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Urban Outfitters Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Urban Outfitters is a global lifestyle retail chain having it headquartered in Pennsylvania. The company is available in various locations, including the US, France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Denmark, Poland, UAE, Netherlands, etc.

The company mainly targets young adults with a product mix of men and women fashion apparel, footwear, beauty and wellness products, accessories, activewear and gear, and housewares, besides music and cassettes. Almost all the company’s products are designed by and produced by the company’s wholesale division on various private labels.

Additional Information

In 1970 the company was established by Richard Hayne, Judy Wicks, and Scott Belair. Initially, it was launched as a project for an entrepreneurship class at the University of Pennsylvania, and in 1976 it was renamed Urban Outfitters. Currently, the company carries several brands under the Urban Portfolio that include, Free People, BHLDN, Anthropologie, Terrain, and the Vetri Family restaurant group. The company regularly has expansion plans, so job opportunities are also readily available here.

Ideally, the company hires both full-time and entry-level jobs that focus on human relations. You can apply for the job by visiting the official web portal. The company’s motto is Stay in bed all day? Sounds good to us, and it was initially used for the new beddings at the company. The company has proved to stand along with its motto. The company mainly focuses on kitschy, bohemian, besides hipster fashion trends.

Important Information To Know about Urban Outfitters Before Applying

Minimum age of the candidate to be eligible to apply at Urban Outfitters: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply at urban Outfitters.

Working hours at Urban Outfitters: The working hours are as follows:

  • A: Monday to Saturday: The work timings are from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • B: Sunday: The work timings are from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Employment Opportunities at Urban Outfitters

The company mainly hires creative applicants while maintaining the traditional hiring norms. The urban outfitters also tend to employ s diverse, intelligent, energetic, and confident employees that claim to make a world of difference. The entry-level applicants need to be passionate about retail and must be standing out to create the perfect sales associate besides being a team leader.

Job Opportunities

The job opportunities are full-time and part-time. They are regularly open to serve as an early career path in fashion retail or unique opportunities to earn some extra income working during college. The artistic people can get display artists positions which include working on the displays and storefront. They also tend to offer various store management opportunities for people seeking careers in the fashion industry.

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The retail chain provides managerial roles at multiple levels perfect for entry-level or experienced professionals, be it team leaders overseeing the sales associate or merchandising managers and assistant managers. The executive positions mainly require extra schooling and degrees besides at least two years of prior work experience. Natural leaders can find several opportunities to advance, especially in the retail chain.

Career Opportunities at Urban Outfitters

The fashion retail chain tends to offer both entry-level and career-level jobs at almost all locations. The potential sales associates tend to encounter minimum hiring requirements; managerial positions are likely to need further experience and education besides the minimum hiring age of at least 18 years old.

Sales Associate

The sales associates are likely to be the company’s face, and they have to interact with the patrons authentically besides organically and offer positive feedback. They also have to work in a structured work environment. The employees are expected to know the store philosophies, project upbeat personalities, and improve shopper experiences whenever possible.

urban outfitters application tip

Some of the responsibilities include helping customers make selections and taking payments whenever necessary. They also have to uphold the store cleanliness standards besides restocking the products whenever needed and show familiarity with the merchandise. They can start earning by minimum wage rate, and they can make more wages once they are experienced.

Department Supervisor

They mainly act as a subordinate supervisor to store managers besides assistant managers. They are ideally responsible for recruitment, training, and coaching of various sales teams amid each departmental store, and they also have to monitor the location of each assigned area.

The primary job duties include overseeing multiple levels of customer service, setting realistic sales objectives that align with the corporate policies, and delegate projects whenever essential. To get the leadership role, they have to understand visual merchandising besides possessing previous job experience. They can earn $38000 per year.


Career-oriented applicants are likely to find managerial jobs with the fashion chain retailer. The entry-level candidates are most likely to work as team leaders before they move to assistant-level managers. They need to possess prior job experience in the retail chain to get a job here. They can earn $45000 per year.

Tips For Applying at Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters offers a very seamless online application process. All the candidate has to do is refer to the official website and check out the different roles offered. The interested candidate will be required to complete an application of a single page to build their detailed career biography. Candidates can either upload their resumes or import their information from LinkedIn to complete the form.

urban outfitters application tips

Perks of Working at Urban Outfitters

The employees can access several health benefits like medical, dental, life, and vision insurance. Besides that, the employees can also get access to paid training and leaves.

Miscellaneous Information about Urban Outfitters

The fashion retailer offers various customers access to specific details and rewards besides multiple events on its urban app. hence employees love working here.


This global lifestyle retail chain is one of the great places to work at, as it offers employees plenty of perks and freedom to grow. This article covered all the possible information that the candidates might require to apply at Urban Outfitters and ace their recruitment process.

Candidates should understand the points and prepare well. This will help you understand the job requirements and how to prepare well for the interview. It will also put you ahead of other applicants.

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