaining details with your personal and contact information.
  • You must answer every question related to your EEO and pre-employment questions and review your job application.
  • Submit your online job application form after reviewing your application thoroughly.

Checking job application status of Universal Studios:

Job applicants who applied for a position through Universal Studio’s career portal can also update their job application status over there. In addition, universal Studios update the details of potential candidates on its job portal. Applicants who applied for entry-level capacities get a confirmation e-mail immediately. They can also send an e-mail to Universal Studio’s hiring managers to get an update on their hiring. Universal Studios usually contacts the candidates within a week a two to complete the hiring process.

Some more information about Universal Studios:

Some more information

The Studios is spread in acres of land, along with many green patches, sustaining the environment and keeping it clean. In addition, they aim at providing support and partnerships to the schools in the areas, supporting them in multiple art programs specially designed for youth empowerment to hit the full potentials. All the sustainable green options and strategies are also opted for by the theme parks and studios.

Along with this, multiple job posts with increments and additional benefits are also the park’s milestone. The candidate’s association can also explore the eligibility of different work benefits, life and work balance, vacation time offs, and other significant benefits.

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An American film studio, Universal Studios, hires candidates continuously for its various locations worldwide. It is the United States’ oldest film Studios and was founded in 1912. The corporate headquarters of Universal Studios is located in New York City, New York. Candidates looking to work with Universal Studios can check the details above and fill up the online job application to get the position at Universal Studios.

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