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Walmart Dress Code (2023 Updated)

Walmart Employee Uniforms 

Have you ever noticed that Walmart customers are famous for their weird dress sense? 

This is not the place where you dress to impress, and just about anything goes. Any time you visit Walmart, you are sure to notice some simply bizarre and even laughable fashion choices. However, this ‘anything goes’ policy doesn’t extend to the people who work at Walmart. The company issues employees with uniforms and are expected to be neat and clean at all times. 

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Walmart dress code and find out what is and isn’t acceptable.

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Walmart Employee Uniforms 

Walmart Employee Uniforms 

All Walmart employees are still provided with a basic uniform when they start work. This new uniform consists of a name tag and a vest. Employees are welcome to customize their vests if they want, although they have to pay for this privilege.

Originally, all Walmart employee vests were blue. However, the vests have now been upgraded to reflect the position of different employees. This is designed to make it easy for customers to see which department different employees belong to.

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A vest for modern times…

The new vests have a sleek and modern gray look with neon blue, green, or pink trim. The color of the trim is also reflected in the iconic ‘spark’ logo on the back of the vest. It is designed to provide a splash of bright color that is visible across the store.

Most Supercenter employees receive a gray vest with neon blue trim and detailing. Neighborhood Market employees are provided with gray vests with green trim and detailing. Employees also have the option of choosing a gray vest with pink trim and detailing if they wish. The self-checkout hosts in Walmart Supercenters receive an upgraded yellow vest that is set with gray trim. 

And they’re eco-friendly!

The vests have been created from recycled water bottles as part of Walmart’s commitment to protecting the environment. Each vest is set with large pockets to provide employees with more storage options. The vests are also stitched with ‘proud Walmart associate’ on the front.

The New Walmart Dress Code 


In the past, all Walmart employees were forced to wear either khaki or black pants. These pants had to be teamed with either a white or blue shirt. However, a new dress code was launched in 2018 that gives employees a lot more freedom to choose their clothes.

While many employees have embraced the new dress code, other people find it confusing. There are still strict rules on the types of clothing that are banned. Employees are also expected to follow strict personal grooming rules while they are at work. 

All the colors of the rainbow!

Generally speaking, employees are allowed to wear shirts of any color or pattern they want. It is also allowed to wear any color of denim jeans or pants of any color. However, there are a lot of specific clothing rules that we can explore in more detail. 


Employees are not allowed to wear leggings during their shifts. Under the dress code, yoga pants are also categorized as leggings. However, employees are allowed to wear jeggings as long as these pants are clean and neat. 



Joggers and sweatpants are not permitted under the regulations of the dress code. All types of loungewear and athletic wear are banned during shifts. Permitted pants should be smart-casual and include chinos, slacks, cargo pants, capris, and jeans.  

Ripped jeans 

It is not permitted to wear ripped or distressed jeans while working at Walmart. The jeans cannot have ragged edges or even the tiniest rips on any part of them. Jeans must also be free from stains, patches, white stitching, patches, patterns, or frayed edges.

Employees are not allowed to wear patterned jeans during their shifts. While there are no strict rules about the color of the jeans, they need to be smart and conservative. It is best to stick to blue, indigo, or black jeans while working at Walmart. 



It is left to individual store managers to decide whether or not employees are allowed to wear hoodies. Managers usually make the decision based on the role of employees and if the hood is believed to be a hazard. Employees who are allowed to wear hoodies need to tuck the hood into their Walmart vest. It is best to check with your store manager before wearing a hoodie to work. 


Generally speaking, Walmart employees are not allowed to wear shorts during their shifts. However, exceptions may be made for certain roles. Female employees are allowed to wear short skirts, long skirts, and capris pants during their shifts. However, the hem of these clothing choices must fall no higher than three and a half inches above the knees. 


Employees are allowed to wear Walmart baseball caps during their shifts. No other types of hats are permitted to be worn during shifts. Cashiers and other people who work at check-outs are not permitted to wear Walmart baseball caps during their shifts. 



Employees are allowed to wear sneakers during their shifts if they wish. Even managers are permitted to wear sneakers if they find them more comfortable than formal shoes. However, the sneakers should not be too bright or feature potentially offensive slogans. It is up to store managers to decide whether or not the sneakers employees choose to wear are appropriate. 

What About Personal Grooming?

