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Utility Worker Job Description

utility worker job description

A utility worker is responsible for maintaining and cleaning company premises. They monitor and maintain the facilities of the organization. They can manage company equipment and inspect the company’s equipment. The utility worker also inspects the finished projects of the organization. The utility worker needs to comply with all safety guidelines in the best possible way with all health and safety equipment. Utility worker job position is an entry-level position.

utility worker job description

Job Description – Utility Worker

The utility worker is responsible for managing general cleanliness and maintenance duties at the premises of the organization. As a utility worker, you should get all cleanliness tasks assigned either inside or outside the property. They repair the maintenance tools. They ensure basic landscaping duties are performed. The utility worker also inspects utility projects. They also maintain the different stock levels as a utility worker. They also focus on health and safety guidelines to work.

Skills Required – Utility Worker

  • They clean and landscape the different kinds of equipment.
  • They need good physical stamina to work as a utility worker.
  • The utility worker also needs appropriate skills to work as a utility worker.
  • They should always multitask at work.
  • They also fix lights and repair equipment and also maintain a safe work environment.

Responsibilities – Utility Worker

  • They use verbal and written communication to work as utility workers.
  • They also take the instructions from the company’s managers and maintenance supervisors.
  • The utility worker also performs basic landscaping duties such as trimming the trees, weeding, and watering the plants.
  • The utility worker also orders and maintains the cleaning supplies and maintenance equipment.
  • They also conduct basic repairs and maintain proper equipment.
  • They also replace light fittings and also repair broken globes.
  • The utility worker also ensures all equipment is handled safely.
  • They also use volatile cleaning liquids and gasoline.
  • All utility projects must also be completed in a timely and orderly fashion.

Requirements – Utility Worker

  • Utility worker needs high school diploma and GED.
  • Utility worker requires prior work experience in the same domain.
  • They must also have the ability to work on different work orders.
  • Utility workers must have detailed knowledge about mechanical landscaping equipment.
  • Utility workers stand for long time durations.
  • They must also work with dangerous chemicals in the best possible way.
  • Utility workers must know dangerous cleaning equipment and the different techniques of cleaning.
  • Utility workers should have basic mechanical and electrical knowledge.
  • They should also have the ability to work and maintain proper equipment which is heavy-duty in nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the role of a Utility Worker?

Ans. The utility worker is responsible for repairing and installing equipment within the company premises. They maintain the public utilities in the city. The utility worker ensures how to maintain the utilities in the city so that they can maintain a safe and healthy environment in the nearby surrounding.

2 What are the duties of a Utility Worker?


  • They require excellent customer service skills.
  • They can follow safety procedures and guidelines.
  • The utility worker also cleans and manages kitchen utensils.
  • They prepare food for employees.
  • They can effectively sanitize the kitchen.
  • The utility worker also maintains temperature safety in the organization.
  • They can also assist elderly people with groceries.

3 How do companies recruit utility workers?

Ans. They can recruit utility workers through free job sites, employee referral groups, maintenance staff agencies, they can also recruit utility workers on a direct basis. Companies also hire a supervisor to lead the team of utility workers. Utility workers maintain the public spaces in the city.

4 What kind of equipment does a Utility worker repair?

Ans. The utility worker repairs equipment such as electronic equipment, light fittings, and broken globe. The Utility worker can install and repair different kinds of equipment in the best possible way.

5 What are the general interview questions as a Utility worker?


  • Did you face a gap as a general utility worker in your employment?
  • What kind of professional achievement can you achieve as a utility worker?
  • State a problem you have resolved by using the best possible techniques?
  • How will you perform under pressure?
  • How will you have fun in your job?
  • What will you do to enhance and improve your skills?
  • How will you work as a utility worker?
  • Can you work as a team member?

6 What are the specific qualifications required to work as a Utility Worker?

Ans. You require a certification course as a utility worker, you require appropriate experience to work as a utility worker. They should also know about their job properly. You need to work well in a team in the best possible way. You should also be capable to manage your team as a utility worker.

7 What are the duties of a Utility Worker?


  • The utility worker manages the whole department’s cleanliness as a Utility Worker.
  • They ensure all electrical equipment is turned off.
  • The utility worker also ensures all garbage is thrown into the dustbin.
  • They maintain all public utilities as a utility worker.
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