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Walmart Firing and Termination Policy (2023 Policy)

Walmart Firing and Termination Policy

Are you getting ready to apply for a job at Walmart

This leading discount retailer offers a wide range of jobs for people of all skill levels. There are plenty of entry-level roles for people who want to gain experience and jobs for talented career professionals. When starting a new job, it is important to make sure you understand the company’s policies and rules. Failing to do this could mean that you make a serious mistake that costs you your job. 

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Walmart firing and termination policy as well as the rules and regulations that relate to it. 

Staff At-Will Contracts

Staff At-Will Contracts

The company employs more than two million associates in stores around the world. Most people who are employed to work in these stores have little or no work experience and receive full training. While many associates have a strong work ethic, not everyone has the necessary traits to succeed.

Because of this, the company has created a staff at-will contract that makes it easy to let employees go. Under the terms of these contracts, employees can be dismissed at any time with little or no notice. Managers can choose to dismiss employees for any reason as long as there is no discrimination.

Reasons For Being Dismissed

Employees who are caught breaking the law will usually be dismissed straight away. All employees are also expected to follow company policy to the letter. Failing to do this, especially after being warned, is likely to result in a dismissal. 


However, discrimination laws prevent the company from dismissing employees due to personal reasons. Employees cannot be dismissed due to their race, religion, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, or marital status. 

There are also laws in place to prevent the company from dismissing employees who get pregnant or change their gender. 

The Employee Point System


Walmart Firing and Termination Policy - The Employee Point SystemIn most situations, getting awarded points by your employer is a time to celebrate. However, this is not the case when you work at Walmart. These points are negative and similar to getting points on your driver’s license. 

The company has a special system in place to warm employees for inappropriate behavior. Employees store points when they do something that conflicts with the established rules or shows a bad work ethic. Any employee who accrues four points within the first six months of work is likely to be dismissed. This is increased to five points after employees have worked for six months. 

Don’t miss your shift!

Employees automatically earn a point if they call in late or sick. However, missing a shift without an explanation will earn an employee three points. You only need to do this twice in six months to earn yourself a dismissal. 

Most employees receive a performance review every six months. The amount of points they have earned during that period is sure to be taken into account. If you have a few points, you may get them removed if the manager is generally pleased with your performance.

Avoid repeat behavior…

If you have earned a couple of points, be ready to give explanations. Being able to demonstrate that the bad behavior has not been repeated can go a long way. Employees who have not earned any points during the six months may be offered a promotion. 

The Probability Of Being Dismissed

The Probability Of Being Dismissed

If you have trouble sticking to the rules, you could find that you get dismissed quite easily. People who have trouble getting to work on time may find that they only last a few months or even weeks. Missing a shift or two will also mean that your time at the company is quite short-lived.

Receiving paid time off 

Employees who have accrued paid time off are entitled to receive money for the time that has not been used. This runs up to a maximum of five days in total at the time of being dismissed. However, employees need to have worked for the company for at least a year to take advantage of this benefit. 

Getting Rehired

It is possible to get rehired by the company a minimum of ninety days after being dismissed. However, instead of simply filling out an online application, it is best to get in touch with your former manager. They will let you know if there is a vacancy, which can help you get a foot in the door. You will also be told whether or not you are eligible to reapply. 

Being rehired will depend on the reason you were dismissed. If it was due to your work ethic, you might need to demonstrate that you have changed. Be prepared to explain what you learned from the experience and what you will do differently in the future. 

An exit interview is common…

Most employees are given an exit interview when they are dismissed. During this interview, they are usually told the reason they are being dismissed and when or if they can reapply. In some cases, it may be necessary to wait six months, and there is no point in trying to reapply before this. 

Reasons For Not Being Rehired

Reasons For Not Being Rehired

If you were dismissed due to a serious issue, it is likely to be marked on your employment record. This issue will be flagged if you apply for a job at the company in the future. Certain issues are taken very seriously and will prevent you from getting rehired. 

The harassment of customers or fellow employees is taken very seriously by the company. Any issues of sexual harassment or violent behavior will make you ineligible for rehire. If you were dismissed for being drunk or under the influence of drugs, you are unlikely to be rehired.

Amazon will press charges if you steal!

The company also takes theft and fraud very seriously. Even if the items that were stolen had a low value, you will not be welcomed back with open arms. The company often presses criminal charges against employees who are caught stealing. 

How To Avoid Being Terminated

Even if you haven’t landed your dream job, nobody enjoys being dismissed from work. Not only will you lose valuable income, but being dismissed can ruin your chances of securing a new job. Let’s take a look at some simple yet effective ways of avoiding this situation. 

Avoid being late

Turning up late regularly is a quick and certain way to earn points and lose your job. It is best to aim to be at work around twenty minutes before your shift starts. If you know you are going to be late, call your manager and let them know to try and defuse the situation. 

Use your paid time off

If you need to skip work for some reason, make use of your paid time off. This paid leave is given to employees for sickness, family emergencies, and a range of other reasons. Make sure you know the correct way to apply for leave and apply as far in advance as possible. 

Be a quick learner

It is not enough to simply show up for work and do the bare minimum. When you first start, use your free time to get to know the company’s product range and work expectations. You can also learn more about rules and regulations in the corporate section of the company website. 

Embrace the company’s values 

Like most large corporations, Walmart has a clearly defined set of core values. You can read all about these values in the careers section of the company’s website. Showing that you understand and uphold these values is sure to make a strong positive impression. 

