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Volkswagen Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Volkswagen Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Are you a fan of Volkswagen and the company’s fun and distinctive vehicles?

This popular automobile manufacturer is commonly known as VW and is based in Germany. The company boasts a wide range of popular models, many of which have been around for decades. Volkswagen has never been afraid to do things differently, which can be seen in the unique designs of its vehicles. While the company has remained true to its origins, it has also embraced environmental commitments in recent years.

So, let’s go through my in-depth Volkswagen Mission and Vision Statement Analysis to discover the secret behind the company’s success.

volkswagen mission and vision statement analysis

Company History

The Volkswagen Group was founded by the German government in 1937 to mass-produce commercial vehicles. In 1949 control of the company was transferred to the state of Lower Saxony and the West German government. At this time, the company was responsible for producing around half of the passenger cars in Germany.

Production expanded rapidly in the 1950s, and many new vehicles were introduced. Particularly of note were the Transporter van in 1950 and the innovative Karmann Ghia coupe in 1955.

VW comes to America…

Volkswagen of America was established in 1955, and the Doyle Dane Bernbach advertising agency was hired. The company created a revolutionary advertising campaign to popularize the Beetle. With its compact and quirky design, this vehicle was very different from the popular American vehicles of the time.

Today, the Volkswagen Group manufactures commercial vehicles, passenger cars, motorcycles, and engines. In 2011, the company was the largest automaker in the world, according to output. The company operates in more than 150 countries around the world and owns thirteen popular vehicle brands.

The Mission Statement

‘To offer attractive, safe, and environmentally sound vehicles which can compete in an increasingly tough market and set world standards in their respective class.’ This is the closest thing the company has to an official mission statement of Volkswagen. But in reality, it is more of a Goal than an actual Mission Statement.

This reveals the ultimate aim of the company and how it goes towards achieving this goal. Let’s now take a closer look at the key elements that compose this ‘mission statement.’

Distinguished quality

The insistence on quality has helped Volkswagen to be an industry leader for more than eighty years. All vehicles designed and manufactured by the company are aimed at providing an unparalleled driving experience.

Exceeding expectations

Volkswagen has never been afraid to make bold moves and do things a bit differently. The company’s designs and execution constantly exceed the expectations of drivers. The company also achieves this through its empowerment programs and environmental initiatives.

the volkswagen mission and the vision statement analysis

The Vision Statement

The company’s vision statement is ‘to make this world a mobile, sustainable place with access to all the citizens.’ This statement clearly reveals that the company is focused on initiating mobility advances across the globe. The main ways that this is done through Volkswagen products can be seen in two key elements.

Global reach

The company’s expansion has allowed the company to reach motorists around the world. A wide range of popular VW models can be found in a whole host of countries. Many vehicles are collector’s items and are celebrated at special VW festivals globally.

Improve mobility and sustainability

Certain vehicles are also adapted to meet the needs and challenges of different environments. In the last decade, the company has taken significant strides toward sustainability. This ability to change and adapt indicates that the future is bright for Volkswagen.

Environmental Mission Statement Analysis

In recent years, an environmental mission statement for Volkswagen has a developed and been released. This is part of the company’s goTOzero statement of purpose. It is composed of three key elements that we can explore in more detail.

Environmental change

Volkswagen has been quick to embrace and embody the terms of the United Nations’ Paris atmosphere assurance arrangement. To do this, this company has launched a large number of initiatives. One of the most prominent is the commitment to become a CO2–unbiased organization by 2050.


The company has published a plan to advance economic approaches and boost asset productivity regarding water, energy, and materials. In 2010, Volkswagen launched an initiative to reduce emissions by 45% per vehicle by 2025.

Natural consistency

The Volkswagen Corporation has set the industry standard for cutting edge, straightforward, and fruitful organization. The company introduced a series of practical administration frameworks that spread the ecological effect of its versatile arrangements. This initiative is spread across all of the company’s life cycle stages.

The Environment-Friendly Vehicles

Volkswagen’s commitment to the go TOzero statement can largely be seen in its fleet of environmentally-friendly vehicles. Several different categories of vehicles have been created to meet the needs of a wide range of people. While these vehicles are innovative, their overall designs perfectly fit with the company’s brand.

Pure ethanol vehicles

The company developed its prototype pure ethanol car in 1978. This vehicle was produced and sold by the Brazilian division of the company and ran solely on ethanol. The prototype was designed in response to the oil crisis in 1973. Within six years, around 75% of all passenger vehicles in Brazil were manufactured with ethanol engines.

Flexible-fuel vehicles

The Brazilian division of Volkswagen once again led the way in 2003 with the launch of the first full flexible-fuel vehicle. The VW Gol 1.6 Total Flex was capable of running any blend of E100 (ethanol) and petrol. The VW Gol 1.6 Total Flex was launched to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Volkswagen and attracted a lot of attention.

This vehicle proved to be very successful, and nearly 300,000 flex-fuel cars and light-duty trucks were sold by 2005. Today, Volkswagen creates a range of flex-fuel models for different markets. These include the Polo Sedan, Polo Hatch, Gol, CrossFox, Fox, Parati, Golf, Kombi, and Saveiro.

volkswagen mission and the vision statement analysis

Hybrid vehicles

Volkswagen has partnered with Sanyo to develop a special battery system for hybrid cars. In the future, Volkswagen plans that all its vehicles will come with a hybrid option. This began with the launch of the Touareg Hybrid in 2011.

The following year, Volkswagen began introducing diesel-electric hybrid versions of all its most popular models. This began with the Jetta Hybrid and was closely followed by the Golf Hybrid and Passat Hybrid. In 2012, the Jetta Hybrid recorded a world record-breaking speed of 187 mph.

Plug-in electric vehicles

In 2016, the Volkswagen Group began offering a fleet of plug-in electric vehicles to meet its commitment to reducing emissions. The company has set the target of selling one million plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles a year by 2025. There are plans to expand the company’s offering with twenty new plug-in hybrid and pure electric cars.

The Audi e-Tron Quattro and the Porsche Mission E all-electric car have been designed to compete directly with Tesla Motors. The Audi e-Tron Quattro is slated to become Volkswagen’s first mass-production electric vehicle. Volkswagen firmly believes that it can produce up to 75,000 battery-electric and plug-in hybrids each year.

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Final Thoughts

Like many German companies, Volkswagen embodies reliability.

However, the company has never been afraid to make waves and follow its own path. This can be seen from the very beginning with the release of the original VW Beetle.

Volkswagen vehicles boast unique characteristics that make them charming and instantly appealing. The company constantly strives to meet the needs of drivers in a wide range of different ways. This can especially be seen in the goTOzero strategy and the new range of environmentally-friendly vehicles.

All the very best working for Volkswagen!

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