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Walmart Cashier Interview Questions

walmart cashier interview questions

You have finally made it to the Walmart Cashier Interview. Now you can use successful interview tips to crack the interview as a cashier with Walmart. You should also be aware that as a cashier you have a very responsible position that involves customer handling and cash handling as part of one role. Cashiers also perform a very responsible job at the store.

walmart cashier interview questions

They create a long-lasting impression in the minds of the customer. Cashiers must also multi-task at work to deliver qualitative work at Walmart. A job of a cashier doesn’t only involve scanning items and billing. It is a responsible job because you directly deal with customers of diverse cultures. Your positive approach creates a positive impression of the company in the minds of customers.


General Interview Questions for Walmart Cashier

Q – 1. What is the Job Description for a Walmart Cashier?

Ans: Walmart considers its cashiers as responsible partners to grow in the organization and also help customers to stay with the organization. Walmart trains its cashier to greet customers with a smile and thank every customer when they leave. Cashiers need to multi-task at work to deliver appropriate services to customers while billing their purchased items. The other responsibilities involve explaining price variation, putting a price tag on the items, counting the balance cash left at the end of the day, and keeping your workstation clean.

Q – 2. What are specific cashier duties for a Walmart Cashier?


  • You should greet your customers well.
  • Avoid long queues for customers.
  • Manage queues well.
  • Keep your workstation clean.
  • Be well equipped to handle customer queries.
  • You should be able to help all associates at Walmart whenever needed.
  • A cashier is the nerve center of Walmart.

walmart cashier interview question

Q – 3. Why would you want to become a Walmart Cashier?

Ans: You should state your passion to serve customers and emphasize people management skills that are important to handle customers at Walmart. You should be open to adapt to a fast-changing environment offered by Walmart.

Q – 4. Why do you think Walmart should employ a Walmart Cashier?

Ans: You must review the Job Description of a cashier’s job before you answer the question about your employment with Walmart as a Walmart Cashier. A Walmart cashier focuses on creating a customer experience at the store along with organizing their duties. They also create a first impression for any customer by answering all customer queries and applying a price tag on products at Walmart. If you can multi-task at work, this is the right opportunity for you.

Q – 5. What kind of work shifts will you follow as a Walmart Cashier?

Ans: You should be open and flexible regarding your work timings at Walmart. This provides you a better opportunity to work as a cashier at Walmart. You must be good with math skills to perform this duty well.

Q – 6. Where will you reach 5 years from now?

Ans: If you have strong leadership skills, the ability to multi-task, and good communication skills, you can easily ace your career as a cashier. You must work on enhancing your product knowledge about Walmart products to provide appropriate assistance to customers who purchase products from Walmart. You can also outline your career progression at work as a Walmart Cashier.

Strengths and Weaknesses for Walmart Cashier

Q – 1. What are your core strengths as a cashier?


  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • The ability to multitask.
  • Be responsive to customers.
  • Have appropriate product knowledge about Walmart products.
  • Ability to prioritize work.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Strong leadership skills.

walmart cashier interview question tips

Q – 2. What are your weaknesses as a Walmart Cashier?


  • Identify your improvement areas and prepare a list for the same.
  • Suggest strategies to improve your skills as a cashier.
  • Poor accounting skills won’t make you a good cashier.
  • Poor problem-solving skills affect your growth as a cashier.

Q – 3. If you have to return some change to your customer and he gives you a 100-dollar note & the total bill is 70 dollars, how much will you return?

Ans: As a cashier, the answer to this question should be at your fingertips. You should return a total of 30 dollars to your customer when you receive a 100-dollar note. While some questions may seem too simple and bordering on silly, you should answer every question seriously. Each question is to check for different qualities.

Q – 4. What are the specific questions you will ask your customers at the end of the billing process?

Ans: You should ask questions like is that it or do you require something else in case of products. Offer a discount to customers wherever applicable. This increases customer satisfaction and retains loyal customers for Walmart. Encourage your customers to check their product list so that all items billed get validated.

Customer Handling Skills for Walmart Cashier

Q – 1. What does customer service mean to you?

Ans: Customer handling skills mean providing customers a service they require or products they require promptly. If you want to increase the level of satisfaction for your customers, please focus on assisting customers with timely orders. Customer service means delivering the desired service with a positive approach.

Q – 2. During the sale and purchase of alcohol, will you check the ID of your customer if he seemed to be younger?

Ans: It is a mandate to check ids before the sale and purchase of alcohol as per the directive of the US Government. Providing alcohol to customers below the permissible age is considered a crime. You will be terminated from your job if you are found committing this crime intentionally or unintentionally.

walmart cashier interview question tip

Q – 3. How will you handle a customer who repeatedly asks for discounts?

Ans: At Walmart, there are specific deals and offers to satisfy customers. You can use these attractive offers to help customers avail attractive discounts when they purchase products from Walmart.

 Q – 4. Describe how will you deal with an angry customer at Walmart?

Ans: Use a positive approach to listen to the customer and provide a solution that meets his needs. To deal with angry customers you need to deal with calmness and patience. Allow your customers to share their concerns. Empathize with your customers well. Don’t take any criticism which they do about your brand personality. This helps you to deal with angry customers effectively.

Q – 5. Why do you think customer service is important as a Walmart Cashier?

Ans: Customers are the core for any business, hence it is important to focus on customers in the retail business and provide them the desired level of service which increases your level of customer satisfaction at Walmart. Please do remember 80% of business gets generated from 20% loyal clientele. This is a basic rule of marketing.

Q – 6. Are you comfortable working in a different location other than your hometown?

Ans: If you want to perform well in your job, you must come out of your comfort zone which helps you to accelerate your career growth as a cashier in Walmart.

Q – 7. Describe a situation when you exceeded customer expectations at Walmart?

Ans: State real-life situations where you were able to delight your customers at work and offer them something exceptional which was more than what a customer expected from the service or the product. For example; a young couple entered your store with an infant. To delight your customer, you assigned an associate to look after the infant, this helped you to delight your customers and enhance the shopping experience for them.

walmart cashier interview question guide

Interview Tips and Attire

Q – 1. Make a list of interview tips for your interview as a Walmart Cashier?


  • Arrive early for your interview.
  • Greet everyone in the interviewing panel.
  • Research well about the company.
  • Try your best to understand the roles and responsibilities of your job.
  • Speak in a clear voice.
  • Don’t strike a dull and boring conversation at your interview.
  • Switch off your smartphone.
  • Dress up properly for the interview.
  • Use firm eye contact with your interviewer.
  • Use an appropriate body posture for the interview.

Q – 2. What kind of interview attire can you wear for the Walmart Cashier profile?

Ans: Dress up either in business casuals or informal dress code to appear for an interview in this profile. Depict confidence in your personality which helps you ace your interview as Walmart Cashier. You can observe the cashier at Walmart to understand more about this role.

Bottom Line

Walmart Cashier is an important position at Walmart since it is a customer-centric role at Walmart. Multitasking as a cashier is very important to excel in this role. As a Walmart cashier, you must educate the customer about all kinds of policies and procedures followed at Walmart related to customer service. You must have people management skills so that you can grow as a professional in this work profile.

Never hesitate to take appropriate guidance and training programs that help you to work well as a Walmart Cashier. Use this interview tool to your advantage to understand the work culture and environment followed at Walmart for the work profile of a cashier. Customers also look for cashiers who can act as a single point of contact, for any kind of information related to products or services or any kind of discounts offered on these products or services.

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