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USF Holland Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

usf holland application

If you plan to fill and submit a Holland USF application, you must know that you are joining a company that offers a stable working environment to its employees. You must apply for this company because it offers several perks and also promotes employees from within.

All you need to do is head the company’s official web portal and apply for the job by filling the form. The company was established in 1929 in Holland, Michigan. Even though it started as a small company, it grew a lot before TNT Ltd purchased it in 1985.

Additional Information

The company was named USF in 1996. The Holland USF had found themselves changing hands once again in 2005 as it had joined hands with YRC Worldwide. Currently, the company covers at least 12 states and two provinces in Canada. The company has been ever-expanding, and it is working towards the south. Besides running more than 50 distribution centers, it also has more than four thousand trailers and over eight thousand employees.

Additional Services

Even though the company only has a small area, it offers quick shipping services with extremely minimum claim rates. The company tends to transport everything within the legal limit and strives to provide its patrons exceptional customer service.

The company is mainly running in Central, South-eastern, and Midwestern United States. They have been a growing provider of several trucking jobs. It offers jobs in different fields, including customer service and sales; the delivery service looks for jobseekers from diverse backgrounds to join their team.

Important Information To Know about USF Holland Before Applying for The Same

Minimum age required to work at USF Holland: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply at USF Holland.

Working hours at USF Holland: The company is operative 24*7, all days of the year.

Employment Opportunities at USF Holland

The applicants can fill several job positions, including loading driving, sales, office work, dock work, and managerial. The applicants need to collaborate ideally to deliver across all the locations across the country. The trucking organization is ever-growing, and it hires employees from various backgrounds and practical work experience to different docks, staff offices, and drives trucks.

usf holland application tip

Some of the positions available need delivery service certification, education besides some years of work experience in a similar situation, but many jobs are accessible to people new to the industry. The candidates that value efficiency and work perfectly in teams can gain preference during the hiring process.

Job Availability

The company offers jobs to both entry-level workers and career professionals. The diversified backgrounds in various industries like retail and sales, engineering, and mechanics, besides office settings, sanitation, and laborers or material movers, tend to be a boon or asset to the trucking organization.

Additionally, career-oriented applicants without any experience or essential qualifications tend to find entry-level work with delivery service, and it also provides work towards promotion. The employer offers several job opportunities for growth with constant performance assessments, which leads to promotions or raises.

Career Opportunities at USF Holland

The applicants need to be at least 18 years old if they want to get a job here. The company experiences a healthy turnover rate due to regular working hours, taxing labor laws, etc., leaving several applicants happy.


The job is available in local and regional capacities, and interested applicants need to get a unique driving license or CDLs. The applicants featuring open availability tend to fare way better as drivers as applicants in regional trucking positions are likely to embark on various trips which last for some time. Besides that, other requirements like the driving experience of at least one year or at least 50000 miles, a clean driving record free of DUI or BWI charges, no accidents majorly, and ability to pass any drug test.

usf holland application tips

Once the applicants are hired as drivers, they need to work in the designated area in different settings and various weather conditions, load and unload products, coordinate with dispatchers to make the most traveling efficiency. The drivers also need to inspect the vehicles before driving them and maintain the trucking logs. They can expect to earn at least $72000 per year.


The perfect job for both college and university pass-outs as the dockworkers mainly perform shifts that are likely to last longer, at times more than four hours. They must work at least four days a week, and the interested candidates need to have the ability either early morning or in the evening later on. The dock work doesn’t need to have previous work experience necessary.

But the knowledge of forklift operation tends to afford candidates preference during the hiring process. Some primary responsibilities are likely to include loading and unloading heavy cargo from the truck, aligning with safety measures, and maintaining the company’s storage facilities. The potential drug workers need to pass the drug tests and other pre-employment assessments and screenings. They can earn $12 to $13 per hour.

Tips for Applying at USF Holland

Individuals looking forward to applying at USF Holland can apply through the online mode or even apply office. Regardless of whatever medium candidates are using, candidates need to be very careful in terms of applying. Since there is immense competition, candidates need to be very thorough.

Perks of Working at USF Holland application

The company offers several employment perks like paid leaves and holidays. Overall, the company offers a great work-life balance to the individuals, like the icing on the cake.

Miscellaneous Information about USF Holland Application

The company offers various items imprinted with its logo like fleece headbands, beanies, scarves, baseball caps etc.


For applicants to get A-Z information about USF Holland, here we have provided a brief about all the important points. We have touched upon topics such as the company’s background and the different ways in how interested candidates can apply. We have also mentioned the expected salary and the perks of working at USF Holland. Hence, this information will surely help. Candidates should also go through all this information so they can apply for a job here and get selected.

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