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Walmart CAP 2 (2023 Guide)

walmart cap 2

What is Walmart CAP 2? Is it a type of product? A service? Or perhaps maybe a job title? Having never come across the term before, I was determined to find out what it is, and as much as I could about it! 

Here’s what I’ve learned…

What Is CAP 2 At Walmart?

CAP 2 is not a product or type of service. Or even a special type of hat in this instance! It is actually a job title. Who knew!? CAP stands for Customer Availability Process, and at Walmart, there are CAP 1, CAP 2, and CAP 3 team associates. The numbers 1, 2, and 3 refer to the shift number, so CAP 2 is the second shift. 

The Customer Availability Process (CAP) is the act of expediting merchandise for restocking so that the shelves are full for customers. This keeps their customers happy and returning as they can always get their favorite items. This, in turn, keeps Walmart corporate happy, knowing the customers are spending money in their stores.

 A basic rundown…

CAPs are responsible for a whole host of things ranging from the presentation and rotation of stock, receiving and distributing bulk shipments, and even customer service. I’ll go into more detail on CAP 2 at Walmart job responsibilities a little later on.

Right now, let’s delve a little deeper into the employment basics of the second shifters.

What Are The Working Hours For CAP 2?

Specifically, the CAP 2 team at Walmart works the second shift. The shift hours are usually 1 pm – 10 pm or 2 pm – 11 pm, depending on the opening hours at each Walmart store. CAP 2 associates are usually employed full-time. You’ll get a 1-hour lunch break (which is unpaid) and two 15-minute breaks which are paid.

What Is The Pay Like For CAP 2 Associates?

If you are just starting, you can expect to be paid around $12 an hour. This is Walmart’s current minimum wage, which increased by $1 from $11 in 2019. Depending on where you are in the country, your starting wage can range from $12 – 16 per hour.

Pro Tip – There’s always room for a raise! 

If you are a good employee with a great work ethic, then there is always going to be room for a wage increase. Walmart likes to reward its amazing employees and does reviews approximately every six months.

What About Benefits?

What About Benefits?

Walmart also offers great benefits for its full-time employees. Things like excellent medical care. If you are enrolled in one of their Medical plans. You’ll get access to the likes of John Hopkins Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, plus a host of others. 

Depending on your plan, you might even receive full coverage for the treatment of certain diseases, including cancer! Furthermore, heart and weight loss surgery, knee, hip, spine, or joint replacements and transplants are also on the list.

Even therapy sessions are offered!

They also offer services like virtual doctors and therapy sessions, great maternity packages for moms, and also paid paternity leave for new dads! Walmart offers their associates 401k plans with a 6% match, $9 gym memberships, assistance with college tuition, and much more. The full details of these awesome benefits can be found on Walmart’s corporate website, or you can read them right here.

What Is The Role Of Walmart CAP 2?

CAP 2 team workers’ main role is accurately maintaining Walmarts warehouse inventory systems. They ensure that back room merchandise not yet on the floor is sufficiently organized, itemized, and labeled for other shifts. Maintain well-stocked shelves and Complete bin audits etc., to name but a few.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Sorting and unloading the stream of inventory trucks during the second shift.
  • Organizing the goods onto pallets and categorizing them for each department.
  • Maintaining cold chain and cold storage operations.
  • Replenishing shelves with new merchandise.
  • Moving bulk products for stocking with the aid of mechanical jacks.
  • Filling out inventory paperwork.
  • Preparing the merchandise receiving area.
  • Maintaining a clean and safe environment for both colleagues and customers alike.
  • Maintaining order in the backrooms.
  • Selecting specific merchandise for restocking as per the pick sheets.
  • Pulling pallets and delivering them to corresponding departments for stocking.
  • Pricing and labeling merchandise correctly.
  • Assisting with warehouse and floor sales.
  • Setting up merchandise and signing features.
  • Ensure that merchandise is labeled correctly and placed in backroom bins.

What Skills Do I Require To Work CAP 2 At Walmart?

What Skills Do I Require To Work CAP 2 At Walmart?

You must be at least 16 years when applying to work as a CAP 2 Associate at Walmart, as this is the company’s minimum age for employment. 

But what else might you need to excel at this position?

  • Good time management skills – You’ll have deliveries coming in on a set timetable; however, sometimes, things don’t go to plan. So you’ll have to know how to prioritize and manage your and sometimes your colleague’s time well.
  • Exceptional team working skills – You’ll be working as a team alongside many different people and need to have these interpersonal skills to ensure smooth running within the team.
  • Excellent customer service skills – You will be helping not only your team but sometimes the lorry drivers and Walmart customers at times, so you will need to know how to be polite and helpful whilst assisting them.
  • Are tech-savvy – Most systems in this day and age are computerized, including Walmarts inventory managing system. So it’s going to work in your favor if you know your way around using a computer.
  • Have top-notch organizational skills – CAP 2 workers spend their entire days organizing, arranging, and displaying items, so it’s important to be able to organize the shelves and pallets in a structured manner.
  • Are meticulous and observant.
  • Possess the ability to make snap decisions.
  • Are strong and of good health – You are required to do a lot of heavy lifting and moving of items.

What Is The Difference Between CAP 1, CAP 2, & CAP 3 Roles?

What Is The Difference Between CAP 1, CAP 2, & CAP 3 Roles?

The main difference is the shift times you are working.

CAP 1 Associate Team

CAP 1 associates work the first shift. Also known as ‘day’ shift. This is usually 4 am – 1 pm, or 5 am – 2 pm. Their main duty is to restock depleted shelves overnight and be ready for customers when the store opens in the morning.

CAP 2 Associate Team

CAP 2 associates work the second shift, which can, at times, be called a ‘swing’ shift. As mentioned earlier, this is usually 1 pm – 10 pm or 2 pm – 11 pm. They are responsible for the unloading of pallets from trucks that come in during the second shift. As well as stocking empty shelves and arranging pallets for other departments.

CAP 3 Associate Team

CAP 3 Associates are the third and last shift in this role, usually working all night. This is known as the ‘overnight’ shift and usually runs from 10 pm – 7 am or 11 pm – 8 am. Again the main responsibilities are managing deliveries and organizing merchandise, and restocking overnight when the stores are closed.

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Walmart CAP 2 – Final Thoughts

CAP 2 Associates are valued members of Walmarts structure and are essential for keeping each store running smoothly. The role mainly sees you unloading the continuous stream of merchandise trucks and keeping abreast of the store and warehouse inventory. As well as organizing merchandise for each of the departments, product rotation, and helping to restock empty shelves. 

CAP 2 associates are the second out of three shifts, usually working 1 pm – 10 pm with a well-deserved hour off for lunch between all that heavy lifting. With a great benefits package and rewarding environment to work in. Walmart is always on the lookout for great candidates to fill existing CAP 2 positions across all of their 4,735 American stores.

Good luck working as a CAP 2 associate at Walmart!

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