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Walgreens Interview Questions

walgreens interview questions

Walgreens is the largest drug store in the USA. It has 8000 stores across the USA and the first store was established in 1901 in Chicago. The headquarters of this store is in Deerfield Illinois. You have successfully made it to the interview with Walgreens. Giving an interview is a stressful exercise in today’s competitive world. The interview tool prepares new applicants for the forthcoming interviews at Walgreens.

Walgreens look for reliable, hardworking, and dedicated employees who can serve customers better and provide the proper value for service. The interview tool is a list of pre–prepared interview questions which provide the applicants a basic understanding of the work culture and ethics of Walgreens.

General Interview Questions for Walgreens

Q – 1. Describe Walgreens in your own words?


  • There are 8000 stores for Walgreens.
  • They are the largest drug store in the USA.
  • This company was established in 1901 in Chicago.
  • The headquarters of this company is located in Deerfield Illinois.

Q-2 What are your reasons to work for Walgreens?


  • You can mention you would like to build a rewarding career in the drug store.
  • You can use learning opportunities at Walgreens to learn and grow easily.
  • Speak about the highly motivated and dedicated staff at Walgreens which inspires you to join the workforce.
  • You can talk about the customer service and products offered at Walgreens and what attracts you to join the firm easily.

Q-3 What kind of work shifts does Walgreens follow?

Ans: When this question arises you must focus on flexible work shifts. A retail store wants people who can put in strenuous working hours at Walgreens and deliver customer service to customers effectively. It also demands the employees to work on weekends or any holidays.

walgreens interview question

Career Opportunities at Walgreens

Q-1. What is the definite career path for you at Walgreens?

Ans. Research the available jobs and study the job description carefully. This helps you understand relevant skills and knowledge to attained designated career goals. You get a better chance to secure a job with Walgreens.

Q-2. Share about your previous work history?


  • You must talk about customer service skills as these are core skills for the drug store.
  • The relevant work experience for the drug store assists you to flair well at the interview.
  • You can also take this opportunity to prove yourself as a team member in the workforce.

Q-3. Why should Walgreens hire you?


  • Read the job description carefully and identify the skills needed for excelling in this position.
  • Match your skills with the required skillset of the job.
  • The interviewer must get convinced that you are the best talent for this job.

Q-4. List down factors that motivate you?


  • Meet your deadlines on time.
  • Coach and mentor others.
  • Learn new skills
  • Be ready for new challenges.
  • Excel at work with creativity.
  • Solve problems to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Work effectively as a team player.

Q-5. What can’t be motivators?


  • Money should never be a motivator.
  • Employee discounts are not a good motivator.

Q-6 What do you enjoy in your last or current job?

Ans. You are looking for a change of growth in your career. it means you have gained all specific skills and knowledge from the last job which will help you excel at a job with Walgreens. Never speak ill or in a negative tone about your previous employer.

Q – 7. Do you have any criminal records?

Ans: You should answer this truthfully. Don’t hide anything from the employer. If he gets to know of it through a background check then your job would be in danger.

Q – 8. What will you do if you see that your colleague is taking money from the cash register?

Ans: You should try to answer this by saying that you will immediately report this incident to your store manager so that legal action can be taken.

Customer Handling Skills Questions for Walgreens

Q-1. Define customer service in your own words?


  • The friendly and attentive staff caters to customer needs.
  • Customers get respite from waiting in long queues to get their order billed for the purchase.
  • They can reach the store display easily without a hassle.
  • Customers must attain customer satisfaction to grow loyal to Walgreens.

the walgreens interview question

Q-2. How did you satisfy a Customer by exceeding his expectations?


  • Customers enjoy greater value in business.
  • They enjoy when employees go beyond their capabilities and powers to deliver value to customers.
  • Customers also appreciate small gestures from employees where they assist in their job roles.

Q-3. How will you deal with an annoyed customer?


  • Allow the customer to share his problem.
  • Demonstrate you care for a customer.
  • Empathize with the customer
  • Find possible solutions for the customer.
  • Use problem-solving ability to deal with customers.
  • Take help from seniors in your team to resolve the queries and concerns easily.

Strengths & Weaknesses For Walgreens:

Q-1. List down your core strengths to excel at Walgreens?

Ans: Talk about professional skills related to work and the job role you are looking for. Talk about skills you have developed in previous jobs with examples to make your answer strong. Strengths are opportunities to grow as a professional with Walgreens.

Q-2. What are your weaknesses?

Ans. Don’t ever say you don’t have weakness this makes you lose a chance at Walgreens for any job. Always identify work-related weaknesses to structure your answer and answer it with examples and strategies to overcome the weaknesses. This improves the chance to get a job with Walgreens.

Interview Tips & Attire

Q-1. Does Walgreens conduct a drug test?

Ans. Walgreens believes in the philosophy of a drug and alcohol-free workplace. A drug test eliminates candidates who use this consistently. Walgreens believes health is more important than anything else. Walgreens offers seasonal, full-time, part-time, and rehires as employees.

Q-2. What is the dress code followed by Walgreens?

Ans: Business casuals are the best clothes for interview attire. These clothes are best for non-managerial positions. Manager and above positions can wear formals for interviews and otherwise too. Dres’s code helps applicants to create a first impression in minds of customers.

Q-3 What are interview tips for Walgreens?


  • Arrive early for the interview.
  • Don’t mumble during the interview.
  • Switch off your phone before the interview.
  • Study well about the company.
  • Speak clearly and confidently.
  • Maintain eye contact for an interview.

Q-4. How will you resolve a conflict at work?

Ans. You can use real-life examples and strategies to resolve a conflict at work. Identify the root cause of the problem to resolve the conflict with appropriate strategies as per the situation. Try and use a positive and rational approach to resolve the conflict.

the the walgreens interview question ans

Q-5. What kind of questions can you ask in the interview?


  • How is the work environment at Walgreens?
  • What are the characteristics of an ideal candidate?
  • Why is the learning curve important?
  • How can you attain the learning curve quickly?
  • What is the most important aspect of a job?
  • How does Walgreens measure success?
  • What are learning and development opportunities for you?
  • Why does time management matter at work?

Q-6. Have you been appreciated at work?

Ans: Use real-life examples to formulate your answer the appreciation which has added value to your performance at work. This helps the interviewer know you are very sincere and dedicated at work. These examples help the organization to understand your value at work.

Q-7 Can you work under pressure?

Ans. You must highlight your ability to work under pressure. This helps to work in the retailer sector.

Q-8. What skills do you require to work with Walgreens?

Ans: You need to work with Walgreens diligently. You require dedication and hard work to excel at work. Walgreens provides you the opportunity to grow with all the possible learning opportunities available to grow as a professional in the drug store. This will help you build your career and get rewarded in the long run.

Q – 9. How to research well about the organization?

Ans: You must study the company website in detail and also gather information from the company’s annual report which talks about detailed information about the company, its work policies, investors, vision and mission statement, core values, and the products and services offered by Walgreens. You can also read about the news section on the website. These attributes help you gather better information and fare well in the interview process and also bag the job.

Bottom Line

Walgreens provides ample opportunities for applicants to learn and grow with a strong career perspective. The interview guidelines prove a helping hand to prepare young enthusiastic people to develop a rewarding career with Walgreens. People who are hardworking, dedicated, reliable hold a better chance to secure a good job at a decent pay scale.

People join Walgreens because of its inclusive work culture which ensures the right skills get developed with time. The different skillset within a person should match the job profile they are applying for. Smart and confident individuals require product knowledge in medicine to handle the drug store appropriately. People at the cashier desk need to be honest and trustworthy to handle cash appropriately.

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