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Walgreens Return Policy

walgreens return policy

Walgreens is one of the largest pharmacy store chains in the United States, with about 9,000 store locations across the country. The stores are known for having a wide range of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, beauty products, and everyday household items. They also sell toys, games, books, and electronics, among others.


But sometimes, items may need to be returned or exchanged…

That’s why I’ve decided to take an in-depth look at the Walgreens return policy in detail, including which items can be returned, the returns timeline, and the refund process.

A Full Guide

What Walgreens Products are Eligible for Return?

Luckily, Walgreens accepts returns for most products sold in-store and online, with only a few exceptions. The following items are not eligible for return:


Once a prescription is filled, it cannot be returned for a refund. The only exception to this rule is if there was an error with your order. This policy is in place to ensure the safety and integrity of prescription medications

Customized Contact Lenses 

Walgreens will not accept returns of made-to-order contact lenses. The exceptions to this rule are the same as prescriptions, so if there was an error with your order. Or, of course, if it was damaged during delivery.

Gift Cards 

Unfortunately, Walgreens gift cards are not returnable or refundable.

Tobacco and Alcohol Products 

A number of Walgreens stores do not accept returns on tobacco or alcohol products. And the few that do require the original packaging to be intact, i.e., unopened.

Pepper Spray

These items also cannot be returned once opened.

Items that Cannot be Resold 

Walgreens does not accept returns on items that cannot be resold, such as products that are broken as a result of your own negligence, or items that have visible signs of wear and tear. 

Hazardous Materials

Products related to sexual health and wellness, COVID-19 testing kits, and any other items related to hazmat cannot be returned either.

How to Make a Return at Walgreens?

Walgreens provides two options for returning items: in-store and by mail.

how to make a return at walgreens

Returning Items In-Store

To return an item at a Walgreens store near you, follow these steps:

1 Bring the item and the original receipt to a Walgreens store.

2 Provide the reason for the return to the store representative.

3 Supply any relevant information, such as the order number or product details.

4 Give back the item and any accompanying packaging and accessories or inspection.

If the item meets the return policy requirements, Walgreens will either provide a refund or exchange for the item.

Returning Items by Mail

To return a Walgreens item by mail, follow these steps:

1 Contact Walgreens customer service to initiate a return by mail.

2 Provide the reason for the return and any relevant information, such as the order number or product details.

3 Follow the instructions provided by Walgreens customer service for packaging and shipping the item.

4 Once Walgreens receives the item, they will inspect it to ensure it meets the return policy requirements.

If the item meets the requirements, Walgreens will provide a refund or exchange.

Requirements for Returning Walgreens Items

To be eligible for a return, the item must meet the following criteria:


All items must be returned within 30 days of purchase.

Original Condition 

Products must be in their original condition. Any signs of usage will, in most cases, mean the item gets rejected for return.

Original Condition 

Packaging and Accessories

All the original packaging and accessories must be included in your return.

Proof of Purchase 

This can be a sales receipt, gift receipt, or other POP, such as a credit card or bank statement. But sometimes, simply knowing the date and approximate time of purchase can help the Walgreens staff check and confirm your order on their system.

Refunds and Exchanges

If you paid with a credit card, the refund will be issued to the same card. And if you paid in cash, the refund will be issued in cash. However, if you paid with a check, the refund will be issued as a Walgreens gift card. And if you paid with a gift card, you will receive a gift card refund for the amount of the item.

One occasional exception…

Sometimes, Walgreens may refuse to refund you via your original payment method. If they do so, they will provide an explanation and may offer store credit instead.

Tips for Getting a Refund for a Walgreens Gift Card

As I mentioned earlier, Walgreens gift cards are non-refundable. However, if you received a gift card that you do not want, there are still some things you can do:

Sell the Gift Card on a Third-Party Website

There are many websites that allow you to sell your gift cards to other people. Some popular options include Gift Card Granny, Raise, and Paxful. Keep in mind that these websites typically take a percentage of the sale price as a fee, so you may not get the full value of your gift card.

Use the gift card to make purchases 

If you can’t get a refund or sell the gift card, you can always just use it to buy items at Walgreens. You may not get the full value of the gift card if you only make partial purchases, but it’s better than letting the card go to waste.

Use the gift card to make purchases

Sell the Gift Card to Family or Friends

You can also try selling the gift card to someone you know, such as a family member or friend. This may be a convenient and easy way to get a refund without having to go through a third-party website. Just be sure to agree on a fair price for the card, as the person would be doing you a favor.

Consider Donating

If you can’t sell the gift card, please consider donating it to a charitable organization. Many non-profits accept gift card donations and use them to support their programs and services.

