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Are you thinking of applying for a job at Walmart?

This major retail chain offers a wide range of jobs in stores, warehouses, and corporate offices. If you are searching for an entry-level role, working in a superstore is a great way to gain experience. One of the main roles open to unskilled and inexperienced employees is commonly known as CAP 1. This role comes with several specific duties that employees are expected to complete quickly and accurately. 

So, let’s learn all about Walmart Cap 1 and how to apply for the role. 

About Cap 1 At Walmart

CAP is short for Customer Availability Process. This process involves making sure that store merchandise is available on shelves for customers to purchase. Essentially, this means restocking superstore shelves and making sure merchandise is properly presented at all times.

The number 1 relates to the shift that these associates are assigned. These associates always work the first shift of the day and make sure superstore aisles are clean and tidy. They also help customers find the products they are looking for. 

Typical Duties And Responsibilities

The main duty of a CAP 1 at Walmart is stocking the shelves in a particular superstore. It is important to have a good understanding of the store layout to be able to restock quickly. Restocking also has to be done in accordance with the set safety protocols.

Interacting with customers

Store customers often approach these associates when they need assistance. It is important to be polite and friendly at all times when interacting with customers. Associates must be prepared to go the extra mile to make sure customers find the products they need. 

This can include assisting customers with their purchasing decisions. From time to time, they may be unhappy with the service they have received from another associate. It is important to be able to resolve complaints quickly and smoothly to maximize customer satisfaction.

Interacting with customers


It is important to make sure that all products are correctly priced and displayed. This can involve helping to create and place signs for new products. An organized inventory system needs to be maintained at all times.


The store’s aisles need to be clean and tidy. When spills occur, associates need to deal with them quickly and smoothly. This involves collaborating with other associates as well as managers to make sure cleaning tasks are fairly allocated.

Utilizing warehouse equipment

The warehouse can be a very busy and potentially hazardous environment. It is important to follow health and safety rules when using warehouse equipment. 

How To Apply?

The best way to apply for a job at Walmart is by visiting the careers section of the company’s website. It is a good idea to read the descriptions of the different types of roles. You will see full details of the requirements, the associated skills, the salary, and additional benefits.

Narrow your search for the perfect role by using the search parameters. You can select part-time or full-time employment, the area of the country you live in, and your professional skills. The available roles that match your needs and skills will then be provided in the form of a list. 

How To Apply

Always double-check your details!

You can click on a job title to read the full description and apply for the role. You will need to complete an online form, which consists of several sections. It is important to read each section in as much detail as possible before submitting it.

Once your application form has been submitted, it will be reviewed by a hiring manager. If you meet the necessary criteria, you will usually be contacted and asked to attend an interview. If the interview goes well, you will usually be invited to attend orientation within a week or two.

CAP 1 Stocking 

This is another specific role that Walmart employees could be charged with. These associates mainly focus on stocking frozen and dairy products in areas of the superstore. They may also be assigned to stocking areas of the meat department.

It is essential to make sure all products are properly sealed and within the best-before dates. All bins have to be properly capped and laced with overstock. These products have to be retrieved from the third shift at the start of the day shift. 

CAP 1 Stocking 

Typical Working Hours

This is usually a full-time job, although part-time hours are also available. The typical hours for the first shift are from 04:00 until 13:00. This ensures that shelves are fully stocked when the superstore opens for the day.

Employees who take on the first shift of the day need to arrive at work fresh and ready to work hard. In some locations, it may be possible to start at 05:00 or even 06:00. Associates are permitted to work up to forty hours a week.

If you’re a student…

Associates who have study commitments are often permitted to work part-time. While they still start their shift at 04:00, they may finish at 09:00 or 10:00. This makes it possible to attend college classes that start later in the day. 

The Salary

The starting salary is usually $10 per hour. Once employees have gained a little experience, they are entitled to a pay increase. Associates who have previous work experience and skills may be offered $12 per hour as a starting salary. 

CAP 1 Supervisors

This is a low-level managerial role that is often offered as a promotion to associates who excel. It mainly involves managing the inventory control process by overseeing all assigned duties. Supervisors work closely with store managers to help create schedules for associates and make sure warehouses run efficiently.

It is necessary to make sure new associates are fully trained and working at the optimum level. This involves demonstrating tasks and providing motivation. Additional training may also need to be provided from time to time. 

CAP 1 Supervisors

The salary

Like other roles in superstores, the salary usually increases over time. The typical starting salary is around $12 per hour, but this can rise as high as $16 per hour over time. 

CAP 2 Associates

In most cases, CAP 1 and CAP 2 associates at Walmart are assigned the same types of duties. The main difference is that CAP 2 associates are assigned different shifts. However, they may also be assigned several additional duties. This includes restocking a wide range of different types of products. 

When new deliveries arrive, CAP 2 associates are responsible for unloading merchandise off trucks. It is necessary to be reasonably strong and physically fit to do this job. CAP 2 employees also need to make sure products are safely stored in the warehouse. 

So, You’ve Decided To Apply?

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Final Thoughts

Working as a CAP 1 associate at Walmart is a good way to gain some work experience. This role is open to people over the age of sixteen and does not require specialist skills. It is possible to complete the first shift stocking shelves while completing a college degree.

You need to be willing to work quickly and efficiently if you secure this role. Having excellent communication and customer service skills is sure to be a bonus. With hard work and dedication, you can advance to a supervisory role within a couple of years.

Good luck with your new career at Walmart!

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