The dress code also extends to the personal appearance of employees. Generally speaking, employees are expected to look professional and approachable at all times. Here are some specific examples of how the dress code relates to personal grooming. 

Dyed hair

Dyed hair

The former rule banning dyed hair has now been relaxed to a certain extent. Walmart employees are permitted to dye their hair as long as the color is not too distracting. Walmart employees are also free to dye their hair in any way they choose.

However, it is left to the store manager to decide whether the hair of individual employees is distracting. As a general rule, it is probably best to avoid neon hair shades and overly processed hair. If you are planning to change your hairstyle or color, it is best to talk with your store manager. 


In the past, Walmart had a strict tattoo policy, and employees were not hired if they had visible tattoos. Under the new dress code, tattoos are usually allowed as long as they are not vulgar in any way. However, managers may sometimes ask employees to cover their tattoos.

Different managers are likely to have varying views on what is vulgar and what isn’t. If you had visible tattoos during the interview, it stands to reason that they will be fine at work. However, it is a good idea to check with your manager before getting a new visible tattoo. 



While employees are not permitted to wear facial piercing jewelry at work, there are certain restrictions. The jewelry must not be seen to pose a hazard, such as being caught on something. For this reason, hoop earrings of all sizes and styles are prohibited while at work. 

Employees who work in the fresh food areas of stores may be instructed to remove their piercings. The official stated reason for this is due to hygiene. If you are asked to remove your facial piercings for any reason, you will be expected to comply. 

An Overview Of Permitted And Forbidden Clothing

As you can see, the new dress code for Walmart is a lot more relaxed and gives employees much more choice. As a general rule, clothing should be comfortable and seen to be appropriate for the work environment. There should be no risk of any part of the clothing becoming caught on machinery, carts, or shelves. 

Examples of permitted employee clothing include:

  • Dresses
  • Blouses
  • Jeans
  • T-shirts
  • Pants

Even though the dress code is much more relaxed, there are still several restrictions that must be complied with. Employees are expected to present a professional appearance at all times. If you have any questions about your choice of clothing, it is best to talk with your store manager. 

Types of forbidden employee clothing include:

  • Clothing with offensive pictures or slogans.
  • Dirty or torn clothing.
  • Clothing that is too revealing.
  • Clothing with religious or political messages.
  • Pants with ragged edges.
  • Clothing that restricts movement.

The Walmart Interview Dress Code

The Walmart Interview Dress Code

If you have secured an interview at Walmart, it is important to make a strong first impression. The general Walmart interview dress code is business casual. You need to make sure that you choose an outfit that is clean and neat and fits you properly.

For men, the best option is a dress shirt or button-down shirt paired with slacks or khakis. Choose dark-colored pants teamed with a light-colored shirt. Women should wear a dress blouse or sweater paired with neat slacks or a skirt.

Dress for the role you’re applying to…

It is best to wear a more formal interview outfit if you are applying for an advanced position at Walmart. A business suit is appropriate for both men and women who are applying for a role in management. It is best to choose a black or charcoal suit paired with a light-colored shirt or blouse. 

While ties are optional for men, choosing a conservative tie can help make a positive impression. 

What To Do If You Want To Contest The Dress Code

Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to try and contest the dress code. Compared to many companies, Walmart already offers a fairly lenient and inclusive dress code. Employees who complain too strongly run the risk of being told to find another job.

If you believe that the dress code is too difficult to follow, you have the option of contacting your store manager. You will then be instructed to make a formal complaint. It is important to state the nature of your complaint clearly as well as the change you would like to be made.

How things work…

However, Walmart is legally within its rights to instate a new dress code. This is part of company policy, and all employees are expected to follow it to the letter. While there has been a certain amount of employee discontent, the new dress code is most likely here to stay. 

What You Need To Know About Walmart

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Walmart Dress Code – Final Thoughts

The changes in the dress code give employees more freedom over the way they dress. 

Employees now have a lot more options in choosing the color and style of their clothes at work. If you are confused about the dress code, check with your manager so that you don’t break the dress code. One concern among some Walmart employees is that the new dress code can cost them extra money. 

Fortunately, all employees receive a Walmart Discount Card that gives them a 10% in-store discount and access to special deals. Wearing items from the Walmart clothing range to work is sure to score you points with your manager.

All the very best in your new job at Walmart!

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