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Virgin America Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Do you want a job that allows you to take to the skies or assist customers on their journeys?

A job at Virgin America can open doors to a number of ‘choice’ career paths. The company boasts a presence in most cities throughout the USA and is a highly respected employer.

Working at Virgin America is ideal for people who enjoy challenging and fast-paced environments. A wide range of job opportunities at Virgin America are advertised on the company’s website throughout the year. When job opportunities become available, they tend to attract attention from a large number of applicants.

So, let’s taking an in-depth look at the Virgin America Application Online: Jobs & Career Info to help you ace the application…

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Facts About Working at Virgin America

You need to be at least eighteen years old to work at Virgin America. The company operates around the clock, every day of the year. As a result, many employees are required to work night shifts as well as during public holidays and on weekends.

Virgin features branches in a large number of countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, and Italy. Virgin America employees are encouraged to develop their careers by working for other divisions and countries if they wish. This allows employees to take on new challenges and explore different countries while remaining part of the Virgin family.

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Virgin America Job Opportunities

Most jobs at Virgin America revolve around meeting the needs of passengers and delivering first-rate customer services. Managerial roles often become available to talented professionals with experience. Let’s take a look at some of the key Virgin America roles and the associated job responsibilities.

Customer Service Agent

This entry-level job is ideal for high school graduates and people who need to gain work experience. Customer service agents interact with customers before and after flights and cater to their needs. It is necessary to have strong communication skills to do this job, which pays $13 per hour.

Flight Attendant

This job is popular with people who want to take to the skies and see other parts of the USA. The main duty is making sure that passengers are comfortable during flights. This includes serving food and drinks, providing blankets and pillows, and explaining safety procedures.

Flight attendants receive several weeks of paid training on safety procedures before they board their first flight as a Virgin America employee. Flight attendants typically earn $32,000 per year when they start their contracts. However, employees with special skills such as speaking several languages can earn up to $52,000 per year.

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Ground Service Agent

This is a full-time position that requires employees to lift heavy luggage and stand for long periods. Ground service agents are also responsible for guiding aircraft and de-icing planes. Employees usually start at $14 per hour, which typically increases with experience.

Marketing Copywriter

This role involves assisting the marketing team with various types of content marketing. Marketing copywriters need to have exceptional writing and proofreading skills. They need to be able to work to tight deadlines and brainstorm content ideas with members of different teams.

You will need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism or marketing and the ability to follow company writing guidelines. Successful applicants usually have at least four years of experience in content writing or marketing. While this role is usually performed in an office environment, it also occasionally involves travel.

Airport Team Member

These employees mainly assist passengers with the boarding process to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Associated tasks include processing registration information, tagging luggage, issuing boarding passes, and cleaning the aircraft. It is also necessary to inform crew members about weather conditions, cargo, and other essential information.

People who have at least two years of experience working at a busy airport can apply for this role. It is necessary to be able to lift heavy items and be available to work a wide range of shift patterns. This job is available on both a full-time and part-time basis and pays up to $11 per hour.

Additional Benefits of Working at Virgin America

Most of the benefits are reserved for full-time employees who have reached a certain level in the company. Most full-time employees are treated to discounts on flights and other Virgin America products and services. Other benefits include medical insurance, life insurance, paid vacations, and retirement plans.

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Tips for Applying to Work at Virgin America

The Virgin America application online: Jobs & Career Info is just your starting point. The application form can be found on the career page of the company’s website. Before tracking down the job you want to apply for, it is a good idea to create an account. Create an account with your name, email address, and a password, and then sign into the website to get started.

You will find a list of the available jobs, and you can click on the title to read all about it. If you match the required skills and work experience, you can click on the ‘Apply’ button at the bottom of the page. You should complete the application form in as much detail as possible.

Check for errors before submitting…

The application form consists of several sections, and it is important to complete each of them. You should tailor your resume to the job you are applying for and upload it to the company’s website. Make sure you check your application form for errors before clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.

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Final Thoughts

It can take up to two weeks to hear from a hiring manager after submitting an online application form. The interview can take several forms, depending on scheduling commitments and the job that you have applied for. Successful candidates may need to complete several phone and in-person interviews before being offered a job.

Hiring managers search for candidates who have a passion for customer satisfaction and first-rate service. It is important to maintain a positive and friendly attitude during the interview while also maintaining a professional tone. Employees of all levels should be flexible enough to work long hours and a wide range of shift patterns.

All the very best with your Application!

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