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Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

the volunteer coordinator job description

The job of a Volunteer Coordinator includes taking the responsibility of recruiting new volunteers and promoting the former volunteers. They do all aspects of volunteer work for the organizations. These volunteers help the organization convey its purpose to the people out there. As a Volunteer Coordinator, you have to tell all the parties about the arrangement and take the responsibility for the same. It requires a set of skills to do all kinds of work that serves a good purpose for the public.

volunteer coordinator job description

Job Description

To be a Volunteer Coordinator, you should have a good eye for detail. In this job, you will be performing different activities that require proper focus and strength. You have to be responsible for all the database of volunteer opportunities to help keep it updated. This includes training the newcomers and keeping the volunteer information. You have to note down the skills with your name and identity to get a quick match for the tasks in the future. A Volunteer Coordinator always has to focus on doing the work as per the organization’s instructions to convey the purpose.

To be a successful Volunteer Coordinator, you have to be passionate enough about volunteer work. You should have the eye of an analyzer to keep the records. As a volunteer, you have to keep up with the values of the organization and work according to the comfort of the volunteer’s positions.

Skills Required

As a Volunteer Coordinator, you have to perform various functions to keep a proper database. You need to be focused enough to prevent any errors in the record. Apart from that, you have to be good at analyzing things as you will be keeping a lot of records. Also, you will be recruiting new volunteers, which requires good analyzing skills.

Job Responsibilities

  • You will be in charge of training and hiring new volunteers to help them learn skills that are required in the field.
  • You will also be creating a database and updating it every day with the names and skills of the volunteers. This will also reduce the time spent searching for people with a similar set of skills.
  • They also have to use marketing tools and help spread the word about volunteer opportunities.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator also has to take care of the ongoing training and make sure that it is effective.
  • Providing training to volunteers to help them match the skill set of the job
  • You also have to keep the proper records of the time and schedules of the work timings for volunteers.
  • As a Volunteer Coordinator, you will be creating the code of conduct whenever required with permission from the higher authorities.
  • You should also make sure that you are conveying the purpose of the organization to the public.
  • Strong attention to detail is also preferred.

Job Requirements

  • You should hold an associate’s degree in business management, human resources, or a related field.
  • You should have experience of the recruitment process as a volunteer.
  • The candidate should also know the workings and updating of a database.
  • You should have excellent communication skills to make sure you connect easily with the people around you. This will also help you understand them.
  • As a Volunteer Coordinator, you have to know the right way to organize things properly that are easily accessible by fellow Volunteer Coordinators.
  • Being a Volunteer Coordinator requires you to be a team player and you should understand the necessity of teaming up for hard tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Is it important to have previous experience working as a volunteer?

Ans. You need to know the environment and everything that goes around the work of a volunteer. You have to know the problems faced by volunteers to be a Volunteer Coordinator. This will help you assign doable tasks with proper coordination with fellow volunteers. So, the organization always looks for people with experience in the same field.

2 How to apply for the job of Volunteer Coordinator?

Ans. You can always run a quick search on the internet for jobs near your place. You can find a few free websites and they can easily connect you to an employer. Or you can also search for organizations that you want to work for and look for work on their website. Just write an email with whatever experience you hold and you will surely find a good opportunity. This will also help you understand the opportunities around.

3 What are the duties of a Volunteer Coordinator?

Ans. As a Volunteer Coordinator, you will be performing the recruiting of new volunteers. You will also be responsible for maintaining the records and updating the databases. You should have a good eye for detail to analyze the situation and set up a skillset to hire volunteers for the same. This helps Volunteer Coordinators find people that are perfect for a particular job.

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