Make a strong impression

Make a strong impression

The best way to keep your job is to prove to your manager that you are a valuable employee. This means going above the demands of your job to provide customer satisfaction. Showing that you are a team player and being willing to take on overtime will also impress your manager. 

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Final Thoughts

The firing and termination policy at Walmart clearly states that staff members can be dismissed at any time.

 In most cases, employees will be dismissed as soon as they have gained five employee points. This rule is set in stone, and employees do not have to be informed before being dismissed.

It is possible to earn points for misdemeanors such as unauthorized absences and skipping shifts. Employees can also be dismissed on the spot if they have committed a more serious crime, such as theft. 

However, none of this will happen if you follow the rules, so, in the long run, that’s the far better option, and you might even earn yourself a promotion.

All the very best with your new job at Walmart!

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3 thoughts on “Walmart Firing and Termination Policy (2023 Policy)”

  1. Dawn McCloud cashier store 4243

    First I must let you know that this is NOT because my employment on Thursday December 15, 2022 I now feel I can do this without retaliation. I would go to work and do my job and more. I was let go because of points. I was sick. I was told that my points were taken care of except for 2. Thought you might want to know about how things are at your Clio store number 4243. I was a cashier. I did my job as well as others. It may not sound like much but I would make sure there were 2 full boxes of bags at each register and that bags were full i did trash and hangers would clean registers and sweep under them time permitting. you have employees that just stand at their registers leaning against counter doing nothing and playing on their phones instead of zoning and checkin out of dates Team leads and coach say nothing because they are doing the same thing. Break times on how long they are is written on the board across from cash office. There are some that take an almost half hour break and nothing is said. There is also an associate who was helping run grocery uscan who went to lunch. He punched out and punched back in and then disappeared for half an hour. I was also told that I was put down on gm side in the evening because they know I will get everything done. I also do everything on grocery side between customers and when there is no line and there are other cashiers. I was regularly left on register by myself while all others were at lunch or whatever. Never got any help One night my line was all the way back into apparel. You would think that team lead would jump on a register but no. They just dont care. You have an associate that when she turns her light out at night she goes to the breakroom until it is time to leave and then she punches out early when were notsuppose to do that until the exact time. Your team leads and coach walk around on their personnal phones. There is one team lead that if you need her for help or need change your lucky she shows up. At night she disappears for hours and hangs out in thw ap office, All team leads and coach who smoke go stand out in the front of the store and smoke whike not on break or lunch even though there is a dedicated smoking spot. How do you think this looks to customers. I would guess that customers think it looks bad. I have had the coach roll her eyes at me because I nheededhelp before she was a coach. There was one day Lisa told me to do 82 and pulled out the bucket. There were some things that fell out behind it and she told me to bend over and get them. She yells at her associates in front of customers. She even yells at customers. You cant go to store manager Jessica because she just loves lisa and nothing gets done. I have even gone to her about Lisa..She treats her associates like we are beneath her. One day I had to take over for a cashier because it had been 2 hours since she smoked. Did not know that was a reason to get a break. There are cashiers who will go to the bathroom 3 and 4 times in an hour and leave me alone. I caught one and she was in there talking on her phone. If I would have known that was allowed I would have done it too. I was doing end of night work last week and there was another cashier and I figured they could handle it because it was late and that if he needed me all he had to do was say something. Team lead walk by and he had 5 people in line and I was told to get on register because he had a line and cant be the only one on a register. My reply was but its ok for me. Tell me how is that fair. One does one thing one way and another a nother There is no consistency. We get yelled at. screamed at and cussed out by customers daily. When they come down they dont say you are not allowed to treat and talk to my worker like that instead they take the customers side. If your not one a golden child you get treated like shit. There is alot more but I would hope you would get the point. Then there are the door greeters. They are always yelled and swore at by customers for receipt check You get you think I am stealing or they place the race card. Same with cashiers. There was a greeter named Debbie who actually snatched a bag out of a childs hand because she said he was stealing. You know thats not allowed. They let her transfer to maintenance. You have a greeter named Dan that if he is working with someone else he is standing in the breeze way leaning against the claw machine with his arms folded doing nothing and making the other person do all the work..They dont have enough people and asked why they are told that were a low theft store. You should see all the stuff that walks out that door. I know this was long. Oh ya I forgot one thing. This is the kicker. I thought that this was automatic termination but I guess not. I got fired for 5 whole points but there is a lady there Michele who was part of a sting. She didnt ask for i d and sold to a minor. The store got a 10,000 fine. The only thing that happened to her was she was just wrote up and still has a job. How does that work. Guess it depends on who you are. I will also be emailing the CEO Mr, Doug MCmILLON AND CALLING ETHICS. The worst part is that I loved my job. I guess the company on;y cares about their lazy, useless employees who think they are entitled

  2. Just wanted to make sure you know that you are writing to a head hunter and not an actual HR or corporate Walmart employee although I’m 6 months late. Even going through HR and open door policy at any large corporation is a joke. If you feel you were discriminated against and have proof then file with EEOC. If not I must tell you there are better companies to work for with better pay and benefits. My husband was terminated after 20 years without notice and without writeups. He did the open door policy and they couldn’t answer questions regarding why one employee is dismissed without warning while another, for the same offense, goes through progressive disciplinary procedures. Good luck yo you and I’m sure you will find your perfect fit!

  3. Exactly the same at my walmart 2030..no one does anything to help, and the ” precious few” get away with everything..I have been cussed at disrespected and demeaned from coaches and HR.. I work harder than most and I’m 65..its insulting to be treated this way by people old enough to be my grandkids..work ethic means nothing at walmart

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