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Vans Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Vans seek athletic enthusiasts and energetic individuals for its retail chain. It is headquartered in Cypress, CA. It often requires athletic-minded candidates to fill up the vacant positions of sales and customer services.

Candidates looking for a job role at Vans can go through the details mentioned below and apply for their desired job role accordingly.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Vans

Vans offer candidature to job seekers with a minimum age of 18 while applying for the current positions. The working and operational hours at Vans are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Future Job Scope at Vans

Vans offer continual employment opportunities in many regions worldwide. It has a presence in all the well-known areas across the United States. You may get job opportunities in New England, United States’ Central Plains regions, Southwest, South, Northwest, and Midwest.

Vans provide competitive salaries, potentialities of career growth, and access to ongoing training programs to its employees. Aspiring candidates can get job roles across the Hawaiian islands. Besides, candidates may find job opportunities in Vans store locations across California due to its origin in the region.

Job Positions Offered at Vans

The readily available positions at Vans include the following. Please scroll down and know the available opening, roles, overview, salary structure, and responsibilities.

Sales Associates

  • Sales Associates at Vans need to stand on foot and make repetitive motions during their shift with this retailer.
  • They should maintain verbal communication with shoppers and fellow workers.
  • Their duties also include ringing up sales and recommending products to the shoppers.
  • They typically work during the night and weekend shifts as Vans offer part-time roles to entry-level associates.
  • Vans offer around $9.00 to $10.00 per hour to the Sales Associates.

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Floor Supervisors

  • Entry-level candidates usually get a job role as Floor Supervisors.
  • They are responsible for enforcing company policies, supervising the subordinate-level employees, organizing sales floors, and maintaining product levels.
  • The floor supervisors also retrieve products back to the storage areas, assist with sales, and complete and handle transactions.
  • They should have GEDs or high school diplomas to get this job role at Vans.
  • Floor Supervisors at Vans usually earn around $10.00 an hour.

Benefits of Being An Employee of Vans

Vans offer a positive, energetic, and joyful atmosphere at its store locations. It provides many benefits to its employees that workers enjoy working with Vans, include the following:

  • Vans motivate and also encourages its employees to help build a professional association with its shoppers.
  • It also offers rollerblading and skateboarding to the employees.
  • It wants stronger relations with customers than boosting sales only.
  • Newly appointed employees benefit from 50% off on merchandise immediately upon joining Vans.
  • Eligible employees receive recognition awards, sick days, paid vacation, and holiday pay.
  • Employees also get life insurance, 401 (K) retirement plans, employee assistance programs, vision, dental, and medical plans.

However, a few beneficial programs and perks may need a full-time employment role at Vans.

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The Online Job Application Process of Vans

Applicants looking for a job with a retail chain must consider Vans as their prospective employer. Vans offers various perks and benefits along with competitive salaries to its employees. The online job application process to fill out for a job role at Vans is as follows:

  • Candidates should check Vans’ online career webpage.
  • Search your desired position for corporate, distribution, or retail jobs.
  • Choose your required region, store location, job title, or shift capacities.
  • Tap on the job role you prefer to work with at Vans.
  • You can select any region, including Canada, Puerto Rico, United States, etc.
  • Scroll this page till the end to tap on the “Apply Now” tab.
  • Your search results regarding your preference for the job role, location, or job title will appear here.
  • Tap on the job title you are deciding to apply for at Vans and tap on the “Apply” tab.
  • Here you must log in with your Vans account details or tap on the “Create Account” tab.
  • It is optional to upload your resume. However, uploading a resume is an effective part of considering your employment application. Resumes showing your skills, capacities, education, and qualification will impress Vans hiring managers.
  • Fill up the personal details and contact information sections and tap on the “Next” tab.
  • After filling up the experience and remaining information, you can submit your job application for Vans and complete the process.

Checking Job Application Status of Vans

Candidates looking to work with Vans may upload their resumes and fill up online jobs through its website. Vans allow users to check out their job application status online. It will help save the time of both employees and employers. Vans updates the status of potential candidates over its career portal.

So, you should keep checking if you don’t hear back from Van’s professionals. Eligible candidates may receive phone calls from Van’s hiring professionals to schedule their interview process. A few job roles at Vans may require two to three weeks to complete the hiring process.

In the meantime, candidates can also check back at Vans stores to know about the job application and employment status. They may also contact Vans or ask about their job application status through a phone call or e-mail.

Additional Information about Vans

Vans actively sponsor massive events being extreme sports proponents. For example, this retail chain holds a competition every year to promote international surfing. The event is also called the World Cup of Surfing, hosted by Vans at many destinations worldwide. Many other sponsorships from Vans is to support extreme athletics, such as motocross, BMX, rock climbing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. Vans, the retail chain helps assemble current professional teams to participate in the competitions.


The job application process for Vans can be completed through its career portal. Job applicants may find various job roles for corporate, distribution, and retail positions. Vans have over 1,000 store locations across its North American region. This company is based out in California. It is a well-known apparel and shoe manufacturer.

North America is the primary operational area of Vans. Thus, it offers many job roles in most store locations based out in this region. However, there are great locations of Vans worldwide for which it seeks many candidates. Candidates can apply for any job role available over its online career platform according to their age and eligibility criteria. Check out Van's online job application process explained above before filling out a job role for this well-known store chain.

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