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Volunteer Job Description

volunteer job description

Individuals who willingly devote their time, effort, and skill are known as volunteers.

Depending on the company they volunteer for, these individuals contribute their effort and time to several tasks.

Volunteers collaborate with institutions or non-governmental organizations (NGOs). They usually get trained and work under the supervision of the seniors.

Promotion and raising funds, administrative responsibilities, and team initiatives are all examples of these responsibilities.

volunteer job description

Job Description of Volunteer

Completing tasks provided by the supervisor, supporting the organization’s principles, and keeping a professional approach with all stakeholders are among the volunteer’s roles. The interested candidates must be punctual, follow directions, and improve the organization’s general functioning.

People who remain committed to the subject they work for are excellent communicators and prefer to work as team members.

Besides that, people who excel in this domain have a positive attitude and personality that remains well suited for this position.

Depending on the organization and how many hours an individual can contribute, the hours for a volunteering job could be both full and part-time.

The employment might also differ in location, such as collecting outdoor venues or administrative tasks in an office setting. The candidates must display listening skills and problem-solving skills to be good as volunteers and excel further in this domain.

Responsibilities of Volunteer

  • The volunteers complete all of the supervisor’s tasks and report any problems accordingly for the proper functioning of the organization.
  • They also help with marketing initiatives to promote the cause for which they work.
  • The volunteers also indulge in making posters, setting up for events, and adding new content to blogs or webpages.
  • They also frequently have conversations with public members by phone, email, or in-person to answer questions and provide as much information as possible about the cause.
  • The volunteers arrive for duty on time and maintain a professional demeanor in every aspect with the stakeholders.
  • They also remain in charge of keeping up-to-date records as needed and delivering these records or reports regularly to their supervisors in the organization.

Requirements for Volunteer

  • The candidates interested in this profession must be comfortable working with a team and value diversity to deal with diverse backgrounds.
  • The volunteers must also have strong communication skills and be able to clearly and efficiently follow instructions.
  • The volunteers must also maintain the secrecy of the confidential information related to the organization and its employees.
  • To manage various tasks, volunteers must be organized and able to manage their time effectively.
  • Volunteers must work on various tasks, often under challenging conditions, to attain a goal or aim.
  • The interested candidates must undergo the required training and clear any doubts about their responsibilities in the organization.

Interview questions for Volunteer

1 What characteristics make you a suitable candidate in this domain?

Ans. This section reveals information about the candidate and their motivation for wanting to work for the business.

2 How about a brief description of your previous volunteer experience?

Ans. The question helps to figure out the in-depth knowledge of the candidates regarding the position. Also, it eases the process of assessing the candidates based on their capabilities and experience.

3 Tell us how you were able to resolve a disappointed senior. What did you take away from the experience?

Ans. This section helps to assess the active listening and problem-solving abilities of the candidates. It also reveals a lot about their temperament in adverse situations.

4 Tell me about yourself and why you want to work for this organization?

Ans. Emphasizes familiarity with the organization as well as their ability to communicate their skills.

5 Explain one of the previous roles that went well for you? What was the secret of its success?

Ans. The question helps to assess the candidates on their best role in a similar domain. Also, the question reveals a lot about an individual’s confidence in their skills and their metric of assessing their own performance.

Future Scope as a Volunteer

One of the most apparent professional benefits of volunteers remains the chance to build new skills while also honing existing ones. As volunteers, the candidates will have the opportunity to put their abilities to the test and learn new approaches.

Volunteers can take advantage of the opportunities to advance their abilities to new heights and boost their employability.

Filling a volunteer opportunity exposes a volunteer to new groups of people who may work in the industry they wish to volunteer.

Besides that, worldwide, employers recognize and value volunteerism. Also, the work experience gained through volunteerism can distinguish an applicant from many other candidates. It also exhibits leadership to prospective employers.


Although the profession of volunteering may not offer lucrative monetary benefits, it certainly helps to improve skills and build connections.

The responsibilities that a volunteer gets subjected to in any organization improve their organizational behavior and skills.

Also, during the interview process, one must ensure that the candidates who do not seem interested do not get considered for the position of volunteer.

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