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Waiter Job Description

waiter job description

Waiters, also known as servers, assist clients at restaurants by taking their food orders and presenting them to their tables. They also work in a variety of establishments, including restaurants, pizza joints, nightclubs, pubs, fast food restaurants, hotels, and companies that specialize in catering and banqueting services.

Waiters in restaurants are typically required to work lunch and dinner shifts, which may include weekends and public holidays, whereas Waiters in hotels may be required to work morning shifts and afternoon shifts.

The bars that are open all day may require waiters to work in morning and afternoon shifts, while pub work is usually focused at night and may continue until the early morning hours.

waiter job description

Job Description of Waiter

Waiters serve guests by taking down the orders, bringing the required dishes to their tables, and preparing bills at the end of the meal. Additionally, Waiters are accountable for asking clients if they are satisfied with the food and help them if they are not.

To be a successful Waiter, the candidate should have the stamina to stand for lengthy periods and the patience to deal with challenging customers. A good Waiter anticipates the customers’ requirements and provides all services courteously and professionally.

Responsibilities of Waiter

  • Waiters have the responsibility to greet the customers and escort them to their tables.
  • Their duties also include setting up the table with tablecloths, silverware, and glasses.
  • Waiters are also required to present the menu to the customers and, when prompted, provide comprehensive information related to portion sizes, ingredients, or food allergies.
  • They are also required to make meal recommendations and inform customers about current specials.
  • The waiter takes the customers’ orders for meals and beverages and relays them to the kitchen.
  • The Waiter also delivers meals and beverages to the customer’s tables.
  • A Waiter must also ascertain that clients are happy with their meals.
  • Waiters also have the responsibility to prepare tables’ bills upon request.
  • They are also in charge of checking the customers’ bills to ensure that the correct amount gets paid.
  • Waiters can also change the look of the tables if required.

Requirements for Waiter

  • Sustaining the ability to walk and stand for extended periods is required to get considered for the post of Waiter.
  • The candidates seeking the post of Waiter should have the flexibility to work various hours.
  • To be considered for a Waiter position, the candidates should also have the ability to maintain composure and professionalism while dealing with challenging customers.
  • The candidates should also have outstanding interpersonal abilities.
  • They should also possess the skill to carry dishes or trays without dropping.
  • To acquire this position, the candidates should also have the ability to listen actively and communicate effectively.

Interview Questions for Waiter

1 Describe a situation when you pleased dissatisfied customers? How did you respond to the challenge?

Ans. The Customer service abilities of the candidate are put to the test.

2 Could you please describe your preferred appetizer, beverage, entrée, or dessert from our menu?

Ans. This question tests the waiter’s familiarity with the menu.

3 Can you name few frequent dietary limits and choose one of our menu items?

Ans. This answer will put the candidate’s knowledge of ingredients to the test.

4 How do you keep track of your tables during busy nights? How do you maintain quality of service and precision?

Ans. It shows the ability of the candidate to work in a multitasking environment.

5 How do you manage product upsells? Is it more essential to sell high-priced goods or to achieve customer satisfaction?

Ans. It assesses the sales abilities of the Waiter.

Future Scope as a Waiter

In larger restaurants or hotels, promotion chances are quite high. The candidate can advance to more specialized positions like wine waiter or waitress. You can even progress to the post of head waiter, assistant restaurant manager, and restaurant manager after acquiring some experience and proper training. The candidate can move on to another aspect of the restaurant industry. Purchasing, stock control, or accounting are other aspects of the restaurant industry where the candidates can work in the future.

After gaining some real experience, the candidate can learn specialized skills such as silver service, hygiene, health, and safety, or wine and spirits knowledge.


The Waiters are crucial to the success of the restaurant business as they are in charge of meeting the demands and expectations of the customers they serve. The pay for the post of Waiter depends on the place of work, size of the organization, and employment demand.

If customers feel that they receive good service, they can choose to give a tip to the waiters. Some employers allow waiters to keep all the tips they got, while others provide all waiters with tips during a day and distribute them equitably to the team at the end of the day.

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