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Walmart Battery Core Charge (Full Guide)

walmart battery core charge

If you drive a car, own a ride-on mower or golf buggy, or are a boating or ATV enthusiast. Then you’re probably going to need to get your vehicle’s battery replaced every now and then.

Most reputable retailers that stock batteries, including big box chains like Walmart, sell them with a “Core Charge’. So you might be wondering about the cost of a Walmart Battery Core charge. Some might even be wondering what it is?!

Well, I’ll give you the answer to these questions and much more, so let’s get started with…

What Is A Core Charge?

A core charge is another way to say “deposit.” A battery core charge is basically a mandatory recycling fee to ensure used car batteries get recycled and stay out of the rubbish dump and landfills. Recycling batteries helps to conserve resources, prevent pollution and ensure the survival of the planet.

Lead acid batteries, also known as car and vehicle batteries, are 99% recyclable. Making them one of the most environmentally conscious methods of storing energy. Basically, with a core charge, you are paying a deposit on the inner workings of the battery, the iron core. When your battery no longer works, the manufacturers want you to return it for recycling.

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How Do I Get My Core Charge Deposit Back?

When you return your dead battery to Walmart, the core charge deposit is refunded, and you will get the price of that retailer’s core charge back in cash. Or to your debit or credit card. However, if you are buying a new battery to replace the old one, it will cancel out the price of the core charge for the replacement battery.

Usually, the battery will get tested to make sure it can still hold a charge. If the battery is too old or damaged, and doesn’t hold a charge, then be aware that the store may not refund the deposit amount.

Walmart Battery Core Charge – How Much Does It Cost

Walmart Battery Core Charge - How Much Does It Cost

A battery core charge ranges between $10 – $25, depending on the size and strength you buy. It is charged by all retailers and is non-negotiable. This service is really important because approximately 99% of lead acid batteries are currently recycled in America! 

That’s really impressive! Did you know that producing new lead is a super expensive process? Not only is lead 100% recyclable, but this is also a metal that doesn’t lose any of its properties when it is recycled. Therefore making lead highly desirable and always in demand.

An estimated 85 percent of all lead that is in use today goes into batteries. And these batteries are mostly for the automobile industry.

The Cost

Are you a person who loves a bargain and enjoys shopping around and saving yourself some cash? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that it is a very reasonable fee, just $10! This is for all car batteries, as they are the most recycled type of battery. This charge is low compared to various other retailers. And as long as you return the battery to Walmart at the end of its life, it is fully refundable.

Can I Take Any Type Of Old Battery To Walmart For Recycling?

Walmart is a great place to recycle ALL of your old batteries. They currently accept all types of household-use batteries like rectangular, cylindrical, and camera batteries. Plus, lead-acid vehicular batteries, printer cartridges, and even cell phones for recycling.

What Is Walmart’s Battery Replacement Policy?

Can You Return An Item To A Different Walmart?

According to Walmart’s website, the standard returns policy highlights that they accept returns, refunds, and exchanges on new car batteries. However, it must be done within 90 days of purchase with an original receipt or proof of purchase. 

After 90 days, a customer needs to have an active warranty to qualify for a replacement. Please note that Walmart sells all of its car batteries with at least a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. So you should be covered.

Is it Possible to Get A Refund For The Battery Core Charge at Walmart?

Unfortunately, it’s a no. A lot of people want to know if they can get a refund for the core charge at Walmart. Unless you return the battery as per Walmarts return policy or are returning an old battery for recycling, then you cannot get the core charge refunded.  

Pro Tips For Returns

As always, there are some helpful hints and things to know when returning your old batteries to Walmart for recycling and/or purchasing a new one.

  • Save yourself a few dollars – If you recycle your old lead acid battery and replace it with a new one at the same time, you might even get a few dollars off the price of the new one AS WELL AS the core charge back!
  • Keep your receipts – Always keep your receipt and manufacturer’s warranty to ensure smooth sailing when it comes to returns or exchanges. 
  • Check the expiration date – Always check the expiration date on the battery before you buy it, as with Walmarts savvy prices, they might not be as new as you think. 
  • Warranty policies – Walmart sells vehicular batteries with at least a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

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Walmart Battery Core Charge – Final Thoughts

The battery core charge is $10 at Walmart, which is one of the cheapest prices I’ve seen. As usual, that’s Walmart working hard to save its consumers money wherever it can. The core charge service is great motivation to recycle, which in turn keeps the costs of batteries low.

Plus, with the incentive of getting your money back when you bring your old battery in, it really is a win-win. Both for the environment and the consumer. So if you ever find yourself in need of a new car battery. Head down to your local Walmart Auto Center and take advantage of their affordable battery core charge policy.

Thank you for helping to save the environment!

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