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UPS Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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United Parcel Service is one of the most reputed delivery services all over the globe. It not only caters to delivery services but also accommodates a variety of job opportunities. It is a workplace of 400,000 workers and employees. UPS has their offices in several parts of the world. This widespread connectivity also helps many people find jobs in distinct fields and set their career towards a positive direction.

Each year several aspirants get their dream job as the company has thousands of job options under each namesake. This company most popularly called the delivery via brown is certainly one of the best in the business.

Some Important Specifications For The Applicants

  • The minimum age group to work in United parcel service is 18 years. Any individual below 18 years will not be considered an applicant for any designation.
  • Operational hours/working hours – UPS is open for work 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • Available designations at UPS – Package Delivery Driver, Mechanic, Package Handler, Driver Helper.

Opportunities At UPS

UPS is a company that deals with millions of deliveries each day. Any applicant applying for a job in this company will supposedly be working in either of the three workspaces, namely sorting, receiving, and delivery.

In the work spheres that would require physical exertion or physical strength, an applicant applying for such a position must be physically fit and healthy should lift  70lbs or more. DOT physicals serve as the typical criteria for such jobs.

Can Felons Be Hired In UPS?

UPS does consider the job applications of felons. Still, several criteria are checked and looked upon while hiring a felon, like- number and type of felonies, criminal records, prison activities, length of time since release, previous qualifications, etc. Felons might be able to get in as an employee in UPS, but they won’t stand a chance for applying in client-facing and supervisory positions.

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Designations And Salary Package

UPS provides training to new employees and is extremely generous when providing the employees with the most desirable salary packages and additional benefits in return for efficient and promising performance. The following designations are the ones in which applicants mostly apply

Package Delivery Driver

  • What makes this position most iconic is the brown-colored uniform. Package delivery drives must maintain good physical health, must have proper driving skills, and should be able to perform strenuous activities or manual labor involved in their job profile. They must also have good interpersonal skills.
  • Efficiency in work and proper time management are the two most important qualities required in a delivery driver.

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  • The job generally includes full-time hours but occasionally might require overtime during busy days or schedules, especially in the holiday seasons.
  • UPS occasionally hires seasonal delivery drivers to assist the regular staff.
  • The annual salary package starts at $25,000 and rises to as much as $70,000 based on the employee’s work efficiency and dedication.

Local Sorter

  • Every warehouse of UPS requires sorters who receive, sort, and organize shipments for the packages which are to be delivered to the customers. The skills needed the most in this job are standing, bending, and lifting boxes for the entire duration of the shifts.
  • Local sorters generally work for 8 hours a day and five days a week. Roughly for 40 hours a week.
  • The management usually selects strong, motivated, and dedicated candidates for such designations.

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  • Like any other delivery service company, UPS searches for sorts who are extremely reliable and trustworthy who could be trusted regarding the management of the customers’ packages.
  • Sorters must be spontaneous and should work quickly.
  • A sorter earns about $8.00 and $10.00 per hour towards the beginning, approximately  $40,000 in accordance with the annual salary package.

Inside Sales Representative

  • An inside sales representative’s main work is to generate business from local companies and people in the industry and retains and work with the old business partners.
  • Must possess great communicative skills as it is one of the key skills for an inside sales representative.
  • An inside sales executive must acquire Well-grown knowledge regarding the ups products.
  • Inside sales representatives can sometimes work independently and also as a team.
  • Before hiring, a sales representative receives six weeks of training with several other facilities before they r officially hired.
  • Other than a regular bachelor’s degree, applicants must also have intuitive decision-making abilities.
  • This designation generally involves only full-time hours.
  • An inside sales representative earns about 30,000 and $45,000 a year.

Qualification Details And Other Work Experience

Any job aspirant must have a college degree alongside related job histories. Although entry-level jobs only require the following of the minimum age barrier and certain physical requirements. Applicants must be flexible to relocate or travel if needed for this work.

Tips For Applying

UPS is a deadline-oriented company. As the company is extremely popular and serves millions of people with their delivery-related needs, it has strict schedules and work hours. An applicant should show dedication, efficiency, reliability, and creativity to be a part of this company.

A person with a strong and determined attitude is most likely to be appointed for a job in this company. In the applications, one must highlight their skills in a concise manner via formal letters, job applications, or anecdotes.

Status Of Application

An aspiring applicant must create a profile on the company’s career page. This online setup also allows an individual to apply in multiple positions if they meet all the criteria. Once applied, an applicant can see the status of the application by clicking on the My Applications tab on the left-hand side of the screen after logging in.

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Benefits Of Working In UPS

Not only full-time employees, but part-time employees also enjoy the additional work benefits of UPS, but this company also offers a plethora of services such as

  • Medical, dental, vision assistance plans
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Health care spending accounts
  • Disability coverage
  • Profit-sharing plans
  • Life insurance plans
  • Paid time off
  • Prescription drug plans
  • Stock purchase plans


One of the things you should do when applying for a position at UPS is to conduct your research. Once you do that, you will feel more confident. You should also follow the proper protocol as far as applying for a job is concerned.

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