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Varsity Tutors Application: Jobs & Careers Online

varsity tutors application

Are you looking for a way to share your knowledge and earn a good wage at the same time?

This can be easy and fun when you work for Varsity Tutors. This company was established in 2007 to connect students with qualified and experienced tutors.

Today, Varsity Tutors employs more than 1,200 tutors who specialize in a range of subjects. The popularity of the company means there are always opportunities for new tutors to sign up.

So, make sure your Varsity Tutors Application: Jobs & Careers Online stands out from the crowd by checking out the following information.

varsity tutors application

Facts About Working At Varsity Tutors

You can work at Varsity Tutors when you are eighteen years old. Most tutors have the chance to select their own hours and can work either part-time or full-time. Varsity Tutors boast centers in twenty major cities, while tutors can also connect with students online.

There are opportunities for international tutors and students to connect via the online platform. Tutors receive ongoing testing and monitoring to make sure they meet the needs of different students. In addition to specially crafted lessons, tutors help students prepare for exams and other types of tests.

Varsity Tutors Job Opportunities

There are opportunities for tutors with specialist skills like Latin to share their knowledge with interested students. Varsity Tutors also employs career professionals to manage marketing and other areas of the company. Here are some of the essential jobs at Varsity tutors and the types of duties that go with them.


Tutors have the opportunity to set their own schedules and work either full-time or part-time hours. Tutoring either takes place in one of the company’s centers or online. It is necessary to create special lesson plans for individual students and meet their studying goals.

You need to hold a bachelor’s degree to be a tutor and have strong communication skills. The average salary is around $20 per hour. However, tutors can also receive travel expenses and special bonuses for completing set targets.

varsity tutors application guide

Tutoring Sales Director

These professionals are responsible for helping Varsity Tutors to grow and thrive. Sales directors are in charge of client profiles and help match tutors with different clients. They also make sure that all members of the sales team are performing well and meet their targets.

Tutoring sales directors also make up to a hundred calls a day to potential clients such as schools and colleges. It is necessary to be very organized and have excellent communication skills. It is possible to perform this role from home and choose full-time or part-time hours. The average salary for this role is $20 per hour in addition to performance bonuses.

Director of Tutoring

These professionals work with new clients to assess their needs. They also have a list of potential clients that they need to call each day to hopefully enroll them. It is necessary to have a good understanding of Varsity Tutors and be able to explain the service clearly.

A director of tutoring needs to be very organized and able to prioritize tasks. It is possible to perform the duties remotely, and the typical salary is $44,000 per year.

Front End Web Developer

A large number of web developers are employed by Varsity Tutors to expand the company’s digital learning technologies. This helps to make sure that online students and tutors receive strong and stable connections. Front-end web developers usually work as a team in the Varsity Tutors head office.

It is necessary to have deep knowledge of a range of programs like HTML5 and CSS3, Photoshop, Bootstrap, and iQuery. Front-end web developers also use media channels to enhance the company’s presence and brand. The average salary for this role is $75,000 per year.

the varsity tutors application guide

Marketing Manager

This role involves creating special marketing campaigns and strategies to promote Varsity Tutors. Other tasks involve identifying market opportunities and trends and leading team collaboration. Marketing managers also create regular reports and lead presentations to explain marketing plans.

It is necessary to hold a degree in marketing to do this job and have strong leadership skills. Marketing managers also need to have strong leadership skills and liaise with heads of other departments. The average salary for this role is around $120,000 per year.

Employee Benefits at Varsity Tutors

Eligible full-time Varsity Tutors receive a wide range of benefits, such as 52 hours of free tutoring each year. Special employment packages include medical, dental, life, and vision insurance, and access to company retirement plans. Other benefits include on-the-job training and world-class support from the development team.

How To Apply?

It takes around three minutes to complete the online Varsity Tutors application process. Start by entering your name and email address and check the box to agree to the company’s terms. You then need to choose the subjects you can teach from the dropdown menus.

Next, add details of your educational background and any teaching certificates you have. The next section features boxes where you need to add your test scores in different areas. Finally, choose your availability and answer a few simple questions to complete the process.

Online skill testing…

A hiring manager will then review your application and call you to take part in a phone interview. The next step consists of online testing to make sure you have the necessary skills. If you make the grade, a final interview will be arranged, and a job offer will usually be made.

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Final Thoughts

It can take several weeks to complete the Varsity Tutors hiring process. It is important to remain polite and professional throughout the entire process.

You can check on your hiring status at any time by sending a professional email to a hiring manager. If you are applying for a corporate role, you can send your resume and cover letter directly to a hiring manager. Make sure you highlight strong leadership and organizational skills.

Varsity Tutors hiring managers usually prefer to conduct interviews remotely if possible, and it is important to be prepared.

All the very best with your Varsity Tutors Online Application!

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