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Walmart Car Battery Return Policy (2023 Guide)


Oh no, your car battery died, and now you need a new one. 

You are not sure which brand to buy or where to get it, so you decide to head to Walmart since it is close by, and they always have competitive prices on everything. But then you remember that you are not sure what their return policy is, and what happens if you purchase the wrong size? 

So, what is the Walmart Car Battery Return Policy?

So, what is the Walmart Car Battery Return Policy?

The Return Policy states that you can return the item to the store within 90 days of purchase, so long as it is unused, faulty, or the wrong size, for a full refund. You will need to bring your receipt, packaging, and the car battery to the customer service desk for them to process the return.

If you do not have a receipt, the superstore may be able to look up your purchase using your credit card. If they are unable to do so, you will only be eligible for a store credit.

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What If My Walmart Car Battery Is Defective?

If it is defective, you can still return it at any time as long as it falls inside the warranty period. The warranty period for Walmart car batteries tends to fall into two sections, and the length depends on the type of battery you purchased. 

For example, the first section of your warranty will grant you a free replacement, and the second will give you a pro-rata refund. To claim a warranty, you will need to present your receipt as well as the car battery to the customer service desk. They will then be able to process the return for you.

Walmart Car Battery Return Policy With No Receipt

Do not worry! If you do not have your receipt, the store should be able to look up your purchase using your credit card. If they are unable to do so, you will only be eligible for store credit at their discretion.

Will Walmart Install My New Car Battery?

Yes, the retail giant offers a car battery installation service at its Auto Care Centers. Installation is free if you have purchased the battery from one of their stores or $10 if you have purchased it elsewhere. You can find your nearest Walmart Auto Care Center by using the store finder on their website.

How Much Does a New Car Battery Cost at Walmart?

The cost of a new car battery will depend on the type you need as well as the make and model of your vehicle. You can use the Walmart car battery finder tool on their website to get an estimate of how much it will cost to replace your one.

You will need to enter your car’s make, model, sub-model, and year as well as the engine type. The types available to your car and the corresponding costs will be displayed for you to peruse through.

How Do I Claim My Warranty at Walmart?

To claim your warranty, you will need to take your car battery to the Walmart Auto Center along with your receipt. The battery will be replaced for free if it is still under warranty. It is an amazingly effortless process!

Can You Return Normal Batteries At Walmart?

Double As, triple As, and other common batteries can be returned at Walmart within 90 days of purchase as well, so long as they are in the original packaging and unused. Or, if the batteries are damaged, you may be able to receive a refund.

You will need to take your receipt, batteries, and packaging to the customer service desk to process the return. Again, if you do not have a receipt, Walmart may be able to look up your purchase using your credit card. If they are unable to do so, you will only be eligible for a store credit.

Tips For Checking Car Batteries

Tips For Checking Car Batteries

Here are some tips to help you check whether or not you should be replacing yours and how to maintain it:

  •  Check the battery terminals for corrosion. This can be cleaned with a wire brush.
  •  Make sure the battery cables are tight and not damaged.
  •  Check the fluid level in the battery if it is a maintenance-free type.
  •  Have your car battery assessed at an auto parts store or repair shop if you’re not sure.
  •  Replace your car battery every three to five years, even if it seems to be working fine.

When Should I Replace My Car Battery?

You should replace your car battery when it is no longer holding a charge or if it is more than five years old. You can use a voltmeter to test the voltage of your battery. A fully charged battery should have a voltage of 12.6 volts or higher.

If you think your car battery may be bad, you can take it to an auto parts store or repair shop to have it assessed. They will be able to tell you for sure if the battery needs to be replaced.

What to Do with Old Car Batteries?

You can take your ones to a local recycling center or auto parts store. Some stores will even give you a refund for returning the old battery.

 Walmart does not currently have a recycling program for old batteries, but you can receive a core charge if you return yours and purchase a new one. A core charge is a deposit that is refunded to you when you return your old battery. You should never just throw away an old car battery as they contain lead and other poisonous chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

What Other Services Can You Find At Walmart?

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Walmart Car Battery Return Policy – Final Thoughts?

The company offers a variety of services for car batteries, including installation, testing, and recycling.

 Conveniently, you can also purchase new car batteries at the superstore! The Car Battery Return Policy at Walmart is generous, allowing customers to return most batteries within 90 days of purchase.

 So, if you need a new battery or just want to recycle your old one, they are a great option!

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  1. walmart battery return policy sucks I have a 5year warrenty with 3 year free replacement battery is 3years 2months old and dead they said they would give me 35 $ towards new one ,but it would only be good for remainder of warrenty even though I purchesed new one at full price. so that means my new battery is only good for less than 2 years if it died in a week it would only be worth the pro rate of 35 $ why would any buy adeal like that I will no longer be buying anything at walmart


    Purchased a EVERSTART BATTTERY from local Walmart 3 months ago. It hasn’t been holding a charge and in the last few weeks it drops to 11.6 volts in the morning even though I charge it up to 12.4 at night. Not enough to start the car.
    Returned it to Walmart, but the auto department say they won’t replace it ( according to policy) unless it is completely dead. Why isn’t that low of a voltage that won’t start the car considered a replaceable battery?

  3. I purchased the EverStart 35 max with a 3-year warranty and a prorated 2-year warranty in August of 2022. The battery failed in January of 23 and they replaced it. In August 2023 it was having difficulty starting my car so I had it tested and they said it was a bad battery. But they could not prorate it or give me any credit towards a new purchase because I had already used the original warranty. This battery has no warranty, prorated or full because it was a replacement battery. So your warranty only works one time. Nowhere on the warranty is this listed or was I told until I needed a new battery today.

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