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Vitamin Shoppe Application: Jobs & Careers Online

Are you looking for a sales role where you can utilize your knowledge of health and fitness?

When it comes to supplements, there is no denying that Vitamin Shoppe is an industry leader. The company was established in 1977, and the hundreds of stores carry more than eight thousand different products.

The increasing demand for high-quality supplements has helped the company to grow and expand over the years. As a result, new Vitamin Shoppe stores are opened regularly, and employees of all levels are always needed.

So, let-s take an in-depth look at the Vitamin Shoppe Application: Jobs & Careers Online and typical job opportunities and find the perfect job for you.

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Facts About Working At Vitamin Shoppe

You need to be at least eighteen years old to work at Vitamin Shoppe. The stores are typically open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sundays. Weekend and evening shifts are ideal for college students who want to gain work experience.

There are more than seven hundred Vitamin Shoppe locations, including stores in Canada and Puerto Rico. When new stores open, talented managers and other professionals are often promoted to lead them. This is a good opportunity for Vitamin Shoppe employees to advance while discovering a different part of the world.

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Vitamin Shoppe Job Opportunities

Vitamin Shoppe is committed to providing employees of all levels with the training they need to succeed. While there are numerous roles for entry-level candidates, professional-level candidates with specialist knowledge and skills are also actively sought. Here are some of the most easily accessible job roles at Vitamin Shoppe and the duties that go with them.

Health Enthusiast

This role is ideal for entry-level employees who have an interest in healthcare and fitness. They need to be familiar with the Vitamin Shoppe product range and be able to make recommendations to customers. They must also be able to explain the advantages of different products clearly to help drive sales.

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Health enthusiasts are also responsible for operating the store cash register and handling different payment options. They help to keep the store clean and tidy and make sure the shelves are fully stocked at all times. The starting salary for a health specialist is minimum wage, which rises to $10 per hour over time.

Key Holder

This low-level supervisory role is often offered to health enthusiasts who have advanced skills and extra experience. While they perform the same roles as a health enthusiast, key holders are held to higher standards. They are also given a few extra responsibilities such as opening and closing the store.

Keyholders are essentially in charge of overseeing operations on the shop floor. They liaise with customers and help them to find the perfect products for their needs. Keyholders also make sure that stock is well displayed and the shop floor is clean and tidy. The salary ranges from $9 per hour to $13 per hour.

Assistant Manager

This managerial role involves supervising all staff members and making sure that they work at the optimum level. Assistant managers assign tasks to employees and make sure that they are fully trained. Assistant managers usually start at $13 per hour. People who excel in this role have the potential to earn $20 per hour.

vitamin shoppe application guide

Store Manager

These experienced leaders are responsible for making sure that a single location runs smoothly. Store managers enforce sales plans and perform administration tasks like inventory and payroll. When the need arises, store managers interview employees and make hiring decisions.

The salary for a store manager varies with skill and experience and typically starts at $35,000 per year. Talented professionals who have a lot of experience under their belts can earn up to $60,000 per year in this role.

Additional Benefits of Working at Vitamin Shoppe

All Vitamin Shoppe employees receive discounts on company products, paid training, and access to on-site fitness centers. Full-time professionals are also provided with a special benefits package that includes short-term disability coverage, paid time off, and sick leave.

Other benefits include annual paid vacation days, access to company retirement plans, and medical, dental, and vision insurance.

How To Apply?

The careers section of the Vitamin Shoppe website usually features a wide range of job opportunities. It is possible to narrow the search by selecting corporate, retail, or distribution followed by a store location. Clicking on a job title from the list will reveal the full job description along with the responsibilities and qualifications.

Click on the ‘Apply for this job online’ button and enter your email address to access the Vitamin Shoppe application. Uploading a resume will automatically fill out all sections of the application form. It’s also possible to import information from a LinkedIn account. It is important to check all of the information before clicking on the ‘Submit profile’ button.

A recommendation helps…

It typically takes between a week and two weeks for hiring managers to screen all of the applications. They will then contact suitable candidates by phone or email to arrange an email. Receiving a recommendation from a current Vitamin Shoppe employee can help to speed up the hiring process.

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Final Thoughts

Hiring managers look for candidates who are willing to work a wide range of shift patterns. While previous experience is preferred for entry-level jobs, full training is provided.

However, most professional-level candidates should meet the required qualifications to secure the role. Candidates of all levels should be able to prove basic knowledge of the health industry during the interview. It is a good idea to prepare answers that highlight strong communication and customer service skills.

Being able to talk confidently about different types of supplements will also help candidates ace the interview.

All the very best with your Vitamin Shoppe Online Application!

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