Tips for Hassle-Free Walgreens Returns

To ensure a stress-free return experience, follow these tips:

Keep the Receipt 

Always keep your receipt or gift receipt until you are sure you will not need to return an item.

Keep the Receipt 

Check the Item 

Always check the item before leaving the store or accepting the package to ensure it is both the correct item and in good condition.

Read the Store Policy 

Read the full return policy before making an expensive purchase to ensure that the item is eligible for return.

Be Prepared 

Have all the necessary information ready in advance, such as the order number or product details, when initiating a return.

Follow the Instructions 

If you’re dealing with customer service, always follow the instructions provided – to the letter. Whether by mail or in-store. This can help you avoid possible complications.

Walgreens Return Policy Under Special Conditions

Returns without Receipt

If you do not have a receipt for your item, Walgreens may still accept the return at the store manager’s discretion. In this case, you will receive store credit for the item’s lowest price within the last 60 days.

Moreover, if you have a Walgreens account and made the purchase using your account, Walgreens may be able to look up your purchase history and process the return without a receipt. In this case, you may get an actual refund based on the price you paid for the item(s).

Sale and Clearance Items

Sale and clearance items are eligible for return under the standard return policy as long as they meet the requirements. However, if you purchased the item as part of a BOGO (buy one, get one) or other promotion, you may need to return both items to receive your refund.

Third-Party Marketplace Items

Walgreens offers some third-party marketplace items on its website. These items are subject to the return policy of the third-party seller, not Walgreens. So, if you need to return a third-party marketplace item, you will need to contact the seller directly to initiate the return process. You can also contact Walgreens customer care to help you with starting the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return items purchased on Walgreens.com to a physical store?

Yes. Simply bring your item and the packing slip to any Walgreens location.

How long does it take to receive a refund from Walgreens?

The time it takes to process a return at Walgreens can vary depending on the payment method used and the volume of returns being processed. In general, though, you can expect to receive your refund within five to ten business days. However, if your refund is via gift card, you can expect to get it almost immediately after your return is confirmed.

Can I return opened items?

In most cases, opened items cannot be returned unless there is a defect or quality issue. So, be sure to check the specific return policy for each item before making a purchase.

Can I return opened items

Can I return items purchased with a coupon or discount?

Yes, coupon or discount-related payments are eligible for return. However, the amount refunded will be the price paid after the coupon or discount was applied.

Can I exchange an item instead of returning it?

Yes, you can easily exchange an item for a different size or color, or for a different product altogether. Simply bring the item and your receipt to a Walgreens store, and they will process the exchange for you.

Can I return items purchased with a gift card?

Yes, items purchased with a gift card are eligible for returns. But the refund will be applied to the gift card only. You may also be issued a new gift card with the corresponding value of the refund amount.

Can I return items to Walgreens if I paid with PayPal?

Yes, you can, but the refund will be credited back to your PayPal account.

What if I accidentally purchased the wrong item?

You can return any item for whatever reason to Walgreens for a refund or exchange, as long as it meets the criteria. However, some items may have different return windows or restrictions, as detailed above.

Can I return items to a different Walgreens store than the one where I made the purchase?

Yes, you can return items to any Walgreens store, regardless of where the purchase was made. However, be sure to bring your receipt or order confirmation email to ensure a fast return process.

Can I return items to Walgreens if I bought them in a different country?

No, items purchased in a different country cannot be returned to Walgreens stores in the United States. You will need to return the item to a store in the country where it was purchased, as well as follow the return policy of the respective country.

Can I return items from Walgreens that were gifted to me?

Yes, but the refund will be issued to you via a gift card. If you don’t agree to this, the refund could also be made to the original payer and their form of payment.

What if I want to return an item that I received as part of a gift set?

Unfortunately, you may need to return the entire gift set to receive a refund or exchange. 

Can I return a product that has been discontinued?

Walgreens’ return policy for products that have been discontinued depends on the product and why it was taken off the shelves. You’ll need to deal with a Walgreens store associate or customer service representative to find out for sure.

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Back to today’s question…

Final Thoughts

Walgreens has a customer-friendly return policy that provides flexibility and convenience to its customers. Most things can be returned within 30 days of purchase as long as they meet the requirements of the standard return policy.

To ensure a hassle-free return experience, keep the receipt, and check the item carefully for signs of damage that could be attributed to you. Be prepared, and simply follow the instructions provided by Walgreens. 

If you have any more questions about the return policy or need further assistance with a return, you can always contact Walgreens customer service for assistance.

Happy returns!

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